After a very successful BETA program, TradeSkillMaster (TSM) as of September 6th released TSM v4.10 Many users will automatically notice the new slick design to TSM, but there’s a lot more to offer. Below I will cover some of the new features that are available to us.

If you don’t have TSM already, please head over to their website by clicking the logo above, make an account and download the TSM Desktop App. This is an excellent Application that keeps your Addon up-to-date. Always make sure your application is running before playing World of Warcraft. If you’re unsure how to setup TSM, check out my recommended TSM Guides.


Immediately after logging in to a character, the first thing that will welcome you upon launching TSM, is the new look Dashboard. I’ve numbered each section to correspond with a number below to explain in detail.

  1. Detailed graph and data. By clicking on the graph and dragging, you can analyse data for a specific period. The Sale, Expenses and Profit data will offer you information at a glance where your spending and earning your gold.
  2. You can change the timescale of your data here too. 1 day, 1 week and so on. By default, it’s set to all.
  3. Player Gold: If you have a several alts and you’d like your data to reflect a specific character, add/remove the character, and the data will reflect your changes.
  4. News & Information: As shown in the image, this is a great way to keep updated with any recent changes, TSM blog posts, etc in-game.


There have been some excellent improvements within the group section of TSM. Creating and moving groups/subgroups has never been so easy. Again for ease of use, I’ve numbered each section to a number below.

  1. Base Group. If you have the base group selected as I do in the image, you can search for items that you’re missing within your groups. By using simple /commands. Example: /Battle Pets/i25 this will return any Battle Pets at level 25 that I don’t have grouped. By selecting all the items I want, then use the [select group +] (option at the bottom) and [Move Item] to confirm the move.
  2. This is where all your groups are that you have set up. Here you can simply click the drop-down, to view the contents of the group, or even click and drag to move to different groups/subgroups.
  3. The (+) icon is where you can add a group.
  4. When you first access the group page, all groups (if imported) will be expanded. Click this button to collapse all of them, (as picture above). click it again to expand.
  5. Previously, the Import & Export feature had its very own tab, but now it’s within the group section. If you’re importing or exporting a specific group, be sure to have the correct group selected before import or export. Example below.


As you can see, I’ve selected the group Raw Materials and selected the import option. For example purposes, my aim here is to copy and paste a TSM String – Shadowlands materials into the box, by having Raw Materials selected, the new import will go into the selected group. If you make an error and add to the incorrect group/subgroup, remember you can drag & drop a group/subgroup to another effortlessly.


In this example, I’ve used the group: Blacksmithing to export. By clicking Export (the option outlined with the yellow box, top right-hand corner of the image), a new pop-up reveals our export text. On first glance, you’ll notice it’s different from previous versions of TSM. My guess is this format helps with exporting and importing large amounts of data.


The only significant change is of course the Appearance tab. Here we can customise the look of TSM to a theme we prefer. Pictured is the theme I have opted for, Stormwind. Being colourblind, vast amounts of colours is of no interest to me, so Stormwind (even though I mainly play Horde) is my favoured theme.

Change Log & Sources Explained:

For a detailed summary of the changes with TSM 4.10 please check out TSM’s change log.

With the addition of new price sources and the removal of (Use Smart Average), I urge anyone to check out TSM’s price source guides below. These will help you understand and maybe create your own price sources. Creating your own price sources will give you the edge on your competitors when posting your auctions on to the Auction House.

Price Sources Explained

Value Sources Explained

Functions Explained

If you have any issues or feedback regarding TSM 4.10 BETA, always seek help or leave your feedback with the TSM team on Discord.

TradeSkillMaster Q&A Recording:


The import and export feature updated in TSM4.10 is without a doubt the best improvement. The ease of exporting and sharing my groups with readers will be effortless; as will importing, unlike the previous versions. You will notice I like to keep my groups nice and tidy so a close second place is the improvement to adjusting groups/subgroups via the drag and drop.

What has been your favourite improvement to TSM? or what else could they change or add to make it even better? Share your views below in the comments. Comments will get approved if they’re not spam/links to other sites.

Thanks for reading.

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