Island Expedition Transmog in Shadowlands 9.1

Island Expedition Transmog:

I created a blog in 2020, called, Island Expedition Transmog. This post looked at the gear you could earn completing Island Expeditions (or purchasing from the Auction House) and the prices you could flip these items on the Auction House, some for a considerable profit.

Upon the release of Shadowlands, and players playing new content, incurred a significant increase to the value of Island Expedition Transmog as the supply lowered and the demand increased – this was excellent for gold-makers.

In Shadowlands 9.1 this could all change with the introduction of the solo queue for Island Expeditions. This change could have a negative effect on the Island Expedition Transmog market.

Wowhead’s article confirming Solo queues

Jeremy Feasel’s interview with Vanion

Island Expeditions in Battle for Azeroth:

Back in Battle for Azeroth, Blizzard introduced Island Expeditions. You could group up with two other players and participate in one of three maps available for that week. There were four various difficulties, Normal, Heroic, Mythic, and PvP. The aim was to acquire Azerite and the team that reached the goal first won.

Objectives were introduced, which would influence the loot you could win at the end of the Island Expedition. Players looking to complete their collection of Island expedition Transmog, Mounts, Companion Pets, and Seafarer’s Dubloons for supply crates were boosted by completing these objectives. Supply Crates rewarded players a chance of more loot!

Shadowlands made it difficult to queue for Island Expeditions, a lack of interest made it impossible to get a group together. Thankfully for those players, the developers have decided to introduce a solo queue that will eradicate the need for other players.

Island Expeditions in Shadowlands 9.1:

Sadly for gold-makers, 9.1 will introduce a new solo queue option for players wanting to run Island Expeditions. The changes will ultimately make farming Island Expedition Transmog a lot more efficient. With more players able to queue solo, this will increase supply bringing a negative effect to the Island Expedition Transmog market as the supply outnumbers the demand.

With the incoming changes, it may be beneficial to reconsider our valuations we’re demanding for our Transmog. I’ve added a high-teir list below, I recommend not changing your values for these items. Upon the release of the Public Test we’ll have a greater understanding of the changes.

The increase to gear is purely speculation. Developers could lower drop rates or adjust exchange rates for Salvage Crates with Seafarer’s dubloons; If this happens, there may be no need to adjust our values at all. We’ll have clarification of Island Expedition Transmog changes in Shadowlands 9.1 thanks to the impending PTR!

Tier Lists:

If you’re unsure of the high tier ticket items, here’s a list below of Expedition Transmog ≥50k gold (TSM: Region Market Value Average (RMA))

For items within the 10k-50k bracket (mid-tier), it’s up to you what you wish to do. Most of the Transmog at this price point is already in moderate supply. Check The Undermine Journal and lower your valuations on items you feel may be affected by the changes in 9.1.

Anything ≤10k (low tier) will likely be in high supply, and if the changes in 9.1 happen and no changes to drop rates, it’s worth looking at reducing your stock in this price range immediately. Remember the importance of ‘supply and demand’ if the supply exceeds the demand, the valuations will continue to drop!


Upon the release of Shadowlands, the Island Expedition Transmog market has been excellent. With the release of 9.1 and solo queues for Island Expeditions, it’s only right we prepare too. If there’s an increased supply of Transmog to the Auction House, we could find ourselves struggling to meet our valuations and moving our stock.

It’s imperative to check your valuations and where you feel possible, consider reducing them to get a head-start on your competitors. I’d suggest leaving the values on your high-tier items!

If you have access, consider checking out the PTR and seeing whether the developers adjust the drop rates and conversion rates for Supply crates via Seafarer’s Dubloons. If there is a change to the drop rates, ignore the need to adjust your valuations on your Transmog.

Monitor the market closely and adapt as the patch progresses.

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