Garrisons in 2022

Garrisons in 2022

Garrisons in 2022:

If you thought Garrisons in 2022 were of no interest, or more importantly, too much work to maintain to make worthwhile, you’d be wrong! With a specific Garrison setup (which I’ll explain later in the post), you can make some excellent passive gold income.

Many players were put off by Garrisons in later expansions when Blizzard nerfed a lot of the gold rewards from the Mission Table and Transmog from the Salvage Yard. It was understandable; many players were making a substantial amount of gold.

However, with most players opting to level new characters via Chromie Time within Draenor, players are creating Garrisons to help them level and not taking advantage of the resources/gold available from their newfound property.

Garrisons in Warlords of Draenor:

If you were like myself and many others, upon the release of World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor expansion, we were excited by the prospect of new content and the emergence of player housing in the form of a Garrison. Sadly, our excitement was short-lived, as release day brought nothing but issues with accessing our Garrisons, thanks to phasing issues.

What are Garrisons?

As briefly mentioned above, Garrisons are a form of player housing, and players have the opportunity to secure and prepare a plot of land to build a Garrison. Alliance players will build theirs in Shadowmoon Valley, while Horde players will build theirs in Frostfire Ridge.

There are noticeable differences in the appearance of the Garrison between the two Factions. Alliance players will see a more human-looking Garrison similar to the architecture of Stormwind. In contrast, Horde players will have an appearance identical to Orcs and the similarity of Orgrimmar.

Here are two images outlining the significant differences in the style of each Faction’s Garrison.

Garrison Buildings:

Your Garrison can have many buildings within; your character level and level of your Garrison will dictate how many plots are available to build on and the level of those buildings. It’s important to remember that level 2 and 3 blueprints (to increase the level of your buildings) are locked behind these level restrictions. To purchase them, visit the Blueprints Vendor near the Architect Table.

The level 1 Salvage Yard blueprint is locked behind a simple quest: Flame On. As this is one of the buildings in this setup, you will need to complete it.

Building your Garrison!

With the introduction of Chromie Time in Shadowlands, we can access our Garrisons as low as level 10 by choosing The Iron Horde timeline. Although this guide would be better suited for players at level 40, you can still follow these instructions and slowly incorporate this guide into your setup as you level to level 40.

If you haven’t unlocked Draenor yet and are level 40 or above, go to the portal room (Horde – Orgrimmar, Alliance – Stormwind) and use the Ashran portal. Take the flight path from Ashran to where your Garrison would be if it were built.

Ideally, to get the most out of this guide, you need to be level 40 to unlock level 3 Garrison and have completed the quest chain via Pinchwhistle Point that leads to the quest: Flame On. Completing this quest rewards the Salvage Yard level 1 blueprint.

The Benefit of this Setup?

The benefit is to either gather herbs from your Herb Garden or purchase herbs from the Trading Post vendor, mill the herbs, and create work orders at the Scribe Quarters to obtain War Paints. With the War Paints, we craft Cards of Omen.

Ideally, with the Storehouse at level 3, we get an increase of 15 work orders, meaning if we have a Scribe Quarters at level 3, we can have 36 work orders. These work orders should take five days to complete, so we don’t need to babysit the production!

Once we have our Cards of Omen, we can follow the advice from Erosium, who sells the cards straight to the vendor for an average of 4g 67s each. Alternatively, post them to the Auction House if you feel there’s value.

They calculated the average of 4g 67s per card from turning over millions of Cards of Omens. I differ from Erosium because I post mine on the Auction House instead; this saves a lot of time, as someone else turns the cards over instead.

These numbers don’t look promising at first glance, but if you do this on multiple characters, the numbers start increasing exponentially. For example, if you had 50 characters churning this out and had a complete setup that you monitored every five days, you could easily afford a WoWToken at the end of the month!

Getting Started!

Assuming you’ve unlocked your level 3 Garrison, this is the setup you want. The number in brackets is the level required for your building. The only exception is the Mines; If you want to farm ore and the Mine Carts, I suggest getting level 3. Alternatively, I ignore this.

Concerning the Large Buildings, depending on whether you need Armor/Weapon upgrades for your Followers, get the War Mill. If you don’t need these upgrades, I suggest the Stables or Spirit Lodge.

Small Buildings:
  • Storehouse (3)
  • Scribe Quarters (3)
  • Salvage Yard (3)
Medium Buildings:
  • Trading Post (1)
  • Tavern (2)
Large Buildings:
  • Barracks (3)
  • War Mill/Stables/Spirit Lodge (3)
Other Buildings:
  • Herb Garden (3)
  • Mines

The Buildings:

Garrison Buildings


The Storehouse is a great building to have. Not only do you get access to your personal bank and Guild bank from your Garrison, but opening level 3 allows you to increase work orders by 15; a potential 36 work orders for your buildings!

Scribe Quarters:

Accessing this building allows us to mill the herbs from the Herb Garden; in the process, we obtain Cerulean Pigment. We turn these pigments into War Paints via work orders. Once we have a substantial amount of War Paints, we can craft Cards of Omen.

Keep your eye’s peeled for the missions: Spy Games & The Quill is Mighty. These missions reward 2x Rush Orders for your Scribe Quarters. By using the Rush Order, it will instantly complete 5 work orders.

Either turn these over yourself, and try your luck, or post them to the Auction House!

If you can’t log in daily to gather the herbs from the Herb Garden, wait for the vendor in the Trading Post to purchase herbs with your Garrison Resources.

Salvage Yard:

To obtain the level 1 blueprint for this building you must complete the quest chain, including the quest: Flame On.

This building had a massive nerf post Warlords of Draenor and no longer offers most of the excellent Transmog pieces, hence why I originally got rid of it. However, this building is still a great option for obtaining Draenor trade goods and Garrison Resources, and Armor/Weapon Upgrades.

You will need to complete missions from the Garrison Mission table to obtain a Sack of Salvaged Goods or a Large Crate of Salvage.

Remember, when opening the salvage, don’t spam open them; loot can bug.

Trading Post:

You only need to acquire the level 1 building to benefit from the Trading Post vendor. The vendor of interest is Pyxni Pennypocket. She has herbs for sale at 16 Garrison Resources each; this is the best value.

Be warned, these traders no longer sell items in stacks of 5, you will only get 1 commodity for your Garrison Resources.

Purchase herbs here if you don’t want to gather herbs from your Herb Garden. If you’ve reached your 10,000 Garrison Resources cap, you can consider purchasing your herbs at 20 Garrison Resources instead.

It’s worth mentioning that if you’re considering earning Exalted with the Denizens of Draenor, consider upgrading your Trading Post to level 3. You get a 20% increase in reputation gains.

Important: You must be within Draenor when consuming the Medallion of the Legion to gain the 20% bonus!


We only need a level 2 Tavern to be able to hire a Follower.

It’s beneficial to hire a follower with the trait Extreme Scavenger, or Scavenger. This trait means we can increase our Garrison Resource rewards from successful missions.


By leveling this building to level 3, we can increase our followers by five. By default, we have a limit of 20 followers; with a level 3 Barracks, we increase this to 25.

War Mill/Stables/Spirit Lodge:

The War Mill is a good option if you need to level your followers with Armor and Weapon upgrades. However, for 200-1000g each (depending on your realm), you can purchase Frozen Arms of a Hero from the Auction House to speed this process up.

The cap for your Followers is ilvl 675. If all your Followers are ilvl 675, you’ll have a greater chance of your missions completing successfully!

Consider opting for the Stables or Spirit Lodge if you do not need the War Mill.

Herb Garden:

By leveling this building to level 3, we open up more plots of herbs to gather. Ideally, we want to collect these herbs daily for the best return. Remember, this is a passive income, so don’t feel pressured to do this, as we can also obtain herbs from the Trading Post vendor instead.


I don’t use the Mines, but if you want to improve your passive gold income, you could farm the ore and Mine Carts and sell the ore at the Auction House.

Alternatively, send the ore to an alt with Engineering to craft Goblin Glider Kits. These sell exceptionally well upon the release of a new continent or expansion where flying isn’t accessible yet.

Currencies and Items of Interest:

Here’s a detailed explanation of the currencies and items of interest available for the Garrison or to assist your progress through content throughout Draenor.

Garrison Resources:

We need Garrison Resources to upgrade our Garrison, and the buildings within, and to send Followers on missions. We can obtain Garrison Resources via completing successful missions or purchasing a Huge Ogre Cache.

You can also earn Garrison Resources via work orders from the Trading Post with Draenor Trade Goods.

Huge Ogre Cache:

You can obtain a Huge Ogre Cache from a specific mission: Ogrecoming Adversity from the mission table within your Garrison. Once opened, it awards you with 1000 Garrison Resources.

You can buy and sell these at the Auction House. Depending on your realm, these are available for between 500-5000 gold. These are ideal for players wanting to power-level their Garrison and buildings.

Frozen Arms of a Hero:

These items are great for power-leveling the ilvl of your Followers. Once your Follower reaches ilvl 600, it can be arduous to increase to their cap of ilvl 675; with two Frozen Arms of a Hero (per Follower), this is straightforward.

Expect these to value at around 200-1,000 gold each at the Auction House, depending on your realm.

Medallion of the Legion:

If you intend on using a Medallion of the Legion to increase your reputation with the Denizens of Draenor, make sure you have the Trading Post at level 3; you’ll gain a 20% bonus to reputation gains.

Important: You must be within Draenor when consuming the Medallion of the Legion to gain the 20% bonus!

Garrison Cache:

Make sure you visit your Garrison every three days. If you fail to visit after the third day, you will start losing out on Garrison Resources. Your Garrison Cache has a default cap of 500 Garrison Resources before it stops accumulating.

To increase this cap to 1000 Garrison Resources and coincide with our routine, consider getting Revered with Arakkoa Outcasts and purchasing the trade agreement. Once we increase the cache to 1,000 Garrison Resources, we only need to visit the Garrison every six days.

Mission Manager Add-ons:

Add-ons speed up the process of assigning Followers to missions. You can auto-assign Followers based on the success chance or the Garrison Resource rewards at a click of a button.

The add-ons also give you a detailed glance at your Followers and all their abilities and traits.

Here’s a selection of add-ons for your consideration.

I’d highly recommend Master Plan.

Master Plan

Master Plan Add-on


There are 56 Followers available. Each has different abilities and traits. Concentrate on getting your Followers with the Extreme Scavenger, or Scavenger trait. Due to the soft cap of 20 Followers assigned at any one time, it’s your job to have 20 of the best Followers available. To increase this cap to 25 Followers, we need to have a level 3 Barracks.

If you have more than 20 (25) Followers, you will need to deactivate some Followers before you can successfully begin missions. To do this, open the Followers tab at the Mission Table and right-click the portrait of the Follower you wish to deactivate. To reactivate, right-click and select Activate.

Followers via the Tavern:

You can hire one Follower from your Tavern; this won’t affect your Follower cap. As mentioned above, you need to hire a Follower with the Extreme Scavenger or Scavenger trait; this will increase Garrison Resource rewards from successful missions.

Gold-Making from your Garrison:

As you know, I have the Reins of the Mighty Caravan Brutosaur, which means I can access the Auction House wherever I wish. As my Garrison is phased, it’s a great place to pitch up my mount and do my Gold-Making privately.

If you don’t have the mount, consider upgrading your Trading Post and collecting/purchasing the pieces required to set up the Ancient Trading Mechanism (Trading Post: Auction House).

Flipping Garrison Items:

If you no longer acquire Huge Ogre Cache, Frozen Arms of a Hero, and Medallion of the Legion, be sure to post these to the Auction House. I’ve shown on my blog that you can a lot of gold selling these items.

Moreover, there’s even a market to flip these items, so if you see these posted cheap, always consider flipping them back to the Auction House for a profit.

I’ll add a post in the coming days outlining the items I’ve flipped on the Auction House.


There’s value in doing the first quest, Unearthed Magic, as you can easily earn a bind on account Ultimate-Battle Training Stone that instantly increases a battle pet to level 25.


I have 59 characters at the moment that has the Garrison setup above, each churning out War Paints for Cards of Omen. The setup is highly profitable as long as I visit the Garrison every five days!

I’ll admit it took a lot of time, gold, and resources to get where I am today, but I see it as an investment. The longer this method lasts, the more gold I can passively make towards my monthly WoWToken.

Remember, although this is a passive, casual setup, you can increase your returns further by gathering herbs daily and assigning your Followers regularly on missions to obtain Garrison Resources, which in turn you can spend on herbs from the Trading Post vendor.

I know a lot of information is here, and I hope I have detailed everything for you. However, if you’re unsure of anything, please drop me a line in the comment section below.


I have credited Erosium, as I believe his setup was better than mine, and he has worked out an average value for his Cards of Omen, meaning he can sell directly to a vendor. On the other hand, I didn’t have the Salvage Yard, so thanks to him, I’ve adjusted this accordingly.

If you want to see his guides, check out his YouTube Channel and his video outlining Garrisons Gold Breakdown.

Also, thank you to Wowhead for use of their links, to assist you all.


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Thanks for reading!


Blizzard’s Summer Sale

Blizzard Summer Sale

Courtesy of

Blizzard’s Summer Sale:

It seems only a week ago when the last sale ended, and we already have another. Blizzard has started their Summer Sale with savings on many items within the Blizzard Store, including, Pets, Mounts, Character Services for World of Warcraft, and discounts for other Blizzard titles.

Discounts on other titles include a 35% off of Call of Duty: Vanguard – Ultimate Edition and a 50% discount on both Call of Duty: Black Ops and Modern Warfare.

For more information on all the discounts available, visit the Blizzard store, or check the store via the app!

Character Services:

Blizzard has reintroduced the 30% discount to Character Services, importantly, the Character Transfer and Faction Change bundles.

If you are interested in transferring a character or changing Factions, now is the time to purchase the service(s). The best value is the Eight (usually six) Character Transfer/Faction change.

Instead of £60 for six characters, we now have the option of eight characters; this equates to £7.50 per Character Transfer/Faction Change, compared to £13.50* for a single Character Transfer/Faction Change.

(*) The price for a single Character Transfer/Faction Change during the sale, or £19 outside the deal.

This offer is a no-brainer if you have the funds and intend to move eight or more characters in the future. Remember, purchasing the bundles stays on the character select screen so that you can use these at any time in the future.

In-game Store

Screen grab of the in-game store.

Pet, Mounts, and Transmog:

Also available from the shop at a discount are Pets, Mounts, and Transmog. I urge you to check out the Midsummer Night’s Pack before you consider purchasing anything, as the bundle has many Pets, Mounts, and Transmog in the sale.

Don’t worry if you already have some items within the pack, as Blizzard will automatically increase the discount (up to 67%) based on what items you already own.


With the release of World of Warcraft: Dragonflight pre-purchase last night, there’s been a shortage of WoWTokens. Thankfully, I purchased 25 today, and there were still WoWTokens available at 1 pm today. However, if you experience issues purchasing a WoWToken, wait till late evening or log on early the following morning.

WoWTokens are easier to acquire when there’s no competition. To check the current value of gold for a WoWToken, check out the website: WoW Token Prices.

Consider reading my blog from last night, where I purchased a WoWToken for almost 394k gold. I was short-sighted and wasn’t prepared for the lack of WoWTokens.

WoWToken Prices:

As mentioned above, a new expansion and a new summer sale have increased the demand for WoWTokens. When the demand exceeds the supply, this forces the price of a WoWToken for gold to increase. When the news was released last night, the E.U WoWToken hit a staggering 394k gold.

As of 22:30 this evening, the current gold value for a WoWToken in the E.U region stands at 368k.

Once the supply of WoWTokens exceeds the demand, the price will continue to fall.

When Does the Sale End?

According to the Blizzard Store, the summer sale will end on the 4th of July. I’m guessing this is concerning the U.S region, as it’s reset day for them, meaning the sale may finish on the 5th of July for the E.U region.

The sale that recently ended, the E.U region had the sale for an extra day to coincide with reset day, as E.U reset day is a day later than the U.S region!


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Pre-Purchase Dragonflight Today!

World of Warcraft: Dragonflight

Credit: World of Warcraft

Pre-Purchase Dragonflight Today:

For those patiently waiting for updates, World of Warcraft: Dragonflight will release on or before December 31st, 2022! This news also means that pre-purchase is now available!

Editions Available:

There are currently three editions available for pre-purchase at different price points. Each edition has additional benefits, so check out below what they offer.

  • Base Edition: £39.99
  • Heroic Edition: £54.99
  • Epic Edition £74.99

Base Edition:

This Base Edition includes the following,

  • World of Warcraft: Dragonflight.
  • Drakks Pet (pre-purchase bonus item).
  • All new race & class, the Dracthyr Evoker.

Heroic Edition:

Everything included in the Base Edition plus,

  • Dragonflight-Level Character Boost (level 60).
  • Tangled Dreamweaver Flying Mount.
  • Murkastrasza Pet.

Epic Edition:

Everything included in the Base and Heroic Edition plus,

  • Diadem of the Spell-Keeper Head-slot Transmog.
  • Wings of Awakening Back-slot Transmog.
  • 30-Days Game Time.

Character Boost:

If I recall correctly, the character boosts are restricted to the account that purchased the Heroic/Epic Edition. A couple of expansions back, players were buying new accounts/expansions and using the character boost on another account, as the edition’s price was lower than the price of a character boost.


As with every other release, the WoWToken always skyrockets on Blizzard releasing anything worthwhile, and today’s news is no different. There are currently no WoWTokens available in the EU region, and the price is presently 330,619 gold each.

If you wish to check the prices of WoWTokens in your realm, check WoWTokenPrices.

EU WoWToken

Courtesy of

The Supply and Demands for a WoWToken:

The price of WoWTokens will continue to rise as there’s more demand for them and a low supply of players purchasing WoWTokens with real money.

The present value is an excellent time for people wishing to purchase WoWTokens with real money, as they’ll get a great deal for their cash. However, this has the opposite effect on gold-makers looking to spend their gold for WoWTokens, as we’re spending more gold for a WoWToken.

Once things start settling down and there becomes an abundance of WoWTokens again, the gold value for a WoWToken should start falling. It all depends on supply and demand.


I, for one, have been well and truly short-sighted and didn’t expect this news. So for me, I’m one of those at the Action House struggling to purchase a WoWToken. However, I’ll patiently wait for the right time, no doubt when it costs nearer to 400k gold for a WoWToken. 😂

I currently have five accounts in use, but I won’t be going for five Epic Editions. Instead, I’ll be aiming for one Epic Edition and four Heroic Editions. The transmog is of no interest to me, but the five-character boosts will be of interest.

If you are a gold-maker crafting any of the following, keep up the work, as there will be a massive influx of level 60 characters over the next few days/weeks/months.

  • Bags
  • Enchants
  • Crafted ilvl 262 BoEs
  • Crafted Legendaries


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Umbral Ink Shuffle

Umbral Ink Shuffle:

It’s finally here, the Umbral Ink Shuffle. You’re probably wondering, what do you mean it’s here? In Shadowlands, the primary ink we can trade is Umbral Ink. We need the valuation of Umbral Ink to be low enough to make the shuffle worthwhile, and with Umbral Ink averaging 48g on E.U, that moment is finally here.

However, Umbral Ink’s average value is 59g each for players within the U.S region. You might have to wait a little longer, but it depends on the prices compared to other inks.

What Is An Ink Shuffle:

To assist you in correctly investing your gold, check the website: The Undermine Journal for prices for inks for your realm. The idea is to purchase Umbral Ink, visit an Ink Trader, and trade for any ink you feel is profitable. Ideally, you need to be looking at a minimum of 15g profit per ink to make this worthwhile.

Increasing Your Profit Margins Further:

If you have the profession: Inscription, you can also craft Umbral Pigment via Death Blossom. If you purchase 20 Death Blossom (at 3g 40s each), you’ll get, on average, 2.8 Umbral Pigment per mass mill. Meaning you’re looking at approximately 24g per Umbral Pigment. That’s before even factoring in the value of the Luminous Pigment and Tranquil Pigment!

Although this method includes a lot of work, it has a lot of value!

Umbral Ink Shuffle Example:

The E.U average price for Umbral Ink is 48g each. If you were to purchase 200 and trade this into an Ink Trader for 200 Sallow Pigment (which values 138g each), you could make approximately 18000g profit.

This example is the top end; expect the profit margins to be lower.

You’ve Used Median Prices; why?

I’ve added Median prices to offer an average price across the region. For the best results, always check the valuations for your realm; you’ll find the prices are much lower or considerably higher.

How Long Will This Last For?

As the expansion prolongs and the materials continue to drop in valuation, it will become easier for others to get involved. If you want to participate in this market, getting involved as soon as possible is best.

As more people get involved, the market will become saturated, and the value of the ink will start to come down in line with the trader shuffle. To prolong this further, consider posting small amounts of ink to the Auction House. This method will allow other players to post inks too, and not oversaturate the market.

The Knock-on Effect:

Remember, with inks obtainable a lot cheaper than the Auction House via the vendor shuffle; there will be a knock-on effect to other crafts. Glyphs and any other crafts that use ink will start dropping in value.

As I always advise, adjust your material/craft prices regularly and adapt quickly to stay ahead of your competition.

What Inks To Trade:

Below are inks valued at E.U median via The Undermine Journal. Value your inks via your realms data for the best results!

Umbral Ink – 48g

  • Moonglow Ink – 79g
  • Midnight Ink – 81g
  • Shimmering Ink – 114g
  • Celestial Ink – 150g
  • Jadefire Ink – 109g
  • Ethereal Ink – 100g
  • Ink of the Sea – 75g
  • Roseate Pigment – 57g
  • Sallow Pigment – 138g

As you can see, you can make some considerable profit by trading Umbral Ink with the inks above.

What About Uncommon Inks?

Now, I don’t recommend trading Umbral Ink for the Uncommon Inks. The value isn’t there. It costs 10 Umbral Ink to purchase 1 Uncommon Ink. Given the price of Umbral Ink is 48g, we’d need to sell an Uncommon Ink for 550g for it to be worthwhile, and the highest valued Uncommon Ink is Inferno Ink at 165g.

If Umbral Ink falls to 10g each soon, then there’s potential, but at this time, I don’t recommend trading Umbral Pigment for Uncommon Inks.


I’ve been doing the Umbral Ink Shuffle for almost a month now. The inks I’ve found profitable: Roseate Pigment, Sallow Pigment, Jadefire Ink, Midnight Ink, and Moonglow Ink.

I’ve been selling the other inks, but I’ve not seen much return yet compared to those above.

I’ve been doing the Ink Trader Shuffles for several expansions now, and I can reiterate that the quicker you get involved in this market, the better. Once other players/gold-makers get involved, the market will start to get saturated, bringing down prices of all the inks.

Have you been shuffling Umbral Ink, and how well is it going for you? Share your comments below!


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New Character Services

World of Warcraft Character Services

New Character Services:

Since the release of patch 9.2.5, there are new character services available. You may find yourself in a slight predicament once you’ve purchased your bundles if you’re unaware of the changes or the new process. 

As I’ve hinted, I took advantage of the eight-character bundle service (normally a six-character bundle), but there was a considerable delay in the tokens showing up. Sharing my experience in today’s blog may help anyone else who may experience any issues or delays.

Below for the benefit of those that are unaware, I will also walk you through the new process.

Character Transfer & Faction Change Bundles:

As mentioned above, patch 9.2.5 saw improvements to the character services available. Now we have Character Transfer and Faction Change bundles.

Previously, we went to the in-game shop, selected the character(s) we wished to transfer or faction change, selected the destination or faction, and then paid the fee. Now we purchase tokens similar to a character boost.

An icon will show up on the character screen highlighting your amount of Character Transfers or Faction Changes available. 

Click on the token to start the Character Transfer or Faction Change process.

How Much Are The Bundles?

These bundles are available in three different amounts and prices.

Character Transfers:
  • 1x Character Transfer (£13.30) £19
  • 3x Character Transfers (£25.90) £37
  • [8]x Character Transfers (£60)
Faction Changes:
  • 1x Faction Change (£13.30) £19
  • 3x Faction Changes (£25.90) £37
  • [8]x Faction Changes £60

With the ongoing 30% Special offer, I’ve added the discounted prices in brackets. Also, a reminder that the eight-character bundle is normally a six-character bundle! The offer ends on the 7th of June for N.A players and the 8th of June for E.U Players.

 What Bundle Should I Purchase?

The good thing about these bundles/tokens is that you can use them immediately or keep them for later use. Ideally, only use the money, gold you can afford to spend.

Due to my gold balance being at 129 million, I paid 1.8 million to purchase 6 WoWTokens and bought the Eight-Character Transfer Bundle.

Now, I have no interest in transferring eight characters at this point, but the bundle worked out at £7.50 each instead of the overpriced £19 for one character. When the special offer ends, it will revert back to a six-character bundle option; this will mean it will work out at £10 each, which is still an incredible deal!

So, my advice would be, if you have the funds available, consider the 8x bundle; this has a greater value in the long term!

I’ve Purchased My Tokens; where Are They?

Upon purchasing your bundle(s), log out of the game entirely and relog. Within a couple of minutes, you should notice your tokens appear on the character screen. If you don’t see your token(s) (like I experienced), you might be experiencing a slight delay while the game updates your account details! 

If you encounter any issues or have any concerns regarding a service you’ve purchased, always reach out to support. Although they’re busy, they are extremely helpful!

Things to Consider Before Transferring:

Depending on your character’s level, there are limitations on the amount of gold you can transfer.

  • Level 10 to 39 – 10k
  • Level 40-49 – 250k
  • Level 50-60 – 1m

To bypass the gold limitations, consider using The Undermine Journal (TUJ) and invest your gold in items you can purchase from your current realm that sell for a greater value on your target realm.

Be considerate of items that have unique limitations. Specific Mounts and Companion Pets can have unique limitations, meaning only one can be within your inventory at any one time.

Don’t have any Battle Pets or Heirlooms within your inventory or on your character; otherwise, this will delay your transfer until you learn or remove them.

Check out Blizzard’s Support Page for all the character transfer limitations.

Inventory Too Big To Character Transfer:

If your inventory is too large and you’re reluctant to dump most of it on the Auction House to free up space, you have two options.

Option One:

If your inventory fits into your personal bank and a 7-slot Guild Bank, consider opting for a Guild Transfer instead. You will be able to transfer 11 million gold using this method, as the Guild Bank can have the gold cap deposited.

This method will cost you £30.

You must be the Guild Master for the Guild for seven days for the transfer to complete successfully!

Option Two:

This option will consist of three or more characters you’re willing to transfer to your destination realm. With the ability to purchase a three or eight-character bundle, it’s never been a better time to move multiple characters.

Once you know how many characters you need to successfully transfer your gold or inventory, purchase the character transfer bundle that fulfills your needs.

Things to Consider Before Changing Faction:

If you currently play on Horde or Alliance and want to change faction purely to transfer items, don’t waste your token(s)! Thanks to the addition of Cross-Faction Gameplay, it’s now possible to mail gold and items to alts or a new main on the opposite faction.


If you encounter any issues or concerns regarding a character service, always contact support.


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Add-on: Point Blank Sniper

Add-on: Point Blank Sniper

Point Blank Sniper:

Welcome to today’s blog post. Today I’ll discuss the benefits of a new Add-on by plusmouse called Point Blank Sniper. This Add-on was brought to my attention by Vahdis on Twitter. It’s a very lightweight Add-on, requiring some additional Add-ons to work.

The premise is that by importing Shopping Lists into the Shopping tab, we can use Point Blank Sniper to snipe Auctions within that Shopping List that other players may post incorrectly.

What Do I Need?

Open up your favored Add-on client; mine is CurseForge. Search for the following Add-ons you don’t already own in the search box.

I’d advise downloading the following Add-ons from their respective sites.

Once downloaded, load up the game and log in on your preferred character.

Getting Started:

Head over to the nearest Auction House and tap that Goblin on the shoulder! The TSM window will pop up instantly, so hit the WoW UI tab in the top right to view the other tabs on the bottom. Select the Shopping tab.

If you select the Select Shopping List drop-down menu, you will see a default Shopping List called: Starter Sniper List added by the author of this Add-on. This shopping list consists of some profitable items which may be of interest to you. Ideally, you should edit this and make your own!

Shopping Lists:

Here’s a list of Shopping Lists I’ve created. Click the links below to be redirected to my Pastebin. I will continue to add shopping lists, so be sure to return to this post.

Importing A Shopping List:

If you have a shopping list already created or copied one of mine, open the Shopping tab on the Auction House. At the top right, you’ll see the option, Import. Hit this, paste all the information you copied, and select import.

Reminder, make sure you give your new Shopping List an accessible name, and be aware of any capitals, as the shopping list name will need to match precisely when starting a Sniper search.


If you open the Sniping tab, you’ll see several options.

Shopping List Name:

This tab is case sensitive, be sure to enter the name of your Shopping List precisely as it is within the Shopping List tab. Once correctly added, hit the Start button. If the button is non-responsive, there’s an error with the name added. Resolve and try again.

Price Source:

You will have five price sources if you downloaded and installed both TSM and TUJ Add-on.

  • Region – TUJ
  • Realm – TUJ
  • DBMarket – TSM
  • DBRegionMarketAvg – TSM
  • DBRegionSaleAvg – TSM

Ideally, you need to opt for the price source you use when selling the item(s) you’re sniping. This method will prevent you from buying items higher than you wish to sell them.


The percentage you input here will inform the Add-on to search for any item within your Shopping List, and if it’s either equal to or less than the percentage in this box, it will show up. The default is 15%; feel free to change this.

Example: I’ve picked DBMarket as my price source and kept the percentage at 15%. [The Reins of the Tamed Bloodfeaster] is about 100k gold on my realm. If someone posts it for 15k or below, it will pop up on the Add-on for me to purchase.

Items Class:

Use this tab to filter items within your Shopping List.


Select the Options tab to change the options within the Add-on. I leave this as default. Reminder, make sure that under the heading, Scan Behaviour, the Play Beep Tone is selected. This beep will alert you of any items available to purchase when running a Sniper scan. Ideally, for players that run sniper scans on an alt account in the background.

TSM Sniper vs. Point Blank Sniper:

If you’re familiar with TSM Sniper, you’ll know that depending on the number of items within the sniper group; it can take a lot of time to scan the Auction House.

However, with Point Blank Sniper, we can separate our Shopping Lists and snipe specific items, meaning a quick scan.


If you have any questions or experience issues, check out the Add-ons Discord channel.


I don’t snipe myself, but I know a lot of players that do. My fortnightly posting routine means I barely have time to post my auctions, let alone run sniper scans. I can see this Add-on being very good and easily accessible to players that may not be accustomed to TSM.

If you have the time and resources, I suggest investing in an alt account and having the Point Blank Sniper Add-on running in the background.


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Shadowlands Patch 9.2.5 Release Date

Shadowlands Patch 9.2.5 Release Date!

The Shadowlands patch 9.2.5 release date will be on May 31st for North American players, and the day after, June 1st for European players. There isn’t much content in this patch, hence the prompt release.

What’s New?

However, the most significant improvement coming in Shadowlands Patch 9.2.5 is Cross-Faction gameplay. This addition is great news for unbalanced populated realms that are heavily one-sided, or maybe you have friends that play on the opposite faction.

Overall, the Cross-Faction gameplay will benefit many casual players, who maybe don’t have Guilds, Raid, and can join PUGs with a lot more players available at their disposal. 

Continue reading for more benefits of cross-faction gameplay coming in Shadowlands Patch 9.2.5.

How Does Cross-Faction Gameplay Work?

To play content with a player from an opposing faction, you need to be friends, RealID friends, or a Cross-Faction community member. If you’re interested in joining a Community, check out the Guild and Communities tab in-game for more information!

Alternatively, via Premade Groups, you can join players of the opposite faction via the Group Finder tool.

Cross-Faction Guilds:

Although there have been some glitches at the hands of Mr. GM on Twitter, the option to create Cross-Faction Guilds will not be possible upon the release of Shadowlands patch 9.2.5!

However, with further testing, this could be a new feature in a future patch or expansion. Blizzard is concerned if they were to introduce Cross-Faction Guilds and it didn’t work, it would be difficult to remove it.

Cross-Faction Raids, Dungeons, and PvP?

Albeit barring some Raids (as mentioned below), most of the Raids, Dungeons, and Rated PvP will be available for Cross-Faction gameplay. The Raids, which focus on faction-based content, will not be available for Cross-Faction gameplay! These include the following.

  • Baradin Hold
  • Battle of Dazar’alor
  • Darkmaul Citadel (via Exile’s Reach)
  • Icecrown Citadel
  • Siege of Boralus
  • Trial of the Champion
  • Trial of the Crusader
  • Vault of Archavon

To group up for a Raid, Dungeon, or PvP with players of the opposite faction, follow the advice given above under the section: How Does Cross-Faction Gameplay Work?

Cross-Faction Mail and Trading:

Vahdis on Twitter was the first person I saw mention Cross-Faction mailing and Trading. I was excited by the prospect of being able to mail gold and items from my Horde character to my Alliance character and vice-versa.

Sadly, I have many players with gold and items stuck on unbalanced low populated realms, where there’s a heavily one-sided bias to one faction. This new addition means that I can finally transfer my gold and items to the best character/faction.

When the PTR became a release candidate, I quickly logged on and copied a Horde and an Alliance character over and successfully mailed gold and items to each other. However, the PTR is only available on one account, so I couldn’t log both characters simultaneously to try a trade.

Trading between Cross-Faction players appears to be limited to those within the group and in an instance.

Patch Notes for Patch 9.2.5:

For a detailed look at the Shadowlands 9.2.5 patch notes, check out Wowhead.

Season Four Content:

Sadly, for those of you patiently waiting on Season 4, it’s not coming during this patch. Rest assured that Blizzard has revealed a late Summer release!

My Thought’s on Patch 9.2.5:

I’ve always been aware of the faction-based conflict within Azeroth (throughout my time playing World of Warcraft), and I believe it’s an appropriate time for a change. As you’ll be aware, there’s been conflicts where Alliance and Horde have come together to achieve a common goal.

With realms heavily unbalanced, players struggle to play with friends due to them playing on opposite factions; it was only a matter of time before Blizzard introduced Cross-Faction gameplay.

With continued development and the possibility of Cross-Faction Guilds in the future, this could be an excellent opportunity for players currently playing on unbalanced realms. This addition may also relax the calls for more realm connections, but only time will tell.

Overall, I believe this to be a promising start, and I look forward to the new features, especially the ability to transfer gold and items to preferred characters/Factions on unbalanced realms!

Are you looking forward to Cross-Faction Gameplay?!

CurseForge Standalone Client

CurseForge Logo

Overwolf’s Acquisition of CurseForge (Twitch) in 2020:

Back in 2020, Overwolf completed the acquisition of CurseForge, an add-on management tool within Amazon’s gaming platform, Twitch. The news had dismayed many of the player base, aware of Overwolf’s history of malware, bloatware, and intrusive ads.

However, Overwolf planned to depreciate the Twitch API, preventing third-party add-on management apps from accessing the API!

The Depreciation of the Twitch API:

Over the last couple of days, Overwolf has completed the depreciation of the original Twitch API. These changes will impact third-party add-on managers (i.e. WoWUp).

As you’re likely aware, I moved to WoWUp myself, following Overwolf’s purchase for reasons I’ve explained above.

Third-party Add-on Managers unable to use CurseForge API:

But if you’ve visited any third-party add-on manager in the last couple of days, you’d have been greeted by a warning message informing you of the restrictions with a statement like this image below.

WoWUp Changes

With CurseForge’s new restrictions, you’ll have to find any updates to your add-ons via alternative means. If you wish to stay with your third-party add-on manager, rescan your library to find any available updates.

CurseForge Standalone Client (Alpha):

However, if you’re in the same position as me and were put off by Overwolf, let me reassure you that they have introduced a standalone CurseForge Client!

Click the link: CurseForge Standalone Client for a direct link to download the application. Overwolf was kind enough to make the download page misleading, as Wowhead mentioned yesterday!

The transition is effortless, and the app automatically finds your World of Warcraft folder. It’s just a case of updating your add-ons and logging in to the game!

Before Installing:

The installation will crash if you have WoWUp or any other third-party add-on management app running when trying to install CurseForge! I recommend closing and uninstalling any third-party add-on management apps before starting.

CurseForge Client Alpha:

The standalone client is currently at the Alpha stage, so there will be a lot of developments over the next couple of months, and the standalone client, only has mods for World of Warcraft, but this will improve.

Once you’ve downloaded and installed the Standalone CurseForge Client, you’ll notice it’s very similar to WoWUp. There’s a small box to the bottom right for ads, and to be fair, this isn’t very intrusive. Remember, this gives 70% ad revenue to the authors of the mods.


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The Darkmoon Faire 06.03.2022

The Darkmoon Faire

The Darkmoon Faire:

For those of you that may have missed it, the Darkmoon Faire is back in town today for one week! Now is the time to turn in those acquired Darkmoon Artifacts for Darkmoon Prize Tickets and purchase lucrative items to sell on the Auction House.

Check out my comprehensive Darkmoon Faire Guide.

What to Buy:

I prefer to spend my Darkmoon Prize Tickets on Replica Transmog. The pieces cost either 50 or 75 Darkmoon Prize Tickets each. These pieces (dependent on your realm) can net me between 40-75k gold each.

Like most Transmog, this is a slow market; you must be patient.

Remember, don’t waste your Darkmoon Prize Tickets on the bracers!

Alternatively, check out the Companion Pets from (Lhara). The Companion Pets will cost you 90 Darkmoon Prize Tickets each but are only worth approximately 10-15k each on the Auction House.

Darkmoon Firewater:

With Zereth Mortis accessible now, it’s beneficial to obtain Darkmoon Firewater this week! By using the firewater, you can gather resources quicker. The price of  Darkmoon Firewater on the Auction House has already doubled in value!


If you’re still trying to acquire the last few points of your professions (ideally if you’re 5 points short), this is an excellent opportunity to help max your profession

You’ll receive 5 points towards your profession by completing a straightforward quest. 

Please remember to obtain any materials needed for your quests before making your way to Darkmoon Isle, as there are no vendors on the island that will sell them.


If you enjoy fishing in World of Warcraft, it can be lucrative to fish along the coastline of Darkmoon Isle, especially the Shipwreck Debris which you can fish a Sealed Darkmoon Crate. Fishing here will net you (intended pun) Darkmoon Daggermaw and Darkmoon Firewater.

The Darkmoon Daggermaw is a currency for Companion PetsRecipes, and a Mount from Gallisa Sundew. But, you can also post these on the Auction House. Again, the value of the fish will depend on your realm. 

You could fetch between 15-50g each.

The Whee! Buff:

If you have no interest in the Darkmoon Faire, remember to obtain the Whee! buff, which will grant you a 10% increase to experience and reputation gains; this should be ideal for gaining Enlightened rep from the new Patch 9.2 – Eternity’s End.

Remember, the buff only lasts for one hour, so you will need to revisit the faire when the buff expires.

Darkmoon Faire Guide:

For a detailed guide regarding the Darkmoon Faire, be sure to check out my guide here


I’ve still not played any of the content from patch 9.2, and not likely to be for a while. However, I’m still making gains on the gold-making front via my fortnightly posting routine.

Today (06.03.22), I’m currently sitting at 122 million gold.

My current gold-making markets consist of Old World craftsMaterialsBattle Pets, and Transmog. Due to time restraints, I cannot and will not venture within the new markets of Patch 9.2.


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Gold-Making in Patch 9.2

Gold-Making in Patch 9.1

Patch 9.2:

For our friends across the pond, it would appear that patch 9.2 has successfully been completed ahead of schedule; the long wait for new content is finally over!

Players within the E.U region will have a slightly longer wait until tomorrow (23.02.22), but I’m sure the wait will be worth it, especially if you plan to play!

For those of you participating, Zereth Mortis awaits you and a lot of new content to keep you occupied. As with every patch, there are a lot of new gold-making opportunities, so don’t miss out – unless you’re me!

What To Do?

If you’re somewhat unsure what all the fuss is about, maybe you’re unsure what to do, or you need a helping hand getting accustomed to life in Zereth Mortis, please do consider checking out Wowhead’s guide.

Patch 9.2: Zereth Mortis Zones Guides. 

Gold-Making in Patch 9.2?

Sadly, time will prevent me from participating in much (if not any) of the new patch. I can’t commit any extra time that I didn’t have to begin with, meaning my opportunities to delve into the new markets is non-existent.

Dealing with new commodities and markets requires time and effort, especially in busy realms where undercutting is prevalent. Realistically, I know I can’t compete, so I manage my time efficiently, concentrating on Old World markets instead. 

Today (22.02.22), my Old World markets have seen me hit a new high of 118,268,854 gold – so who needs new gold-making content anyway?! 😂

Graph outlining Gold balance.


As a helping hand, I have some excellent recommendations for you if you require some 9.2 gold-making guides. These guys made an absolute killing throughout Shadowlands, and I’m sure patch 9.2 will be no different.

I’ve added helpful links below to their social media/streaming platforms so be sure to check them out!



With almost 700 million gold at his disposal, Hikons went from strength to strength during Shadowlands. Much of his gold was made via Darkmoon Card/Trinkets and playing on multiple realms crafting and selling legendaries.

Be sure to check out Hikons on Twitch as he goes through his routines.

Twitch ImageTwitter Image


If you’re already following @ryanaeckles on Twitter, you’ll know he’s invested a lot of time on the PTR getting acquainted with life on Zereth Mortis. You can find most of his guides on his YouTube channel.

Twitch ImageYouTube ImageTwitter Image


Again, there’s not much to add if you’re already aware of TheLazyGoldmaker. He made an absolute mint, crafting and selling legendaries, and collected some excellent milling data ahead of the release of Shadowlands for those looking to deal in Darkmoon Cards.

Twitch ImageTwitter Image


Someone I noticed at the beginning of Shadowlands but has proven to be an excellent gold-maker. Again, another one that did exceptionally well within the legendary market.

He has some in-depth guides on YouTube; give them a watch!

Twitch ImageYouTube ImageTwitter Image


He shares his gold-making journey and offers some helpful guides regarding the TSMaddon. Samadan also covers the gold-making catchup on Wowhead; this is important, as this will highlight many of the new gold-making opportunities that will become prevalent in the coming weeks.

Twitch ImageYouTube ImageTwitter Image


I’ll update any new information here, be sure to check back!


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