BoE Blacksmithing Recipes

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Blacksmithing Recipes:

Welcome to my comprehensive list of BoE Blacksmithing Recipes. I have categorized the recipes into two categories, Obtainable and Unobtainable. The Obtainable recipes are those that still drop from mobs. The Unobtainable lists recipes that no longer have a source, or more importantly, are available from a profession trainer instead. I collected this data using Wowhead.

I’ve sorted the lists alphabetically, and the drop rate added is the highest percentage available. The Old World Boss Azuregos has been ignored from the recipe drop rate. However, it’s essential to understand that the difficult to obtain recipes should hold the most significant value. Check The Undermine Journal (TUJ) for the recipe’s valuation.

I’ve also added helpful links to Wowhead if you’d wish to view the recipe(s) in greater detail.


I’ve compiled a list of 114 BoE Blacksmithing Recipes that are still obtainable in-game from killing mobs. Ignore the Buyout Price in the Quick Facts box on Wowhead, as these prices are incorrect. Instead, check The Undermine Journal (TUJ) for a precise valuation.


7 BoE Blacksmithing Recipes in this category, which I’ve separated into two parts. Purchase and Don’t Purchase. Unavailable recipes found in-game that have no source, or alternative method, should be Purchased. I took extra consideration with the recipe [Plans: Arcanite Champion]; if this version is cheaper than the new version [Plans: Arcanite Champion], purchase it. Otherwise, ignore it!

However, unavailable recipes that you can learn from a Profession Trainer or an alternative recipe do not Purchase these from the Auction House! These recipes have no value whatsoever! Therefore, I have also added these recipes to my TSM to prevent accidentally purchasing them. Make sure you remove all purchase operations for this category!


Do Not Purchase:

Can be learned via a Profession Trainer or alternative recipe:

Recipes via [Blacksmithing Plans]:

Two BoE Blacksmithing Recipes are available from interacting with [Blacksmithing Plans]. You can only complete this method once per character. If you’ve already interacted with these plans, and need the recipe, consider asking a friend to obtain these for you or purchase them from the Auction House.

Recipes with a (Level 35) Requirement:

I found 6 BoE Blacksmithing Recipes that have a Level 35 requirement. Your character must be Level 35 before it can learn these recipes.

Recipes via Quest Rewards:

11 BoE Blacksmithing Recipes are available from completing quests or handing in the text, Encrypted Twilight Text. With the text extremely cheap, it’s easy to farm these recipes. However, the Barbaric Iron recipes are worth buying if you don’t plan on completing the quests, or maybe you’d like to complete the quests and sell the recipes.

Remember, some of these recipes are also faction-specific. These quests are only accessible via Horde or Alliance. I’ve highlighted these recipes for you below.

Click on the recipes below for more information.

Recipes via Encrypted Twilight Text:
Recipes via a Quest:

Faction Specific Recipes:

Take extra care when purchasing these 12 BoE Blacksmithing Recipes, as they’re faction-specific. These recipes could be profitable on realms with faction imbalances; consider your realm before investing or farming these recipes.


Buying and Selling Your Recipes:

When valuing your BoE Blacksmithing recipe(s), I advise you to use The Undermine Journal (TUJ) and check the prices based on your realm. If you’d prefer an average price based on the region, I’d recommend using the EU or NA Median Price.


I have taken the liberty of adding a Pastebin, which holds a TSM Group with the BoE Blacksmithing Recipes. I’ve separated the subgroups as outlined above, and where possible, categorized them by their drop chance. Please remember that I do not add operations to my TSM groups to prevent any potential issues; default operations will automatically be assigned once you’ve successfully imported any of these group(s).

Feel free to make any adjustments to these groups, but please make sure you backup your profile before importing and making any changes. If you make an error, you can easily revert to a backup.

Finally, I remind you that I’m currently restructuring my whole TSM Recipe Groups and plan to share this once completed.


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A huge thank you to Wowhead, for use of their item IDs and their excellent filter system. This post would not have been achievable without their hard work!


Any feedback is greatly received; please use the comment section below. If you need to contact me, using the contact me method. If you found this post helpful and believe it could be of use to someone else, please consider liking and sharing.

Thank you for reading.

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