Nomi Snacks

Nomi Snacks was introduced in Legion (7.2.5) in a bid to help players complete work orders that were being prepared in Nomi’s Test Kitchen. Ideally, this method only works if you have 5+ work orders in progress. Nomi’s Test Kitchen can be found within your factions Inn, upon Legion’s Dalaran. Nomi is only visible once you’ve completed the quest chain. For a complete guide, check out this post.

Using Nomi Snacks to complete work orders speeds up the process of using Nomi’s Test Kitchen, and gaining further recipe ranks and food behind the work orders.

If you’ve collected all the recipes and have no use for your Nomi Snacks, these can be bought and sold on the Auction House for other players looking to complete their work orders. These can be very profitable, so always add this to your shopping scans.

Unsure about anyone else, but I still have nightmares of the Badly Burnt Food.

Recent Sale:

An image of my recent sale (17.11.20)

109 Nomi Snacks
Paid: 16,023g (each: 147g)
Sold: 161,726g (each: 1,483g)

Profit: 145,703g

Using The Undermine Journal:

Always check The Undermine Journal (TuJ) for your region/realms prices. Nomi Snacks can have a vast difference in valuation compared to another realm; this is based on the realms population, and the realms supply and demand. Always check before purchasing to prevent losing gold.