Darkmoon Faire Artifacts

The Darkmoon Faire

Darkmoon Artifacts:

Darkmoon Artifacts are quest items that you turn in and receive a reward of experience (Gold if max level), reputation, and Darkmoon Prize Tickets. There has been a reduction/removal of the level requirements required to hand these in; this change has made it more accessible to lower-level players. The amount of Darkmoon Prize Tickets rewarded is unchanged; please find below the complete list of artifacts and new level requirements.

To loot these artifacts, you must have a Darkmoon Adventurer’s Guide within your inventory before killing a mob and looting the corpse. Click on the link above for a specific artifact to see where you can loot it from, as different locations/mobs reward various artifacts. If you’d prefer, you can purchase these from the Auction House instead. Be prepared to pay approximately 200g-1000g each, dependant on the artifact and the time you are buying it.

For more information regarding the best time to buy and sell Darkmoon Artifacts, read the Flipping Darkmoon Artifacts section below.

Here’s my TSM import string, to help with buy and selling Darkmoon Artifacts.

TSM Import String

Darkmoon Artifacts in Shadowlands:

Thanks to the recent changes brought to us by the Shadowlands pre-patch, it’s never been a better time to acquire and hand in Darkmoon Artifacts. If you’re leveling characters, wanting Darkmoon Prize Tickets to purchase Replica Transmog or Companion Pets, then this post is for you! Previously, the level requirements were relatively high, limiting completion with low-level alts; the new changes made this a valid option and, in turn, may increase the value of Darkmoon artifacts due to the increased demand.

Handing Artifacts in:

Each artifact can only be handed in once per character per Month. Before handing any artifacts in be sure to ride the Carousel or the Roller Coaster on the Darkmoon Island. You will receive the buff Whee! This will grant a 10% bonus to experience and reputation gains for 60 minutes. Once you have the buff hand in all the artifacts to the following NPCs, Professor Thaddeus Paleo, Sayge, and Yebb Neblegear.

If you hand in all 9 artifacts, you will earn 85 Darkmoon Prize Tickets, I suggest purchasing Replica Transmog to sell on the Auction House – be aware that there are level requirements you need to meet to purchase Replica Transmog. If Transmog is of no interest to you a good alternative is purchasing Darkmoon Companion Pets to sell.

Flipping Darkmoon Artifacts:

Suppose you’ve reached your monthly limit handing in artifacts on all characters for the month. In that case, an excellent gold-making alternative is posting your excess artifacts to the Auction House, and helping others complete their turn-ins. To make this worthwhile to you, purchase the artifacts while the Darkmoon Faire is out of Town, the demand is low, and you’ll be able to purchase them cheap as players look to offload them. When the Darkmoon Faire is back in Town, repost to the Auction House, when the demand and prices are higher.

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