TSM Strings

Welcome to my TradeSkillMaster (TSM) import strings. These strings have taken a lot of time and effort to create and are continuously being updated as World of Warcraft develops. Before you get started, please take note of the ‘please read first‘ section below, as this will help prevent any potential issues. It’s imperative that you follow the advice given below.

Please Read First:

Whilst every care and attention was taken to create these strings If you happen to find any issues, please contact me and I will immediately look into the issue. Also remember, you must have TSM4.10 installed. These strings do not have any operations, this is to prevent any potential issues. Check out my TSM4.10 post if you’re interested about the new improvements to TSM.

 Please also follow this advice below before starting!

  •  1) ​Back up your current TSM Profile, in case of any potential issues, then you have your old Profile to revert back to.
  • 2) When importing a TSM Profile, import one string at a time and use the chat command /reloadui to force TSM to save your import. Importing too many strings at any one time can cause your data not to save correctly.
  • 3) ​If you encounter a lockup whilst importing a string, please be patient! Do not use the End Task feature of the Task Manager in Windows to close the program. Wait for the game to respond, this is just the game importing the data (The larger the string, the longer the delay). If you do get disconnected, don’t fear, your data should have imported successfully.

TSM Strings available:

01. Items No Longer Obtainable
02. Professions
03. Raw Materials
04. Battle Pets
05. Companion Pets
06. Mounts
07. Toy Box
08. Recipes
09. Transmog
10. BoEs
11. Mail Convenience
12. BoA Items
13. Items of Interest
14. World Events
15. Vendor Restock

Please remember, as mentioned at the top of this post, there are no Operations within these strings! This is due to issues in previous profiles/strings.

These TSM Import strings will continuously be updated, notifications will be made via this blog, so please sign up for updates. There will be a number of updates in the future, once Shadowlands has released. I’m unable to add my Shadowlands strings yet, as it’s not worthwhile sharing, this is to minimise potential errors as the data isn’t in-game as of yet. As soon as Shadowlands has released, I will update the groups.

Shadowlands TSM Profile:

Please check out this post for my complete Shadowlands TSM Import String. This has everything from Professions, Raw Materials, Battle Pets etc coming in Shadowlands.

BilisOnyxia TSM Profile:

If you’d prefer a complete TSM profile including Groups and operations, could I please direct you to a great gold-maker, the Godfather of TSM StringsBilisOnyxia! He has a Patreon, where members of Tier 2 and above, get access to his complete TSM profile!


Sheyrah – Created the original TSM all-in-one Profile Pastebin Twitter

BilisOnyxia – Sharing newly released Battle Pet ID’s for 8.2 and 8.3 Twitter Patreon

Wowhead – For use of their database to acquire item ID’s

WarcraftPets.com – Detailed information regarding each Battle Pets origin.

Tradeskillmaster (TSM) – Using their Group Creator and addon to create my strings

Shadowlands Credits:

Wowhead Profession Guides:

Alchemy Guide – Neryssa
Blacksmithing Guide – Renatakane
Cooking Guide – Neryssa
Enchanting Guide – Neryssa
Engineering Guide – Renatakane
Inscription Guide – Renatakane
Jewelcrafting Guide – Neryssa
Leatherworking Guide – Renatakane
Tailoring Guide – Neryssa

If you found this informative, or feel that this post could benefit someone else, please do consider liking and sharing this post. It’s always appreciated. If you do succumb to any issues following the import of any of these strings above, please do contact me, and be precise on the string you’ve imported, the issue you’re receiving. Always be aware that TSM and ELvUI do not work well together.