Legion Timewalking Consumables

Legion Timewalking Consumables

Legion Timewalking Consumables:

For myself and the rest of the E.U. region, we finally get to see the reemergence of the Legion: Mage Tower, thanks to the World Event: Legion Timewalking. So far, since the reset a few hours ago, I’ve made almost 400k gold, purely selling Battle for Azeroth, Legion, and Old World consumables.

I’m not exaggerating; I can’t keep up with crafting the consumables before they sell out. This spree could settle down come this evening, but take advantage of it while you can!

Restrictions To Consider:

Please bear in mind, with the reintroduction of the Mage Tower, there are a lot of restrictions. Covenant/Soulbinds are restricted and switched off. Legendaries do not work either, and all gear will be scaled down to ilvl 50.

These restrictions mean, some Legion crafts (especially with sockets) can be regarded as best in slot (BiS). This is why a lot of Old World consumables are selling well because they scale better or meet the ilvl 50 requirements.

Check out Wowhead for their concise Legion Timewalking Guide for all restrictions, class guides, etc.

Consumables Of Interest:

Due to today being the first day of the Legion Timewalking Event, the list of consumables I add below will continuously be updated. Be sure to come back regularly to see what is selling and incorporate these consumables into your posting routine on your realm.

These are in no particular order, due to updates throughout the day.

  • Enchant Weapon: Crusader
  • Enchant Neck: Mark of the Hidden Satyr
  • Enchant Neck: Mark of the Claw
  • Enchant Chest: Glorious Stats
  • Enchant Gloves: Major Agility
  • Enchant Boots: Greater Assualt
  • Delicate Queens Garnet
  • Delicate Primal Ruby
  • Agile Shadowspirit Diamond
  • Chaotic Shadowspirit Diamond
  • Reverberating Shadowspirit Diamond
  • Leviathon’s Eye of Agility
  • Leviathon’s Eye of Intellect
  • Leviathon’s Eye of Strength
  • Kraken’s Eye of Agility
  • Kraken’s Eye of Strength
  • Saber’s Eye of Agility
  • Saber’s Eye of Intellect
  • Saber’s Eye of Strength
  • Bold Crimson Spinel
  • Brilliant Queens Garnet
  • Brilliant Crimson Spinel
  • Brilliant Cardinal Ruby
  • Deadly Lava Lazuli
  • Quick Sand Spinel
  • War-Scroll of Battle Shout
  • Greater Crane Wing Inscription
  • Greater Tiger Claw Inscription
  • Greater Tiger Fang Inscription
  • Shadowleather Leg Armor
  • Living Steel Belt Buckle
  • Ebonsteel Belt Buckle
  • Eternal Belt Buckle
  • Lord Blastington’s Scope of Doom



If you don’t have the recipes, or the professions to take advantage of these consumables, remember there’s value in flipping undervalued materials needed for the above crafts. Alternatively, if you enjoy farming, farm the materials needed too.

Check out wow-professions for some hints on the best places to farm.


As of 15:45 (last update), I’ve made 744.355k gold. The top item sold is, 21x Enchant Neck: Mark of the Hidden Satyr.

Here’s a couple of images outlining my sales from this morning.



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The Darkmoon Faire Is Back In Town!

The Darkmoon Faire Is In Town!

The Darkmoon Faire:

Today (Sunday 5th December) sees the return of the Darkmoon Faire, a World Event that rolls up on the first Sunday of each month outside Stormwind and Thunder Bluff. There are many activities you can participate in, in a bid to earn Darkmoon Tokens for fabulous prizes!

For a detailed guide on the Darkmoon Faire, click the link here for more information!

The Whee and WoW’s Anniversary Buff:

As some of you may know, tomorrow (Monday 6th December) at 10 am, we’ll see WoW’s Seventeenth Anniversary come to an end. Until then, I urge anyone leveling any characters to visit the Darkmoon Faire, take a ride on the Carrousel, and obtain the Whee! buff. The buff will give you a 10% increase in Experience and Reputation gains. This buff will last for one hour!

Now, if you Include the Anniversary buff, of 17%, you stand to gain a total of 27% gain on Experience and Reputation.

Remember, the Whee! buff only lasts for one hour, so this will need to be refreshed hourly. The percentage of experience can be increased further if your character is well-rested!

Handing in Darkmoon Artifacts:

If you’re fortunate to have read this blog post, and you still have time to take advantage of both buffs mentioned above. Now is a better time than any to hand in your Darkmoon Artifacts. These can only be handed in once per month, per character!

With both buffs active and handing in all 9 Artifacts, I managed to get 55% into level 50!

Click the link here for more information regarding Darkmoon Artifacts.

Profession Dailies:

Although these are regarded as dailies (due to the blue exclamation mark), they can’t be completed daily; instead, these can be completed once per monthly reset, the same as Darkmoon Artifacts.

If you’re five levels away from maximizing your profession, these Profession dailies are an excellent method to reaching that goal.

Obtaining Replica Transmog:

On many of the realms, I play the Auction House on, the biggest sales are concerning Replica Transmog. These items are obtained initially through the Darkmoon Faire by acquiring Darkmoon Faire Tickets fulfilling many of the activities on offer.

These pieces can sell upwards of 40k per piece. Ideally, the pieces that cost 75 Darkmoon Tickets will sell higher, as these are harder to obtain.

For a detailed explanation on obtaining Replica Transmog, click the link.

Quest – Silas’ Secret Stash:

Silas’ Secret Stash is a great quest to complete if you haven’t done so already. This quest can only be completed once, so be sure to check if you’ve completed it already. Copy and paste the script (added below) in the chatbox for confirmation. You will get either a True or False response.

/script print(IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(38934))

True = Completed
False = Not Completed

If you’ve not completed this quest yet, please check out my guide here for a full explanation!


You have until Saturday 11th December at 23:59; then the Darkmoon Faire will leave. Be sure to have handed in all your quests, purchased/acquired all your prizes, as the Darkmoon Faire doesn’t return until Sunday 2nd January 2022!

If you’d like a full guide on the Darkmoon Faire, click the link for further information!


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Tankards O’ Profit (continued)

Tankards O' Profit Image

Tankards O’ Profit (continued)

Today’s blog post, Tankards O’ Profit (continued) is a look back at the fortunes made following the World Event: Brewfest last September. I also have another blog post, that shows profits made selling Tankards, from 2020, I used continued to limit any confusion between the two!

If you were fortunate to have read my blog post on the 21st of September 2021, you’d have read up on the World Event: Brewfest and the potential profits from buying and selling Tankards O’ Terror.

With the emergence of patch 9.1, I was extremely cautious on the ilvl 184 Tankards, purely because of the availability of ilvl 200+ gear from the newly released area, Korthia, and the ilvl 200 Korthian Armaments.

Here’s my original blog post.

However, today I’ve reviewed my sales since 20th September 2021, and I’ve made an excellent return on my investments.

The Tankards O’ Interest:

As I will illustrate later in the blog post, the Terrific Tankards O’ Terror outperformed the Tremendous Tankards O’ Terror on sales. The only Tankards that have sold are the ilvl 82 and ilvl 184. I didn’t purchase any other ilvl’s as I didn’t deem there to be any value.

The ilvl 82 Tankards were a good option for level 50 players.

The ilvl 184 Tankards were this year’s reward for level 60 players. At first, I felt these would be difficult to offload, but some were selling at 70k gold per Tankard on some realms. Images of my sales are below.

Terrific Tankard O’ Terror:

To date, I’ve managed to purchase a total of 298 Terrific Tankards O’ Terror for a total of 547k gold (1,836 gold each). Selling 31 Terrific Tankards O’ Terror for 1,58m gold (at 51,1k gold each) in the same period. As you can see, I’ve recouped by outgoings already!

The image below is taken from my TSM Ledger for 20th September to 30th November.

Tankards O' Profit

Tremendous Tankard O’ Terror:

However, there’s a substantial difference between the Tremendous Tankards O’ Terror compared to those above. I purchased 174 Tremendous Tankards O’ Terror for 413k gold (2,377 gold each) and only sold 4 Tremendous Tankards O’ Terror for 242k gold (60,5k gold each).

Again, I’ve added my TSM Ledger for 20th September to 30th November.

Tankards O' Profit


Obviously, it turned out to be another profitable venture within the Tankards market via Brewfest. It’s a shame that the ilvl 184 Tankards were short of the ilvl 200 gear, available from Korthia and the Korthian Armaments. If the Tankards were ilvl 200 or greater, these would’ve been very desirable.

Importantly, Brewfest will likely come round again before the next expansion’s release, I hope the ilvl will be competitive to the current ilvl available for patch 9.2. If they are, then there could be a lot of value come Brewfest 2022!


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World Event: Pilgrim’s Bounty

World Event: Pilgrim's Bounty

Pilgrims Bounty:

With Thanksgiving on the horizon, it’s time for players within World of Warcraft to celebrate and participate in the World Event: Pilgrim’s Bounty. This event will last for one week, starting on the 23rd November, until 30th November.

What Are The Benefits Of This Event?

The main benefit of this event is leveling your Cooking Profession to 280; this is ideal for players with a lot of alts or new players. There’s a Companion Pet you can earn and learn on the gold-making front, called the Frightened Bush Chicken, alternatively known as, the Bush Chicken. More information is below.

Getting Started:

Scattered around your Factions major city, you will find Commoners that will offer you a quest to get started.

Horde: Visit Miles Standish, Ruins of Lorderon, Tirisfal Glades [61.67], to get started.

Alliance: Visit Gregory Tabor, Stormwind Gate, Elwynn Forest [34.51], to get started.


As mentioned above, Cooking is an ideal profession to level during Pilgrim’s Bounty. If you’ve mistreated your cooking profession (like myself), or maybe you have a new character, this event will benefit you. Not only is this method easy to follow, but it’s a lot cheaper too!

You will need to purchase a Bountiful Cookbook from a Pilgrim’s Bounty vendor. This cookbook will help you level your cooking profession to level 280! I’ve added details below of their location. Reminder, if you don’t have the Recipe: Spiced Bread learned already, visit the cooking trainer close by. Horde: Roberta Carter or Alliance: Ellen Moore.

Horde: Within the Ruins of Lorderon, Tirisfal Glades, locate the Pilgrim’s Bounty Vendor, Rose Standish [61.67]. She is situated beside Miles Standish.

Alliance: At the Gates of Stormwind, Elwynn Forest, beside Gregory Tabor, you’ll find the Pilgrim’s Bounty Vendor, Wilmina Holbeck [34.51].

Once you’ve purchased the Bountiful Cookbook, use it, and you will receive five recipes. I’ve also added the required cooking level in brackets. Be warned the recipes linked below, are Horde versions. To view the Alliance version, click here.

Each Faction has its Dailies and City’s to visit, so for ease of use, I’ve separated them. Importantly, the value of materials needed may differ due to RNG. When completing the dailies, consider opting for the Reward: Pilgrim’s Bounty, as this can contain a BoP toy, Sliver-Plated Turkey Shooter, or the Companion Pet, Frightened Bush Chicken.

Horde Players:

Required Cooking Level: 1-100

Complete the Daily: Don’t Forget the Stuffing!

Required Cooking Level: 100-160

Complete the Daily: Easy as Pie

Required Cooking Level: 160-220

Complete the Daily: We’re Out of Cranberry Chutney Again?

Required Cooking Level: 220-280

Complete the Daily: She Says Potato

Required Cooking Level: 280

Complete the Daily: Can’t Get Enough Turkey

Alliance Players:

Required Cooking Level: 1-100

Complete the Daily: Don’t Forget the Stuffing!

Required Cooking Level: 100-160

Complete the Daily: Easy as Pie

Required Cooking Level: 160-220

Complete the Daily: We’re Out of Cranberry Chutney Again?

Required Cooking Level: 220-280

Complete the Daily: She Says Potato

Required Cooking Level: 280

Complete the Daily: Can’t Get Enough Turkey

Frightened Bush Chicken:

As mentioned already, there’s not a great deal gold-making-wise, but one standout opportunity is obtaining the Pilgrim’s Bounty from daily quests. This reward has a chance of a Companion Pet called the Frightened Bush Chicken, and I managed to obtain this pet from my second Pilgrim’s Bounty.

Looting the Frightened Bush Chicken

The Companion Pet unlearned can net you approximately 25-30k on the Auction House. However, if you were to learn it, you could bump that price point up to 40-45k, depending on your realm.

Remember, items obtained during an event will dramatically reduce in value due to the increase in supply. I always advise selling any items obtained from an event later, importantly, when the event has finished. You will notice as the supply slowly goes down, the valuations gradually increase again – supply and demand!

For valuations of this Companion Pet/Battle Pet for your realm, may I remind you of our trusted friends at The Undermine Journal. They have up-to-date pricing information for all realms.


May I also remind you, that the World Event: WoW’s Anniversary Event is ongoing. Check out my blog post here, to see what’s on offer. It’s never been a better time to level those alts.


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WoW’s 17th Anniversary Event

WoW's 17th Anniversary Event

WoW’s 17th Anniversary:

It’s WoW’s 17th Anniversary and for the next 3 weeks, there’s plenty of things to do and obtain. The event finishes on the 6th of December, so be sure to acquire and participate in all the festivities on offer.

I’ve added information below, which I feel will be of interest to my readers. Feel free to drop me a line, if there’s nothing covered below, which you’re unsure of.

Anniversary Gift Package:

Upon logging in, you’ll receive a package within your mailbox called the Anniversary Gift Package. When you open the package, you’ll find the following.

If you’re like me, and you have a lot of alts on your account(s), be sure to log them all in and receive your Anniversary Gift Package. The 200 Timewarped Badges and the Celebration Package alone are worth the effort.

Timewalking Badges:

200 Timewarped Badges might not sound great, but it’s not bad for just logging in during this three-week event. What makes this more appealing is you can obtain this on all your alts, too; this is why I mentioned at the beginning of my post to log them all in.

Although these Timewarped Badges are bind on equip, you can spend your Timewarped Badges on items during a Timewalking event and post Bind on Account items to your alts/main (i.e. Reputation Commendations).

Remember, there are level restrictions in place for specific Timewalking events. Can you please take into account your alts level when trying to access a Timewalking vendor.

Celebration Package:

The recent changes to leveling alts in patch 9.1.5 and the introduction of the Celebration Package means it’s never been a better time to level alts. Upon using the Celebration Package, you will receive a buff that will increase experience and reputation gains by 17%; this will last until the end of the event.

If you accidentally misplace your Celebration Package, you can purchase a replacement from, Historian Ma’di for 15 copper. He also offers other items from previous Anniversary rewards for sale.

Now, if you’re bold, activate War Mode and further increase those experience gains.

A Timely Invitation:

Before you head on out on your journey to the Caverns of Time to hand in the quest: A Timely Invitation, consider opting out of War Mode. When the Anniversary event is active, many players will farm honorable kills around the quest giver, Chromie.

Although the area is heavily patrolled by the Warden’s of Time, well geared and organized players can/will hinder you and survive the impending onslaught from the Wardens.

Korrak’s Revenge:

Ah, the return of Korrak’s Revenge, Alterac Valley. I haven’t participated in this unique Battleground yet, this year. But if it’s anything like the previous anniversary events, this should be fun. I remember a Korrak’s Revenge quest; once you completed it, you got a weapon based on your level and item level. Sadly, this is no longer available!

However, when you visit Chromie to hand in the quest: A Timely Invitation, be sure to pick up the quest she offers called: Soldier of Time. Upon completion, you will receive 5 Mark of Honor,  and 200 Timewarped Badges.

I’m unsure at this point whether leveling within this Battleground will be sufficient. I also remember last year when Blizzard nerfed experience gains. However, it’s still fun, and once you complete the objective: Alterac Valley of Olde, you’ll receive another 200 Timewarped Badges!

Be prepared; these battles can last a long time!

Classic World Bosses:

Throughout Azeroth, you will encounter some of the classic world bosses, the Dragons of Nightmare, Azuregos, and Lord Kazzak. If you’re level 30 and above, join a party and defeat them. There are some excellent rewards on offer, don’t forget the weekly quest The Originals from Historian Llore. This is a weekly quest and will also highlight the Dragon of Nightmare available for that day.

Introduced this year is the world boss: Doomwalker at the entrance of the Caverns of Time, in Tanaris. Pick up the quest: Doomwalkin’ Has Come Knockin’ from Chromie. You will receive 150 Timewarped Badges for defeating Doomwalker.

Where To Find The World Bosses?

The Dragons of Nightmare:

Only one of these Dragons will be available for that given day, and they rotate on a scheduled basis.

Lord Kazzak:

Rotation of The Dragons of Nightmare:

Addy, a contributor on Wowhead, has updated his comment, with this year’s (2021) Dragons of Nightmare rotation. For details, click the link here to view his content.

Please do leave a comment and like, to show your appreciation for his/her work.

Improving Your Chance Of Loot:

If you’re like me, you’ll know how frustrating RNG can be within World of Warcraft when obtaining loot. Thankfully, when you kill a classic world boss, we have the opportunity to get a bonus roll via the Seal of Wartorn Fate.

The Seal of Wartorn Fate was a coin you could purchase during the Battle for Azeroth expansion. Funnily enough, we can still buy these! There is a purchase limit of 2 coins per week, with a total cap of 5.

What Bosses Can I Bonus Roll On?

Only, Doomwalker, Azuregos, and Lord Kazzak appear to let you use a coin for a bonus roll. I’ve not had the bonus roll option when defeating one of the Dragons of Nightmare.

Purchase Information:

With a limit of 2 coins per week, I’d suggest purchasing the first coin for 250 War Resources and the second coin for 2000 gold; this will ultimately save you gold due to the second coin doubling in price. However, if you don’t have the War Resources, then purchase the two coins with gold; this will set you back 7000 gold in total.

You do have the option of using Mark of Honor, but these could be spent elsewhere, but ultimately, that’s your decision.

Horde Players:

Visit the Master of Fate, Zurvan, within The Maelstrom Mercantile of Dazar’alor. Coordinates [54.87].

Alliance Players:

You can find the Master of Fate, Tezran, within Snug Harbor Inn of Boralus. Coordinates [71.13].

A Time To Reflect:

There is also a daily quest on offer, from Historian Llore, called A Time to Reflect. Answer an easy question regarding the lore of World of Warcraft, and in return, you’ll receive 5 Timewarped Badges.


There’s not a great deal that can be made gold-making-wise during the event. But as mentioned above, if you can obtain as many Timewarped Badges as you can, when other Timewalking events are available, you can purchase Bind on Account Reputation Commendations.

Many recipes are locked behind reputation requirements, such as the panthers from the Order of the Cloud Serpent. This method is more straightforward with Order of the Cloud Serpent Commendations during the Mists of Pandaria Timewalking Event.


If you’re new to World of Warcraft or struggling to get that character to level 60, now is the time to get started. With Blizzard introducing their overpriced level 60 boost within the shop, trying to entice players to skip leveling, this anniversary event is an excellent alternative!

With classic world bosses and a weekly quest on offer, there’s plenty of opportunities to gear your main or your alts. Level 60’s can earn ilvl 226 items, whereas players level 30 and above will obtain gear appropriate to their level; thanks to the scaling system.

If you would like further clarification on what is on offer over the next three weeks, please do head on over to our trusted friends at Wowhead for their guide on WoW’s 17th Anniversary Event.


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Shadowlands: Soul Dust Shuffle

Shadowlands: Soul Dust Shuffle

The Soul Dust Shuffle!

I don’t do many Shadowlands professions due to the need to babysit the Auction House. However, this shuffle is excellent for those like myself who don’t have time to babysit the Auction House for canceling and reposting undercut auctions.

The sheer demand for Soul Dust means it will sell.

How It Works:

If you have Enchanting at level 70 or above, you can participate in the Soul Dust shuffle. To take advantage of this shuffle, open your profession: Enchanting, and under the category Shatters, look for Eternal Crystal. To profit from this method, we’ll shatter Eternal Crystal’s into Sacred Shards, then shatter the Sacred Shards into Soul Dust.

Why Is This Shuffle Profitable?

If we invested 36g purchasing an Eternal Crystal, and you shattered it, you will obtain 3 Sacred Shards. The value of these shards would then be 12g each (36g/3=12g). Sadly, these wouldn’t be that profitable on my realm. However, if we were to shatter the 3 Sacred Shards too, we’d collect 9 Soul Dust, which would result in our Soul Dust valuing at 4g each (36g/9=4g).

The Soul Dust on my realm is worth 9g 33s. In the last 30 days, I’ve sold 46,769 Soul Dust at 9g 37s for a total of 438k. My original investment of 187k to purchase 5,196 Eternal Crystals means I’ve made a profit of approximately 251k.

Before You Get Started

Check The Undermine Journal for Eternal Crystal, Sacred Shard, and Soul Dust prices on your realm. As this is specific to your realm, I’d recommend ignoring median prices.

Gettings Started:

You can either disenchant items to obtain Eternal Crystals or visit your Auction House and purchase them. If you can sell Soul Dust for 9g each, don’t purchase Eternal Crystals above 54g; otherwise, you’ll start losing gold after the Auction House cut.

Remember, you get 9 Soul Dust per one shattered Eternal Crystal. If you multiply the value of Soul Dust (on your realm) by 9, this is the maximum value of an Eternal Crystal via Soul Dust.

Once you have your Eternal Crystals within your inventory, start shattering them into Sacred Shards. We will obtain 3 Sacred Shards for every Eternal Crystal shattered.

If there’s more value in Soul Dust than Sacred Shards, you will need to shatter the 3 Sacred Shards resulting in 9 Soul Dust.

Now What?

You can either post the Soul Dust on to the Auction House or, if you want to extend the profit margins further, craft profitable Enchants that rely on Soul Dust. Here’s a selection of Enchants I’ve found profitable.

Cloak Enchants:
Glove Enchant:

The Best Time To Post Your Auctions:

Currently, with patch 9.1.5 in full swing and many alts playing, it’s never been a better time to get Enchants/Enchanting materials on the Auction House. Players are still raiding, so prioritize your posting for reset days.


Any feedback is greatly received; please use the comment section below. If you need to contact me, use the contact me method. If you found this post helpful and believe it could be of use to someone else, please consider liking and sharing.

Shadowlands Patch 9.2 – Eternity’s End

Shadowlands - Eternity's End

Shadowlands Patch 9.2 – Eternity’s End

This evening, we got our first look at patch 9.2 with the developer preview: Shadowlands Patch 9.2 – Eternity’s End. We’re traveling to a new zone: Zereth Mortis, and it looks great!

Also teased is, Sepulcher of the First Ones – the new raid, the long-awaited return of Tier Sets, and updates to professions, which is excellent news for gold makers! Blizzard blue post below with further details.

Blizzard Blue Post RE: Patch 9.2 Eternity's End

Developer Preview – Eternity’s End

I’ve added the video via World of Warcraft’s Youtube channel. Be sure to offer any feedback on their channel.

Remember to take advantage of the new World of Warcraft Community Council, where you can offer feedback and potential improvements to the game’s development team.

Datamining via Wowhead:

For more developments on patch 9.2, keep your eyes peeled over at Wowhead, where they’ll datamine the new content from the PTR. Be prepared for plenty of spoilers!

New: Character Boost to Level 60!

Also announced today (under the radar), is the ability to purchase a character boost, to boost a character to level 60 (was level 50). This removes the need to level within Shadowlands!

If you’ve held off to purchase this character service (waiting for this change), now is the best time to do it, and get a quick foothold in Shadowlands! Remember to take advantage of Wowhead’s guide on progressing quickly with an alt in Shadowlands 9.1.5!

Level 60 Boost

What did you think the developer preview? Are you Excited about Shadowlands – Eternity’s End? What are you looking forward to the most?

Solo Queue for Island Expeditions is here!

Solo Queue Island Expeditions in patch 9.1.5

Patch 9.1.5

The long-awaited patch 9.1.5 is finally live and brings a wealth of improvements to World of Warcraft – Shadowlands. Notable changes; Legion Timewalking, improved scaling for soloing Legion content, quality of life improvements for alts in Shadowlands, and much more.

The full patch 9.1.5 notes are here

But, above all, the long-awaited introduction of the solo queue (Private Tour) for Island Expeditions is here!

Island Expeditions:

Since the Battle for Azeroth expansion ended, players have found it challenging to queue for Island Expeditions due to the minimum requirements. You needed three players to play this content, and due to the emergence of Shadowlands, no one was queuing due to the new content available. 

However, developers had promised a solo queue (as early as Shadowlands 9.1) but found issues developing the changes. Thankfully, as of 9.1.5, these changes are in full effect.

Remember, there is a three-map cycle that changes every week. Each map has specific mobs, which in turn drop particular loot.

Why Do Players Want Island Expeditions?

Some players may not have played during Battle for Azeroth, or maybe didn’t have any interest at that time for Island Expeditions, and now they do and have realized how good they are. 

There are a lot of items that players will be interested in – notably, MountsCompanion Pets, and predominantly Transmog. Sadly, the Transmog available still relies heavily on the cycle of three maps available for that week.

Remember, if you collect Seafarer Dubloons, you can also purchase Salvage Crates; again, these crates will rely heavily on the three maps available for that given week, so spend those dubloons wisely!

Check out Wowhead’s excellent guide here for updates on Island Expedition rewards.

How To Solo Queue For An Expedition?

For Horde players, travel to the city of Dazar’alor within Zuldazar, and speak to Captain Rez’okun at the coordinates [44.95].

Alternatively, if you’re an Alliance player, travel to the city of Boralus within Tiragarde Sound and speak to Flynn Fairwind at the coordinates [66.33].

Select the appropriate Private Tour (solo queue) for your ability.

The Effect on GoldMakers Selling Transmog:

The new addition will undoubtedly harm the Island Expedition Transmog market. Due to the limitations to the queue, the gear was harder to obtain; supply was low, meaning players that stockpiled the Transmog could demand higher valuations for specific items. I outlined this in a previous blog post here.

Transmog will be easier to obtain with players able to solo queue, thus driving down the valuation and increasing the supply. As the quantities increase, as will the valuations continue to decrease.

The power of ‘supply and demand‘ the greater the demand that outweighs the supply, the higher the fee you can demand. When the supply outweighs the demand, the lack of value you’ll get for your piece(s).

Monitoring and Adapting to the Market:

Over the next few weeks, it’s essential to monitor and adapt as the market adjusts to the influx of Transmog. Using The Undermine Journal, we can use the data they offer and get a headstart on our competitors.

Below, I’ve chosen my trusted piece, the Stinkrot Smasher. The item has earned me a lot of gold, and you can see why. There are three pieces on my realm and a total of 122 currently within the E.U region. This piece demands between 100k to 250k each, as shown in previous sales reports.

Stinkrot Smasher

However, these quantities will start increasing, so adjust your prices promptly, to stay ahead. If you don’t adapt quickly, you will be left behind with many items to sell, and it will only worsen – well, until the value has gone and the players farming find alternative markets.

Importantly, keep your eyes peeled on your realm’s pricing/quantity heat maps and the current regional Price graph. These graphs will show immediate changes that will assist you going forward!

Transmog – Items of Interest:

Here’s a reminder of some of the pieces that currently demand a lot of gold on the Auction House. This list will change, as mentioned above!

  • Dragonriders Harness
  • Duskhaven Jacket
  • Duskhaven Top Hat
  • Firekin Amice
  • Firekin Robes
  • Helm of the Tranquil Paths
  • Leggings of the Tranquil Paths
  • Plundered Barbed-Edge Dagger
  • Plundered Biting Shot Longbow
  • Plundered Blade of the Northern Kings
  • Plundered Flamecaster Stave
  • Razorfin Breastplate
  • Razorfin Helm
  • Razorfin Shoulderguards
  • Stinkrot Smasher
  • Vest of the Tranquil Paths
  • Wild Marauder Chainmail
  • Wild Marauder Helm
  • Wild Marauder Pauldrons


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Unobtainable Classic Recipes Are Back!

Cataclysm Timewalking Dungeon Event

Cataclysm Timewalking Dungeon Event:

Available for this week only is the Cataclysm Timewalking Dungeon Event. This event is an excellent opportunity for many of you to obtain some Timewarped badges for Reputation Tokens, Gear, Toys, and recipes reintroduced back into the game.

Alternatively, for a comprehensive guide on the Cataclysm Timewalking Event, check out our trusted friends at Wowhead.

Unobtainable Classic Recipes Are Back:

As mentioned in a previous blog post of mine here, Blizzard has reintroduced nine classic recipes that were unobtainable due to the expansion, Cataclysm. These recipes were unobtainable, due to the removal of specific mobs, quests in Cataclysm. Thanks to Timewalking, we can now purchase these and will cost you 1500 Timewarped Badges each.

Find the vendor Kiatke within Stormwind [76.17] or Orgrimmar [52.41] to purchase them.

Vendor - Kiatke

The Recipes:


You’ll notice the only recipe to be concerned about, is the Tailoring recipe, Pattern: Robe of Winter Night. This recipe is a Bind on Pickup, so cannot be placed on the Auction House. The others can. Please take extra caution when purchasing these recipes.


You must meet the level requirement of level 35 or above to view the items available from Kiatke. You cannot bypass this requirement, by participating in Chromie Time and opting to level within Cataclysm.

In order for you to participate in Cataclysm Timewalking Dungeons, you will also need to meet the level 50 or above requirement!


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World Event – Brewfest

World Event - Brewfest


On Monday 20th September (yesterday) saw the long-awaited return of the world event, Brewfest. Participating in the activities available to us during this event gives us many opportunities to make a substantial amount of gold.

Items of interest include the Terrific Tankard O’ Terror, Tremendous Tankard O’ Terror, and the companion pets, Pint-Sized Pink Pachyderm, and the Stout Alemental. It’s also worth noting the companion pet, Wolpertinger. This pet is Bind on Pickup, you will need to learn and cage this pet to sell this on the Auction House.

Here’s a reminder of my blog post, Tankards O’ Profit, from last year outlining some of the sales I made by flipping ilvl 82 Tankards.

Wowhead doesn’t have the correct IDs for the ilvl 184 version of the Tankards, so I’ve added links to the ilvl 44 version.  If you’d like to search the Auction House for this specific ilvl, here’s a helpful string;

Tankard O’ terror/i184/i184


The last time Brewfest came to town was towards the end of the expansion, Battle for Azeroth. The Tankards that you could earn throughout that event were better than the crafted Uncanny weapons, meaning that these Tankards were a viable option for newly leveled characters at level 120 (before the level squish). Since the release of Shadowlands, these Tankards have scaled down to level 50, with an ilvl of 82. Funnily enough, these still periodically sell between 35-50k each – I even sold one 4 weeks ago!

ilvl 82 (level 50) Tankard O' Terror Sale

This time around, the Tankards are ilvl 184 (equivalent to Mythic 0 loot) for players at level 60. Sadly, these Tankards are much lower than the weapons you can obtain via world quests, the mission table (depending on your renown level), and Korthian Armaments (depending on RNG).

However, don’t give up hope. Some players are eager to bump up that ilvl as quickly as possible, so there could still be a market for level 60 Tankards; It’s too soon to say either way. This blog post serves as a reminder of the potential gold you could make if there’s still a viable market for these Tankards.

Tankard Sales (Update):

To view my recent blog, on the sales update for Tankards purchased from the World Event: Brewfest (2021) click here.

Companion Pets:

We have three companion pets available to us, the Pint-Sized Pink Pachyderm (100 Tokens), Stout Alemental (200 Tokens), and the Wolpertinger (200 Tokens).

The aim here is to obtain 500 tokens and either sell the two companion pets on your current realm or learn them, then cage them on your alternative realm to sell. I’ve added some prices to give you an idea of the average region market value for both the U.S and E.U regions.

Region Median prices obtained from TheUndermineJournal

(C) = Companion Pet
(BP) = Battle Pet (caged version)
[#] = Level of the Battle Pet

Pint-Sized Pink Pachyderm (C)
  • U.S 15,000g
  • E.U 6,928g
Pint-Sized Pink Pachyderm (BP)
  • U.S [01] 3,070g | [25] 7,382g
  • E.U [01] 3,340g | [25] 5,504g
Stout Alemental (C)
  • U.S 14,470g
  • E.U 12,564g
Stout Alemental (BP)
  • U.S [01] 9,998g | [25] 14,243g
  • E.U [01] 6,095g | [25] 9,319g
Wolpertinger (BP)
  • U.S [01] 81g | [25] 6,989g
  • E.U [01] 1,844g | [25] 8,999g

Disclaimer: These prices serve as a guide and will change a lot over the next couple of weeks while Brewfest is available; check the prices for your realm for a precise valuation.

Brewfest Guide:

For a comprehensive guide to all that’s available during the world event – Brewfest, may I lead you in the direction of Wowhead. This guide has been updated for 9.1 Shadowlands.


It’s a real shame Blizzard didn’t increase the ilvl of the Tankards, maybe ilvl 200, to coincide with current Korthian Armaments. The fact these Tankards are equivalent to Mythic 0 (ilvl 184) means there’s potentially a low demand for these items. However, Brewfest has only been available for a day, so we’ll need more time to fully evaluate the market.

I’ve managed to purchase a couple of the ilvl 184 Tankards between 300-2500g each to test the waters. I can easily afford to lose this gold, so it’s well worth the risk for me. Remember, only invest the gold; you’re willing to lose!

There could be potential value with lower ilvl Tankards, too, because loot scaling to your level (i.e. ilvl 82 for level 50 players) these items could be of value to players that have purchased a level boost, starting at level 50.

While companion pets/battle pets are a viable option, be warned that the battle pet market is very niche, and sales can take a while.

Before I go:

I just wanted to touch on why I’ve been relatively quiet here; I’ve been playing a lot on my main, trying to obtain as many resources in preparation for patch 9.1.5. With the ability to send resources to our alts, this finally makes it viable for me to play my alts and quickly boost their renown when the patch releases.

I’ve hardly posted auctions either, just concentrated on selling Shadowlands Enchants, Leatherworking, and Cooking on my main. I still have a week till I have to empty and repost my mail on my Auction House characters before they expire. So will possibly add a fortnightly review in a week or two.


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