Darkmoon Faire Profession Dailies Exploit

I finally got to access the Darkmoon Faire late tonight, after a lot of internet issues over the past couple of days and to my surprise, there’s been a further addition to the changes to level requirements. This time to Profession dailies.

Minimum Levels Required:

Character level 1*
Profession Skill level 1
*Actual character level needed: Level 5 (Profession Trainer requirement)

What’s Changed?

As you’ll remember, the Darkmoon Faire profession dailies, required that you had a minimum skill level of 75, before you could access the Profession daily. Now the changes mean, that all you need is the Profession at level 1 to get started. This is great for level 5 characters and above.

Example: Below of the Tailoring Daily on my fresh level 10 Highmountain Tauren. With Tailoring skill at 1/300 and being offered the daily quest.

What Does this Mean?

Well, as I’ve just checked, you could learn 2 professions, (for example Mining and Herbalism) go to the Darkmoon Faire, complete the two profession dailies. Now head back to a city of your faction, simply unlearn them and learn two new professions. head back to the Darkmoon Faire and complete the dailies for those and rinse and repeat until you’ve completed them all!

Due to the actual level restriction of level 5 to learn a profession from your Profession trainer, this would work best with an Allied Race character, as they start at level 10.

Is this an exploit?

I’d imagine that this would be regarded as an exploit, as I don’t believe the developers wanted players swapping professions in and out, to complete every profession daily. So if you consider doing this, or have already done it, be prepared for a hotfix and if they deem it an exploit, they could possibly hand-out punishments too. I’d recommend not doing this!


Be aware, that players doing this already will have earn’t a lot of extra Darkmoon Prize Tickets, which will have a negative affect on the quantity of Replica Transmog and Companion Pets on your realms Auction House. I’ve only been in-game for approximately 45 minutes, so it’s too soon to say.

What do you think? should Blizzard hotfix this? is it an exploit? add your comments below.

Thanks for reading!

World Event Updates and Shadowlands Release Date

Apologies for the late post tonight; internet issues delayed this post from getting published. Hopefully, things will pick up from hereon. It’s been an exciting week thus far. We finally got confirmation of the new release date for Shadowlands (23rd/24th November). The cherry on the cake, we finally got the official date for the pre-launch Scourge invasion for 10th November. I have many alts that need that catch-up gear, so this is music to my ears.

Hallow’s End:

If you’ve been collecting all the Tricky Treats during the Hallow’s End World Event, be aware that the end is nigh! If you’re reading this and haven’t taken part yet, there’s still time. The Hallow’s End event finishes Sunday, 1st November. Be sure to spend any Tricky Treats that you’ve earnt up to this point; any treats left within your bag will be consumed and forever lost once the deadline hits.

To make flying to all the Candy Buckets effortless, check out the addon, HandyNotes_Hallow’s End this highlights where all the Candy Buckets are on the map. An added bonus is TomCat’s Tours: Hallow’s End. This addon, will automatically open the Handful of Treats when looted, this will save you a lot of time overall.

Check out my recent post regarding Hallow’s End if you want to take part. There are some expensive Companion Pets of interest if you can collect 150 Tricky Treats before Sunday! Naxxy and the Widget the Departed are my favoured Companion Pets to buy to sell on the Auction House.

Darkmoon Faire:

Sunday will also see the return of the Darkmoon Faire. I hope you’ve either been saving up your Darkmoon Artifacts or purchasing them from the Auction House in prior to its reopening. Prices will spike once it’s opened! With the pre-patch finally here, I’m intrigued to see how the Replica Transmog market will reflect with the recent changes.

It will be the first Darkmoon Faire since the pre-patch released, so it will be interesting to see how players adjust to the new level requirements. If you weren’t already aware, there has been considerable changes to many of the items’ level requirements, which has forced me to rewrite my Darkmoon Faire Guide. The main Darkmoon Faire page now has helpful links to separate topics/pages of interest, helping to keep the main page short and concise. This page is a work in progress, so it will develop further over the coming weeks.

For more info on the Darkmoon Faire, check out my guide.

Tankard’s O’ Profit (Brewfest):

Here’s another update on the Tankards O’ Profit that I purchased from the World Event: Brewfest. Due to the delay to the pre-patch, the tankards had a lot of value, due to their 82 item level being greater than the Uncanny weapons, so this mean’t the Tankards were a viable option for fresh level 50’s.

Sadly, this will only last until the release of the Scourge invasion as the incoming catch-up gear of item level 100 will be far better. It was great whilst it lasted.

TSM Ledger sales data between: Sept 20th to Oct 30th for all realms!

ItemAvg PaidAvg SoldTotal
Tremendous Tankard O’ Terror3,811g36,797g956,744g
Terrific Tankard O’ Terror2,737g31,072g807,880g

Did any of you participate in any of the World Events mentioned above? how did you get on? Share your experiences below in the comment section.

Thanks for reading!

World Event: Hallow’s End

Today 18th October, sees the start of the World Event: Hallow’s End, an event where fun and mischief reign as the Innkeepers of Azeroth give treats, and tricks, to whomever ask. Hallow’s End in my eyes, is another cracking event with a lot of gold-making potential, some of which may be well known to most; but not to all, so I’ll add this nonetheless.

Our aim during the event, is to collect a currency called Tricky Treat, which can be collected via a number of methods. I recommend this complete and comprehensive guide, Wowheads: Hallow’s End guide!

When you’ve collected 150 Tricky Treats, you need to check out the vendors appropriate of your faction. These have been added below.

Horde – Undercity:
Woim (Companion Pets)

Alliance – Stormwind City:
Pippi (Companion Pets)

Here’s a list of Companion Pets to purchase from the vendors mentioned above. These will become very profitable, once the event has finished. As ever, purchase these from the Auction House during the event, if they’re cheap enough – to resell at a later date! I’ve added Region Market Average (RMA) prices from The Undermine Journal. These prices are averages and will inflate and deflate during the World Event, find the (RMA) which reflects your Region.

Companion PetTricky TreatsU.S (RMA)E.U (RMA)
Feline Familiar150 Tricky Treats49,154g39,999g
Cursed Birman150 Tricky Treats44.795g40,000g
Widget the Departed150 Tricky Treats70,000g62.017g
Naxxy150 Tricky Treats55,000g65,000g

Do not purchase the Sinister Squashling. This costs the same amount of Tricky Treats as the rest and can be looted from: Loot-Filled Pumpkins (Level 35) and Loot-Filled Pumpkins (level 40) and from Handful of Treats, these do not hold a lot of value, due to the vast amount available.

Be sure to install the addon, Handynotes- Candy Buckets. This addon will show all the locations on your map, that have an Inn with a Candy Bucket. I’d also include TomCat’s Tours: Hallow’s End. This addon, will automatically open the Handful of Treats when looted, this will save you a lot of time overall. Due to the Shadowlands pre-patch and the squish to levelling and experience gains, it’s difficult to assess at this early stage, how lucrative these are for levelling. I suppose it doesn’t harm to complete whilst you’re on your travels.

Don’t forget to queue for the dungeon, to fight the Headless Horseman to get that opportunity to loot The Headless Horseman. If you’re unlucky to get the mount, you could get second-prize with the Magic Broom, and feel like a Druid.

As a final reminder, to get a comprehensive guide to what to do during the Hallow’s End World Event, check out the guide from Wowhead.

I will update this post if there’s any new additions to the vendors, loot tables for the event that have gold-making potential.

Thanks for reading!

Be sure to share this with friends if you found this post informative. If you’re getting involved, or maybe you’ve sold these Companions Pets in the past, be sure to share your experiences in the comment section below.

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Tidespray Linen Bracer Nerf

Well, it appears there’s been another nerf and sorry to be the barer of more bad news. On this occasion, it involves our Tailor’s and the Bracer Shuffle. I had the difficult task to craft almost five thousand Tidespray Linen Bracers yesterday, in a bid to scrap them to increase my inventory of Expulsom. Sadly, the Bracer Shuffle which was kindly created and shared to the gold-making community by Samadan will now drastically need updating. Not heard of the Bracer Shuffle before, then check out Samadan’s video and spreadsheet.

Previously to the Shadowlands pre-patch, when you crafted Tidespray Linen Bracers, you had the chance to craft the Rare version, which you’d send to your Enchanter to disenchant. With the Iwen’s Enchanting Rod, it would boost the number of materials gained when disenchanting. This would ultimately offset a lot of the cost of scrapping Bracers for Expulsom and make it a lot more profitable to craft Enchants and Uncanny gear. However, after my efforts yesterday, I found I got no Rare Bracer crafts whatsoever. What I also noticed, when scrapping the Uncommon Bracers, there was an increase in other materials, most notably Deep Sea Satin and Embroidered Deep Sea Satin. I’ve added below the average returns per Bracer scrapped.

Nylon Thread1-2
Tidespray Linen1-2
Deep Sea Satin1-2
Embroidered Deep Sea Satin1-2

Now the knock-on effect of no Rare bracers to disenchant, will come at the price of Umbra Shards. At the moment, the quantities have already started to drop on many E.U Realms and the price of the Shards, drastically raising as players become aware of the demand outweighing the supply. Now it doesn’t just end there, with the increase to the prices of the enchanting materials will also mean there will be a drastic rise of Battle for Azeroth Enchants. So my warning to you today is, either start stocking up on the Umbral Shards for crafting or flipping, or find alternative means to generate the shards from alternative disenchants. It’s importantly to remind you to adjust the prices of your Enchants to reflect the new changes.

As it’s pre-patch and there’s hotfixes left, right and centre and undoubtedly changes on BETA, and the PTR to come, always remember this could change at any time! Don’t stock up on too much, only risk what you can afford to risk. I’m sure like myself, that the nerf to the Relics is still at the forefront of our minds and how quick developers can change things in an instance. It’s always important to adapt as the market changes. Adapting as quick as possible, separates us from our competition and that’s where we want to be if we want to be a successful gold-maker.

Have players on your realm already noticed the new changes and the shard prices starting to inflate? Having a lot of success, profiting from the bracer changes? share your experiences below in the comment section.

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Magicuz Giving Away 10x Longboi’s on Sunday 11th Oct 2020

Today, 11th October Magicuz is giving away 10 LongBoi’s (Reins of the Mighty Caravan Brutosaur) during his 10 hour charity stream (1 LongBoi per hour). If you want to participate and are on the E.U region, and maybe you’ve been striving to get your Longboi before the vendor goes in Shadowlands pre-patch, then this stream/giveaway is for you. He is also giving away random prizes to those that are in the area of Cathedral Square, that are quick enough to trade him, when he declares in stream!

If you want to participate, check out Magicuz’s Twitch stream here.

You will also need to create a character on his realm, details below.

  • Region: E.U
  • Realm: Kazzak
  • Faction: Alliance
  • Location: Cathedral Square, Stormwind City
  • His Character – Tyloveyou

I’ve heard of Magicuz for a number of years, mainly via his Youtube channel. He has well over 1 billion gold and deals in a lot of TCG Mounts, TCG Battle Pets and many other high value items. I believe he plays on every realm too; each realm with a large valued inventory. Here’s an image of Magicuz’s mailbox during this mornings giveaway – insane, imagine this as your daily mailbox!

Please remember, this is a charity stream too. Magicuz has chosen the charity: Project Hope. If you’re in a financial position to donate, please donate. If not, always share the stream in hope someone else can help.

Project Hope:
We help health systems and local partners to improve maternal, neonatal and child health; fight infectious and noncommunicable diseases; and respond to disasters and health crises.

Magicuz also has other social media platforms which I’ve added below. Check them out as he does many high value giveaways which will be of interest to many of you I’m sure. Good luck to all participating today!

Youtube Discord Facebook Twitter

Disclaimer: This giveaway is not sponsored, endorsed or administered by myself, if you experience any issues, please contact Magicuz immediately. This post has been created to help promote this giveaway for players to participate in. All information within this post, is correct as of 13:00 11/10/2020.

Relic of the Past Nerfed!

With six days till the release of the Shadowlands pre-patch on E.U (14th Oct), Blizzard has finally acted on the vast amounts of profit that was achievable on the PTR using the Relic Shuffle. To understand the Relic of the Past in greater detail, here’s my original post. Blizzard has added three vendor items, which will be necessary to craft a Relic. With the new additions, it has increased the crafting cost to craft Relics, meaning it’s now less profitable to shuffle these Relics to a vendor.

The Nerf:

Each profession has their own Relic crafted with different materials, this is also true with respect to the new vendor items, as outlined below:

With respect to the vendor items in Battle for Azeroth (BFA), these were only accessible from BFA vendors. The vendor items mentioned above may only be available from Shadowlands vendors. Wowhead hasn’t confirmed this, but if this is the case, you won’t be able to craft Relics when the pre-patch hits, instead you’ll need to wait until Shadowlands releases with all the new zones, etc.

When you craft a Relic of the Past I, it will also require one vendor item associated with that profession (e.g. Blacksmithing Relic will require Luminous Flux); the amount of vendor items required per Relic increases substantially depending on the Relic you wish to craft. I’ve outlined below a complete rundown of the number of vendor items needed to craft each Relic.

Relic of the Past I – 1 Vendor Item
Relic of the Past II – 2 Vendor Items
Relic of the Past III – 3 Vendor Items
Relic of the Past IV – 15 Vendor Items
Relic of the Past V – 25 Vendor Items

As you can see, to craft the Relics IV and V you need 15 and 25 vendor items, this means that there is no longer large amounts of profit, when crafting items to sell to the vendor. The nerf was a well-needed addition to the PTR, without it, there would’ve been people practically printing money! The knock-on effect would’ve vastly inflated the economy, and there would’ve been a reaction to the WoWToken prices too.

Don’t be disheartened, this Relic system should still be a great addition to the game and those that look to level will be looking for Relics, as they increase in level and look to upgrade their gear. The next couple of weeks will show how crafted items scale when Relics upgrade their pieces and some may turn out to be best in slot. So don’t be put off just yet, as there could be further markets in the future, only time will tell.

EDIT: Added on 14.10.2020
The Devs have also added a nerf to Relic V. They have reduced it’s level requirement and ilvl. The updated information is outlined below. I can only imagine this nerf, is to prolong the current BFA gear for level 50 characters.

Relic V
Required level: 47
ilvl: 54

Players Adapting, Have You?

What is also evident this morning is the rush to quickly offload materials to the Auction House that players have purchased/stockpiled to take advantage of the shuffle upon the pre-patch launch. There will be a lot of players this morning dumping these materials, hoping for others unaware of these changes incoming and buying up these materials. A tweet I saw immediately after logging in this morning on Twitter from @Hikons, shows the dramatic rush of players dumping their Runecloth on to the Auction House.

Be sure to drop a follow to Hikons if you haven’t done so already! Excellent gold-maker that plays on U.S. servers. He also streams on Twitch and uploads content to Youtube! Added links so you can check him out!

My Opinion:

I believe this to be a quick fix or desperate move from Blizzard to prevent the inevitable, they should’ve acted sooner and implemented a better system, that is after all, why we have Alpha/Beta for testing purposes. Instead, they’ve left it 6 days before release of the pre-patch to act, and here’s hoping it doesn’t have a detrimental effect on what could’ve been good.

Personally, I didn’t invest in this market at all. I wasn’t going to participate in the Relic Shuffle, as I’m aware of previous issues in the past, where Blizzard had handed out unfair bans/suspensions when it deemed something to be an exploit, especially when developers created the issues themselves. This is why so many Goldmakers were trying to get Blizzard to act quickly on this issue. I’m not stating this is or was an exploit, just merely playing it safe due to previous issues within the Gold-making community.

The best way I can translate this change to be a necessary one, is in the long run, if this method of Relic shuffling went live, the need for players to buy WoWTokens to get gold in-game would be non-existent. There would be an extremely easy way to earn guaranteed gold in-game (practically AFK) this would mean those that purchase WoWTokens, wouldn’t need to any longer and this would increase the prices of WoWTokens until they disappeared.

Please remember, these changes are from the PTR and look very likely to come in pre-patch, but future changes can and will happen. Please adapt accordingly. Only invest with gold you can afford to lose.

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Darkmoon Faire Incoming 04.10.2020

On the 4th October at 12:01 am (tonight) brings the return of the Darkmoon Faire. The Faire is a very profitable event which turns up on the first Sunday of each month. What makes this more worthwhile is that it’s the last one before the release of the Shadowlands pre-patch (13th October) and the incoming level and item level squish.

I won’t go into great detail of the ins and outs of the Darkmoon Faire today; however, if you do want that information, I’ll redirect you to this post which delves into it in more detail.

Today, my post is concerning the elixir that’s discontinued in the Shadowlands pre-patch called Elixir of the Rapid Mind. You may be fortunate to have some left in your inventory and given the 15-minute usage; you may be apprehensive at how best to use it. If this is you, please consider using the elixir before handing in all your Darkmoon Faire quest items and dailies. Upon using this elixir, it will grant you: Increased experience gain by 300% for 15 minutes.

I must remind you that there’s a maximum level restriction of level 99this will not work for players above level 99! Also, be sure to have heirlooms equipped and any other experience buffs (e.g. Carousel buff – whee!) active.

Darkmoon Faire quest items:

Monstrous Egg (10  Darkmoon Prize Ticket)
Fallen Adventurer’s Journal (5  Darkmoon Prize Ticket)
Banner of the Fallen (5  Darkmoon Prize Ticket)
Captured Insignia (5  Darkmoon Prize Ticket)
Imbued Crystal (10  Darkmoon Prize Ticket)
Mysterious Grimoire (10  Darkmoon Prize Ticket)
Ornate Weapon (10  Darkmoon Prize Ticket)
Soothsayer’s Runes (15  Darkmoon Prize Ticket)
A Treatise on Strategy (10  Darkmoon Prize Ticket)

TSM Import String:

I know using the elixirs whilst completing objectives (e.g. within Draenor) return incredible amounts of experience. My example today is just a more straightforward method that will produce a fair amount of experience, without the added fuss of trying to complete as many objectives as possible within the 15 minutes.

If you don’t have any elixirs in your inventory and want to power level your characters, you may be fortunate to find some on the Auction House. I think if you can find them up to 10k, then it’s well worth the return. I’ve been fortunate to see a lot around the 6k mark. If you have some alts that you want to level quickly, then it’s worth considering this method.

If this method is of no interest to you, and you have elixirs at your disposal, consider placing them on the Auction House for the benefit of other players to use. You have until the pre-patch releases to use them or sell them, before they’re discontinued and turn in to a grey painful looking item. As of the date of this post, you have 10 days till pre-patch releases!

If there’s anything further, that I may have missed out, please drop a comment below.

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Shadowlands Delayed!

Shadowlands Delayed!

After a lot of pleading from the World of Warcraft community, Blizzard and Activision has taken the tough, but correct decision to delay the release of Shadowlands. They agree that they need more time to sort a lot of the issues, issues that a lot of players participating within BETA have brought to their attention. Not only did they confirm the delay of Shadowlands, but they also confirmed the release date of the pre-patch13th October 2020. You now have ten days (as of today) to get the Reins of the Mighty Caravan Brutosaur mount!

Statement from John Hight, Executive Producer of World of Warcraft

A lot of players within the community (including the Allcraft stream) are anticipating a late December possibly early January release date for Shadowlands; this would mean that the pre-patch could last between 2-3 months. This would also be a good time for Blizzard to continue with their realm connection plans, connecting low populated realms with other realms to improve populations.

The Pre-Patch:

With the pre-patch coming on the 13th we get the level, item level squish, so if we get 2-3 months, this should be enough time to get accustomed to the new changes before the release of the new expansion. That might mean there’s enough time for me to adequately gear all my level 50 alts to ilvl 100 (equivalent to ilvl 440 at level 120) *Evil laugh*

Also coming in the pre-patch is the removal of experience gains from heirlooms, Death Knights and Demon Hunters will now start at level 1 (instead of level 55 and 98 respectively) meaning the introduction to a new starter zone called Exiles Reach. I urge anyone that wants to take advantage of the level squish, to create as many Death Knights and Demon Hunter’s they want before the release of the pre-patch. Level 55 Death Knight’s will squish to level 23, and level 98 Demon Hunters will squish to level 39. This will save you a lot of time and effort in the future.

Please bear in mind, that there is a throttle on the creation of a new Demon Hunter character. It’s believed to be 24 hours per creation, and the throttle can reset if you try to create a new Demon Hunter within the timeframe, so be careful!

Pre-patch will also bring changes to professions, notably Tailoring, Blacksmithing and Leatherworking; because of the new Relic of the Past system. Check my previous post if you want to understand more about this. The Relic V will only upgrade an item to ilvl 87, so I urge you to take advantage of the pre-patch gear, if you’re looking to gear your main or alt(s). As mentioned earlier, pre-patch gear is ilvl 100 at level 50 (equivalent to ilvl 440 Ny’alotha Normal loot at level 120)

I want to take this opportunity to warn you to be extremely careful, with the Relic shuffle. The method of crafting a Relic to upgrade gear and to sell it to a vendor for a significant profit margin, could be deemed as an exploit by Blizzard if done on a grand scale. I’d argue that because of the testing within the PTR, that if Blizzard were concerned at this method being an exploit, they would/should have made changes to limit this. So participate at your own risk!

If you want a comprehensive guide to whats coming in the pre-patch, then check out this guide from Wowhead.

My Thoughts on the Delay:

It’s a shame we’ll have to wait till the end of the year for Shadowlands, but I believe this to be in the best interest of the game and the franchise as a whole if Blizzard wants to bring us a great expansion. There’s a lot on the line for Blizzard and them taking extra time to iron out the issues, reassure me that we’re not going to experience another, Warlords of Draenor or Battle for Azeroth expansion. Both were rushed and released with issues just to meet a deadline.

How do you feel about the delay? When do you think Blizzard will release Shadowlands? Share your views in the comment section below.

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Tankard O’ Profit Update

For those that may have missed my updates on Twitter, I’ve had some epic sales with the new Brewfest ilvl 82 Tankards. The Terrific Tankard O’ Terror and Tremendous Tankard O’ Terror have proven to be very profitable on certain realms. I emphasise certain, as I believe this market works best on a low/medium populated realm – but I wouldn’t rule out higher populated realms. If you missed my previous post regarding the Tankards, I originally suggested that these may be difficult to flip, due to the low ilvl of 82, but it appears there is a market after all.

The benefit of this market is the issue surrounding the ilvl when players post on the Auction House. TSM only recognise the ilvl 82 tankards as ilvl 44 which is incorrect. By using the default Auction House UI, we can shop specific tankards by ilvl 82 that have been miss-priced. At first, I only purchased cheap tankards, to test how the market would be and a week into the World Event, it’s proved very profitable.

The lowest sale I’ve had so far is 35k, but I’ve also sold four Tankards at 70k or above. The average price I purchased these at was 6k. Below I’ve added my TSM Ledger for the tankard sales.

I have included the other sales within a gallery below, click the image to enlarge. I will continue to update this market via Twitter, so keep your eyes peeled for updates. If the price is right and you have some gold that you can afford to risk, get involved and make some decent profit before pre-patch hits. These Tankards will not be worthwhile once pre-patch hits as the items available will have a greater ilvl. My guess is pre-patch being delayed further may have aided these sales.

Since posting this post, I’ve been in discussion with @TheSlickrock on Twitter and he was kind enough to transfer a character on to the PTR with the Uncanny crafted Gear and Tankards and I was surprised to see how they were affected by the incoming ilvl and level squish.

Update: The Tankard squished to ilvl 82 (previously ilvl 425) dramatically below that of the incoming pre-patch gear of ilvl 100 at level 50. The Uncanny gear squished to ilvl 72, which is a greater reduction to that of the PTR.

Sadly I have no explanation as to why someone paid for 3 Tankards at 70k each, the only thing that I could imagine is the delay of the release of pre-patch and someone needed sufficient ilvl maybe to enter Normal/Heroic/Mythic Ny’alotha for a boost?!

If you’re participating in this market, let me know how you’ve got on too or get involved in the discussion on Twitter. Thanks for reading!

EDIT: Since the release of the Shadowlands pre-patch, the items mentioned above have since had their item levels reduced, all Tankards posted above have had their item levels updated to reflect this. If there’s any I’ve missed, please let me know in the comments. [14.10.2020]

Brewfest Tankard O’ Profit

Tomorrow September 20th sees the return of the World Event: Brewfest. In the past, it’s been a great way to earn vast amounts of gold, merely flipping two items. The items we’re interested in are Tremendous Tankard O’ Terror and Terrific Tankard O’ Terror these are looted from within the Keg-Shaped Treasure Chest.

Part of the ludicrous profit margins was due to the importance of the weapons ilvl but also the inability of casual players posting the weapons at the correct price point. Players were incorrectly posting the weapons and undercutting those from previous expansions. Also worth noting that when checking the tooltip, it showed ilvl 136, which in fact it was ilvl 395. I was buying all the ilvl 395 weapons between 1k and 10k gold and flipping them at 75k-150k (realm dependant); then they dropped off to approximately 35k-50k post 8.3. They still occasionally sell now, but not as prevalent at before the release of 8.3 due to ilvl 400 weapons from professions.

Edit: As of this morning (14.10.2020) I can confirm that the Tankards are of ilvl 425 as shown below. If you shop using TSM, it will show the item incorrectly at ilvl 136! As shown in the second image, that shows the exact same item, but at ilvl 425 using the default WoW interface. At this early stage, I don’t believe the ilvl 425 to be significant to invest in, as World Quests and Shadowlands pre-patch will offer better alternatives. There may have been some value if it was level with normal/heroic Ny’alotha gear.

It the weapons are not your cup of tea, remember there are several other flips available to us which generate some decent profit margins. Here are some ideas.

If you farm dungeons or Raids at Blackrock Spire, and you haven’t acquired the Direbrew’s Remote yet, I suggest doing the daily dungeon queue for Coren Direbrew; this is where Keg-Shaped Treasure Chest drops once you complete the dungeon objective. You may be lucky to loot a decent BoP Trinket, BoP Mount, the Direbrew’s Remote or as mentioned above, the Tankards.

As a kind reminder, remember that when the event is available, items will drop in price, and when the event has finished, the items will become more profitable. So if you feel there’s value, pick up any cheap items on the Auction House. If you’re unsure, always check our trusted friend The Undermine Journal and check those stats. 

Please remember to justify the ilvl of any Tankards before purchasing them.

Here’s some images of my Tankard purchases and sales that I could find. More to follow if I find them!