Fishing up the Sea Turtle via the Naval Missions

Yes… you read the title of this blog correctly, it’s possible to fish up the Sea Turtle via your Naval Missions. Simply attach a  Tuskarr Fishing Net to your ships and if you’re lucky, you may fish it up without the need to literally fish it up yourself.

sea turtle via naval missions

I’d suggest placing the Tuskarr Fishing Net on your Transport Ship, one that you’d send out on Oil Missions. You can purchase the nets for 500 Garrison Resources and they’re available from Kronk Rustspark, Frostfire Ridge or Salty Jorren, Shadowmoon Valley.

If you dont have the Tuskarr fishing net unlocked yet, then you must complete the reputation requirement, to buy this recipe from the vendor. If you’re Alliance, you must earn Honored reputation with the Hand of the Prophet. For Horde players, you must earn Honored reputation with the Vol’jin’s Headhunters. The recipe will cost you 500g.

Let me know if you’ve been successful to fish this up via the above method.