Commodity Flipping

Commodity Flipping

Commodity Flipping:

Today, I wanted to take this opportunity to share the results of my recent commodity flipping. Most of the sales posted are regarding markets I’ve recently shared with you. With any luck, you’ve joined in and have your own stories to tell.

However, if you’ve not started, check out the links I’ve shared, redirecting you to the original post with detailed information. Please also be aware of incoming changes that will negatively impact flipping commodities in the future.

As a rule of thumb, I only invest 50% of the commodity’s value! I clarify this as some markets below don’t include how much I’ve paid and the profit made.

Auction House Changes in 9.2.7:

Before I get started, please consider the Auction House changes coming into effect in patch: 9.2.7 and the introduction of region-wide commodities via the Auction House.

Blizzard will introduce the ability to purchase/post commodities region-wide instead of the realm-specific Auction House.

For players that play on low-populated realms, this will have the most significant effect on you, as you’ll have a substantial amount of materials at your disposal and will be a lot cheaper than before patch 9.2.7; expect the value of all materials to crash!

You’ll not see a detrimental change to the value for players on high-populated servers, as the supply already outnumbers the demand.

Anything stacked and posted on the Auction House is a commodity and will be available region-wide; armor and weapons that are not stackable will not be region-wide!

With careful planning, you could (with the reduction of a 5% Auction House fee) transfer gold from realm to realm.

Auction House Changes

Image courtesy of, Wowhead.

The Knock-on Effect:

The impending crash in the value of commodities will have a knock-on effect on other markets too. Players who craft weapons and armor will notice the increased availability/affordability of materials, meaning an upturn in supply will undoubtedly surpass the demand, which will impact the value of the craft(s) also!

Why the Auction House Warning?

For the first few days/weeks of the new patch, it won’t be easy to flip commodities on the Auction House. It will take some time for the Auction House changes to take effect, and due to the vast amounts of materials, someone can’t reset the whole of a region by themselves.

However, collectively, gold-makers can slowly reset the markets; soon, the commodities should be reset at a stable valuation, meaning this should be the ideal time to start flipping commodities again.

Umbral Ink Shuffle:

With the introduction of the First Flower, Umbral Ink crashed on many realms. I’ve been purchasing Umbral Ink around the 20-35g mark. The average value of Umbral Ink is 46g.

To make this method a lot more appealing, if you have the profession: Inscription, you can purchase the First Flower at 12g each and mass mill the herbs.


20x First Flower (at 12g each) = 240g
Mass Mill: 20x First Flower = 4x Umbral Pigment, 5x Luminous Pigment, and 9x Tranquil Pigment.

We can offset the 240g investment by selling the Luminous Pigment (ink) and the Tranquil Pigment (ink) as cheap as possible. The estimated region value is 15g and 10g per pigment (ink), respectively.

Taking into account the numbers above and subtracting the gold made from the Luminous Ink and Tranquil Ink means we can potentially obtain our Umbral Pigment (ink) for as little as 18.75g each!

This method will need a lot of work but is effective if you have multiple accounts.

As hinted, use the Umbral Ink Shuffle to purchase other inks to make a profit. If you feel bold, you can sell the Umbral Ink for a substantial profit. I average at about 70g each on some realms.

Some of the Inks worth shuffling Umbral Ink for are Roseate Pigment and Sallow Pigment. These are required in high quantities to craft Legion-specific glyphs.

Some of my results are below!

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Flipping Mist of Pandaria Raw Materials:

As I previously mentioned, when Blizzard designed the Visions of N’Zoth in Battle for Azeroth (BFA) with patch 8.3, they introduced dailies to Uldum and The Vale of Eternal Blossoms. This new content greatly increased the Mist of Pandaria (MoP) Raw Materials supply.

At this time, there was also an AFK Monk farm at The Golden Stair (which Blizzard nerfed); this flooded the Auction House with loads of MoP Raw Materials. As the supply outnumbered the demand, these materials were extremely cheap!

I knew when Shadowlands came out, and the content wasn’t necessary anymore, the supply would start drying up, and there would be an increased value/demand for the materials. I invested 20 million gold in multiple realms for these materials, and I’ve easily trebled my investment!

Here are some recent sales.

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Garrison Items of Interest:

Today, Garrisons are still of interest to many players because of the passive gold you can make from the Scribe Hut. However, getting started can be slow and tedious, but with Huge Ogre Caches and Frozen Arms of the Hero, we can significantly speed this process up.

Not forgetting, players also want to complete Warlords of Draenor reputations, which means there’s a lot of interest in Medallion of the Legion.

Below I’ve added some images of the sales I’ve made.

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Replica Transmog:

The Darkmoon Faire is a World Event I continuously flaunt regularly on Twitter, purely because other players feel there’s no value, but you’d be wrong! There’s a lot of value in flipping Darkmoon Artifacts and Darkmoon Daggermaw, but more impressively is selling Replica Transmog.

All these items are easy to come by, but many don’t want to invest in the time it takes to acquire them. That’s where gold-makers like me come in. I’ve made an absolute killing in this market and regularly share my progress in the hope others join in too.

The Replica Transmog can be a slow-moving market (like all Transmog), but it’s gratifying and worthwhile when you get sales.

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Dark Rune:

I’ll be honest; I haven’t done this farm much, but that’s because I’ve been busy in alternative markets. However, if you have the time, check it out. Depending on your realm, you can make some decent returns. Check out The Undermine Journal for your realm to see if farming and selling Dark Rune’s is worthwhile to you!

Dark Rune

Battle for Azeroth Mounts:

As with most expansions that come to an end, it’s always ideal to invest your gold in items that will become difficult to acquire when the new expansion is released, ideally mounts.

I heavily invested in the Reins of the Tamed Bloodfeaster because of the price point. At most, I was paying between 30-45k per mount. However, today I sell them upwards of 90-160k each (realm dependant).

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Primal Shuffle:

The Primal Shuffle is a very old market from The Burning Crusade (TBC) but very profitable. Players often undersell the Primals, but they’re necessary for many expensive TBC crafts. One of the significant oversights is players incorrectly valuing their Motes compared to the Primal.

The Mote should be 10% of the value of a Primal, as you need to combine 10 Motes to create a Primal.

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Flawless Battle-Stones:

The Flawless Battle-Stone market always makes me laugh. This Battle-Stone is Bind on Equip and upgrades your Battle Pets quality from Poor, Common, or Uncommon to Rare!

However, you can obtain a Marked Flawless Battle-Stone, (a Bind on Account equivalent) upgrade token by participating in certain Battle Pet – Daily World Quests or purchasing via a Pet Battle Master.

Surprisingly, players still choose to pay an exuberant amount of gold at the Auction House. I can purchase these cheap (under 5,000 gold) and flip them upwards of 20-25k each!

For example, I never paid more than 5k gold for one of these Flawless Battle-Stones.

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Legion BoEs:

Yes, I’m still successfully flipping Legion BoEs! More importantly, the BoE artifact upgrades. I tend to purchase these in the region of 50-1000g and flip them for between 15-20k gold.

With players leveling in Chromie Time within the Broken Shore, players are acquiring Legion BoEs and under-pricing them. There’s a market for items with ilvl’s that are beneficial for Twinks and Speed Sets.

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As you can see, I’m still making a lot of profit flipping commodities, and I’ve added a few examples of Mounts, Replica Transmog and Legion BoEs to show a lot of interest in these markets.

As I mentioned at the beginning, when patch: 9.2.7 releases, I’d recommend holding off flipping materials until the market(s) stabilize. The valuations will be all over the show! Once they’ve settled down, restart your posting routines.

Also, to reduce this blog significantly, I’ve not added the price paid for everything, but as a rule of thumb, imagine whatever I’ve sold an item for; I’ve never spent more than 50%.

As always, I’ve edited out the customer’s name to prevent some cheeky chappies from working out the realm I’m on. These players tend to create/transfer a character not only to compete for sales but to undercut me aggressively.


Any feedback is greatly received; please use the comment section below. If you need to contact me, use the contact me method. Please consider liking and sharing if you found this post helpful and believe it could be useful to someone else.


Thanks for reading!

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