Garrisons in 2022

Garrisons in 2022

Garrisons in 2022:

If you thought Garrisons in 2022 were of no interest, or more importantly, too much work to maintain to make worthwhile, you’d be wrong! You can make some excellent passive gold income with a specific Garrison setup (which I’ll explain later in the post).

Many players were put off by Garrisons in later expansions when Blizzard nerfed a lot of the gold rewards from the Mission Table and Transmog from the Salvage Yard. It was understandable; many players were making a substantial amount of gold.

However, with most players opting to level new characters via Chromie Time within Draenor, players are creating Garrisons to help them level and not taking advantage of the resources/gold available from their newfound property.

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Garrisons in Warlords of Draenor:

If you were like myself and many others, upon the release of World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor expansion, we were excited by the prospect of new content and the emergence of player housing in the form of a Garrison. Sadly, our excitement was short-lived, as release day brought nothing but issues with accessing our Garrisons, thanks to phasing issues.

What are Garrisons?

As briefly mentioned above, Garrisons are a form of player housing, and players have the opportunity to secure and prepare a plot of land to build a Garrison. Alliance players will build theirs in Shadowmoon Valley, while Horde players will build theirs in Frostfire Ridge.

Both Factions have notably different appearances. Alliance players will see a more human-looking Garrison similar to the architecture of Stormwind. In contrast, Horde players will have an appearance identical to Orcs and the similarity to Orgrimmar.

Here are two images outlining the significant differences in the style of each Faction’s Garrison.

Achievement: Working More Orders:

Thanks to one of my readers, Rob (aka oicaruso). He was kind enough to contact me today via email when he realized some requirements were needed to unlock the level 3 building blueprints, which I’d overlooked. I completed this achievement when WoD was released, and because it’s account-wide, I missed it.

Email by a Reader, Rob.

What I believe to be the issue here is to unlock level 3 building blueprints, you need to have a level 3 Garrison and acquire the Achievement: Working More Orders. If you’ve completed this already, you do not need to do it again, as it’s account-wide.

How to Obtain this Achievement!

However, if you’re like Rob, and this is the first time you’ve started a Garrison, you will need to earn this achievement. Work Orders from the Mines and Herb Garden now count towards the achievement.

To track the progress of this achievement, add this script in the chat box in-game! /run AddTrackedAchievement(9406)

How Long will this Take?!

As I advised Rob, if you have five buildings at level 2, with a limit of 14 Work Orders at any one building, it will take eight days and 8 hours to earn 250 completed Work Orders. Failure to collect and refresh your work orders will delay the timescale above.

With the Herb Garden, Mine, Scribe Quarters, War Mill, and Trading Post in our setup, we already have the necessary five buildings to earn this achievement!

A huge thanks to Rob for bringing this to my attention!

Building your Garrison!

With the introduction of Chromie Time in Shadowlands, we can access our Garrisons as low as level 10 by choosing The Iron Horde timeline. Although this guide would be better suited for players at level 40, you can still follow these instructions as you level to level 40.

If you haven’t unlocked Draenor yet and are level 40 or above, go to the portal room (Horde – Orgrimmar, Alliance – Stormwind) and use the Ashran portal. Take the flight path from Ashran to where your Garrison would be if it were built.

Ideally, to get the most out of this guide, you need to be level 40 to unlock level 3 Garrison and have completed the quest chain via Pinchwhistle Point that leads to the quest: Flame On. Completing this quest rewards the Salvage Yard level 1 blueprint.

Garrison Buildings:

The level of your character and Garrison will dictate how many plots are available to build on and the level of those buildings. Level 2 and 3 blueprints are locked behind these level restrictions. To purchase them, visit the Blueprints Vendor near the Architect Table.

The level 1 Salvage Yard blueprint is locked behind a simple quest: Flame On. As this is one of the buildings in this setup, you will need to complete it.

For the best setup for your Garrison, check out my post: Garrison Buildings.

The Benefit of this Setup?

The benefit is to either gather herbs from your Herb Garden or purchase herbs from the Trading Post vendor, mill the herbs, and create work orders at the Scribe Quarters to obtain War Paints. With the War Paints, we craft Cards of Omen.

Ideally, with the Storehouse at level 3, we get an increase of 15 work orders, meaning if we have a Scribe Quarters at level 3, we can have 36 work orders. These work orders should take five days to complete, so we don’t need to babysit the production!

Erosium’s Method:

Once we have our Cards of Omen, we can follow the advice from Erosium, who sells the cards straight to the vendor for an average of 4g 67s each. Alternatively, post them to the Auction House if you feel there’s value.

They calculated the average of 4g 67s per card from turning over millions of Cards of Omens. I differ from Erosium because I post mine on the Auction House; this saves a lot of time, as someone else turns the cards over instead.

The More Alts, the Better!

These numbers don’t look appealing at first glance, but if you do this on multiple characters, the numbers start increasing exponentially.

For example, if you had 50 characters churning this out and had a complete setup that you monitored every five days, you could easily afford a WoWToken at the end of the month!

Garrison Items of Interest:

Many currencies and items of interest benefit your Garrison’s development and your Follower’s improvement. Check out my post: Garrison Items of Interest, for more information!

Garrison Cache:

Make sure you visit your Garrison every three days. If you fail to visit after the third day, you will start losing out on Garrison Resources. Your Garrison Cache has a default cap of 500 Garrison Resources before it stops accumulating.

To increase this cap to 1000 Garrison Resources and coincide with our routine, consider getting Revered with Arakkoa Outcasts and purchasing the trade agreement. Once we increase the cache to 1,000 Garrison Resources, we only need to visit the Garrison every six days.

Garrison Add-ons:

Addons assist you in completing many tasks/activities in-game. Several different Addons will assist in running your Garrison and Followers; check out my post: Garrison Addons, for more information.

Garrison Followers:

There are 56 Followers available for you to acquire, with many benefits to making your time from Garrison missions rewarding. There are many restrictions and benefits; to read more, check out my post: Garrison Followers.

Gold-Making from your Garrison:

As you know, I have the Reins of the Mighty Caravan Brutosaur, which means I can access the Auction House wherever I wish. As my Garrison is phased, it’s a great place to pitch up my mount and do my Gold-Making privately.

If you don’t have the mount, consider upgrading your Trading Post and collecting/purchasing the pieces required to set up the Ancient Trading Mechanism (Trading Post: Auction House).

Flipping Garrison Items:

If you no longer acquire Huge Ogre Cache, Frozen Arms of a Hero, and Medallion of the Legion, be sure to post these to the Auction House. I’ve shown on my blog that you can a lot of gold selling these items.

Moreover, there’s even a market to flip these items, so if you see these posted cheaply, always consider flipping them back to the Auction House for a profit.

In the coming days, I’ll add a post outlining the items I’ve flipped on the Auction House.


There’s value in doing the first quest, Unearthed Magic, as you can easily earn a bind on account Ultimate-Battle Training Stone that instantly increases a battle pet to level 25.


I have 59 characters at the moment that has the Garrison setup above, each churning out War Paints for Cards of Omen. The setup is highly profitable as long as I visit the Garrison every five days!

I’ll admit it took a lot of time, gold, and resources to get where I am today, but I see it as an investment. The longer this method lasts, the more gold I can passively make towards my monthly WoWToken.

Remember, you can increase your returns further by gathering herbs daily and assigning your Followers regularly on missions to obtain Garrison Resources, which you can spend on herbs from the Trading Post vendor.


I have credited Erosium, as I believe his setup was better than mine, and he has worked out an average value for his Cards of Omen, meaning he can sell directly to a vendor. On the other hand, I didn’t have the Salvage Yard, so thanks to him, I’ve adjusted this accordingly.

If you want to see his guides, check out his YouTube Channel and his video outlining Garrisons’ Gold Breakdown.

Also, thank you to Wowhead for use of their links to assist you all.


Any feedback is greatly received; please use the comment section below. If you need to contact me, use the contact me method. Please consider liking and sharing if you found this post helpful and believe it could be useful to someone else.


Thanks for reading!


[EDIT] I’ve added a Table of Contents above to direct you to sub-pages to minimize the length of this post. (21.10.22)

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    • Hi, Oicaruso.

      Level 1 is easy to acquire. To get level 2 Garrsion accept the quest [Bigger is Better]. In order to complete this, you will need 200 Garrsion Resources.

      As I mentioned in my blog, to obtain Level 3, you need to be level 40 and have 5000 gold and 2000 Garrison resources to upgrade your Garrison. This quest is called [My Very Own Fortress]

      If you can’t see the quests [Bigger is Better], you may have missed completing a previous quest. Check out Wowhead, or the link below for help.

      Apologies for the delay in response. I hope this information helps, if not, please drop me a line and I’ll get back to you asap.



  1. Thanks to oicaruso, I was able to amend my blog post to highlight the need to earn the achievement: Working More Orders, to obtain level 3 building blueprints. This only needs to be earnt once, as it becomes account-wide!

    As this blog post has become increasingly large, I will look to try and separate it into smaller bitesize pieces in the coming days. No one likes a wall of text, and it wasn’t my aim, when I first started writing the blog post.

    However, clear concise directions was my aim, and sometimes that comes at the expense of long drawn-out blog posts (and comments) 😛

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