Darkmoon Faire

The Darkmoon Faire is a World Event that visits Azeroth on the first Sunday of each month. Horde players can find the Darkmoon Faire entrance in Mulgore, and Alliance players can find the Darkmoon Faire entrance in Elwynn Forrest. Alternatively, speak to a Mystic Mage (standing beside a Darkmoon Banner) within one of your factions cities and be teleported to the entrance for a minimal fee.

What Can I do?

There is plenty to do while the Darkmoon Faire is in town. If you’re a gold-maker like me, you’ll be interested in this post and the accompanying guides specifically aimed at gold-making. I’ve added topics and links to individual guides to help keep this post as short and as concise as possible.

Quest Turn-ins: 

There are many quests to complete. These are either handing in the nine Darkmoon artifacts or purchasing the Faded Treasure Map, which starts the quest, Silas’ Secret Stash. When finished, these quests will reward Darkmoon Prize Tickets.

Check out my Darkmoon Artifacts Guide and Silas’ Secret Stash Guide for more info.


As of 01.11.2020 there is no longer a required skill level to complete Profession dailies within the Darkmoon Faire. All Profession dailies used to have a requirement of level 75 skill in the Profession, this is no longer necessary. Completing them will reward 5 points to your profession and Darkmoon Prize Tickets. Completing these quests when you’re 5 points from maxing your profession is ideal. Be sure to collect any materials you need before you venture to Darkmoon Island; there are no vendors that sell the materials you’ll need.


There’s plenty of mini-games during the Darkmoon Faire. They all reward Darkmoon Prize Tickets upon completion. The mini-games are dailies too. When you’ve earned enough Darkmoon Prize Tickets, you can use them to purchase Replica Transmog or Companion Pets.

Darkmoon Rares: 

There two rares on Darkmoon Island. The Darkmoon Rabbit and Moonfang. They most notably drop a Companion Pet each, but the drop rate is extremely low. I hope you’re a lot luckier than me!

Check out my Companion Pets Guide for more information about the rares.

Darkmoon Daggermaw: 

If Fishing is your game, what better time, cast away the rod and reel in some Darkmoon Daggermaw. These are a currency used to purchase Mounts, Pets and Recipes from vendors. They are also a valuable material for three cooking recipes.

Check out my Darkmoon Daggermaw Guide for more info.

Replica Transmog: 

I’ve mentioned Replica Transmog a lot within my gold-making blog and social media platforms because the profit I’ve made is incredible. There have been several changes recently that have made this market very appealing. With the level restrictions loosened by Blizzard, more players will have access to this market.

Check out my Replica Transmog Guide for more info.

Companion Pets:

If you’re below level 22 and cannot purchase any Replica Transmog, I’d suggest spending your Darkmoon Prize Tickets on Companion Pets. The pets aren’t as valuable as the Transmog, but it’s the next best thing.

Check out my Companion Pets Guide for more info.

Darkmoon Prize Tickets:

As I’m sure you’re aware by now, the Darkmoon Prize Tickets are the currency of value. The tickets are needed to purchase Replica Transmog and Companion Pets.

Darkmoon Firewater:

Darkmoon Firewater is a potion that gives the user a buff that allows faster gathering of resources and slightly increase your size for one hour. This is an excellent item if you’re a gatherer (Herbalism, Mining, and Skinning). These are also great for flipping on the Auction House and Trade Chat!

Click Darkmoon Firewater for more information!


If you’d like a comprehensive guide on everything available within the Darkmoon Faire, I’d recommend the Darkmoon Faire Made Easy. This guide walks you through Professions, Pet Battle dailies, mini-games, etc.

If you have any questions or are unsure about anything not covered here or within the Guide Darkmoon Faire Made Easy, please drop me a line below in the comments and I’ll reply at the earliest convenience.

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