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My Recommended TradeSkillMaster (TSM) GuidesTradeSkillMaster (TSM) is without a doubt the most powerful World of Warcraft gold-making addon to date. Without it, you’re always one step behind your competitors. Getting accustomed to TSM can seem daunting at first, but with some detailed instructions outlined by these guides below, the transition should be a lot smoother.

I don’t create TSM guides myself, but below I will add some recommendations of TSM guides that I believe will be a great asset to you. I’ve added links to their websitessocial media platforms so please drop by and leave some feedback.

I will update this post once more guides become available for TSM4.10 and later.


An excellent beginners guide, showing every aspect of TSM. Each installment posted below for ease of use. Samadan also streams on Twitch where he’s always happy to answer any questions regarding TSM that you might have.

[TSM4.10] All New Features and Updates
[TSM4.10] How to Install
[TSM4.10] Beginners Guide | Basic Groups & Operations
[TSM4.10] Profession & Crafting Operations
[TSM4.10] Sniper Setup | Create Sniping Operations & Groups


If you’d prefer a written format so you can easily follow the instructions, then I urge you to check out the TSM guide from TheLazyGoldmaker. This fantastic article guides you through every aspect of TSM. Thanks to the short and concise instructions, this is without a doubt a perfect guide to help new users (who maybe feel daunted by TSM) get accustomed to what TSM has to offer.

Please do consider TheLazyGoldmaker’s Patreon and reward him for his fine work.

Other Guides (outdated but still useful)



Disclaimer: I have credited the author to every guide within this post and added alternative social media platforms, and where possible links to their patreon page too. If you’d like your guide removed, or something else added (maybe an update), please contact me and I’ll immediately make the necessary changes. This article is strictly designed to promote your guides and help direct new players to you.

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  1. Speaking of guides, i found one about fast levelling!
    It’s particularly indicated for wow classic’s players, take a look!

    Edit: (Removed Link) Please don’t promote other sites, thank you!

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