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Garrison Add-ons:

To maximize your time within your Garrison, it’s imperative to consider installing some Garrison Addons. If you have a lot of alts, this will speed up the process of obtaining missing Followers and assigning Followers to Missions at your Garrison Mission Table.

There are two Garrison Addons that will be of interest to you;

Although both Garrison Addons look very similar, I’d recommend Master Plan. It has a nice clean interface and includes important information regarding missing/obtainable Followers in a separate tab. It also gives you up to three options for the best team to complete your mission based on rewards. This is great for missions that can reward different amounts of currency.

If you’re unsure what to go for, install both of them separately, and test which one you prefer. Add your preferred Addon in the comments below.


HandyNotes is, without a doubt, another important Addon to get. You will also want to get the extension: Warlords of Draenor (Treasure Hunter & Rares). Not only will this addon show you where Treasure and Rares are located within Draenor, but it will also highlight a cross where a Garrison Follower can be found on the map, as shown below with an arrow!

HandyNotes: WoD Treasure & Rares.

If there’s a Follower you want and unsure where you can acquire it, again, I remind you to check out Wowhead! Be sure to check out my post, Garrison Followers, for more information regarding Followers!


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