Darkmoon Firewater

Darkmoon Firewater is a potion that once consumed, will allow faster gathering of resources and slightly increase your size for one hour. You can acquire these from different options within the Darkmoon Faire. The Faire visits on the first Sunday of each month and lasts for one week. Please do not confuse this item with Darkmoon Firewater – this is an entirely different item!

Please note, that this potion doesn’t need the Darkmoon Faire to be open to use and the buff doesn’t persist through death.

The Benefit of Darkmoon Firewater:

The Darkmoon Firewater allows for faster gathering of resources; this is ideal for players that have Herbalism, Mining, and Skinning. Please be aware that this potion doesn’t stack with glove enchants, and other items that also increase the gathering speed.

A user called Mipsen on Wowhead, confirms that this flask also increases the speed of collecting Azerite within Island Expeditions. [source]

Llysan on Wowhead has also confirmed that Darkmoon Firewater can increase the speed of Surveying when completing Archaeology dig sites. [source]

Even if you’re not a gatherer, these are great items to buy and sell on the Auction House or Trade Chat to flip.

Where to acquire Darkmoon Firewater:

There are three methods to obtain Darkmoon Firewater.

  • One: Fishing. When you fish within Darkmoon Island, you can find Shipwreck Debris, which has between 1-2 successful casts to gain a Sealed Darkmoon Crate. Once opened, you’ll find 1 Darkmoon Firewater.
  • Three: Purchase the Darkmoon Firewater from the Auction House or Trade Chat. You’ll expect to pay between 75g-125g each. If the faire is open, expect to pay the bottom end of that estimate and the higher end if it’s closed.


With Shadowlands on the horizon, this flask is a great item to have if you’re a gatherer with Herbalism, Mining or Skinning. Herbs, Ore and Leather will be very profitable on the release of the new expansion, and the Darkmoon Firewater will help optimise your gathering process while levelling or at max level.

Remember, Archaeology isn’t returning in Shadowlands, unless it comes later in the expansion. Azerite is only accessible within Battle for Azeroth zones. So only consider Darkmoon Firewater for Surveying and Azerite if you intend to play those older expansions and Island Expeditions.

Also worth repeating, even if you’re not a gatherer, there’s plenty of other players that are, these are a great option to buy and sell on the Auction House or bark in Trade Chat to flip.