World Events

World Events in World of Warcraft:

If you check your in-game calendar, you will notice many World Events that coincide with public holidays. These events are an excellent opportunity for gold-making in World of Warcraft. During an event, you can invest in items that either drop or are purchasable with a currency from a vendor, which you can sell at the Auction House later.

If you don’t participate in these events and prefer to purchase these items for gold to flip later, the items of interest are Companion PetsBattle Pets, and Mounts.

Gold-Making with World Events:

For the best results and the most significant return on investment, purchasing items available via a World Event while the event is ongoing is imperative. At this point, the Auction House is saturated, bringing the values down; this is the power of supply and demand. The greater the supply than the demand, the lower the valuation will be as many compete for the lowest price.

When the event finishes and the items in the Auction House start diminishing, the demand outnumbers the supply, thus increasing the item’s valuation. As a gold-maker, we want to sell our items at this point, thus making a significant profit!

World Events:


Darkmoon Faire (First Sunday of each Month)

Holidays (Annually):

Lunar Festival

Love is in the Air


Children’s Week

Midsummer Fire Festival

Harvest Festival

Hallow’s End

Day of the Dead
Pilgrim’s Bounty

Feast of Winter Veil

Timewalking Events:

Special Anniversary Event:

Holiday Changes in Dragonflight:

According to the Dragonflight Roadmap for new content for the expansion, there appears to be a planned rework for Holidays in Patch 10.0.7 (Spring of 2023) and Patch 10.1.7 (Fall of 2023). There’s no information on what changes are coming, but I’ll update any guides I’ve published already to cover any potential changes.