Silas’ Secret Stash

Quest: Silas' Secret Stash.

With the recent changes to the Shadowlands pre-patch, it’s never been a better time to take advantage of the quest Silas’ Secret Stash. The new level requirements for Replica Transmog and Companion Pets, mean getting the extra 100 Darkmoon Prize Tickets for completing this quest can turn very profitable, especially with low-level alts.

Silas’ Secret Stash:

The quest Silas’ Secret Stash is a quest, that can only be completed ONCE PER CHARACTER! To get this quest, either fish up 100  Darkmoon Daggermaw or purchase them from your local Auction House (you’ll need to pay approximately 25g-75g per  Darkmoon Daggermaw) and purchase the  Faded Treasure Map from Galissa Sundew.

Helpful Script:

If you’re unsure whether you’ve completed this quest on one of your characters, enter this script into chat;

/script print(C_QuestLog.IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(38934))

True = Completed
False = Not Completed

This script was originally shared on Wowhead, by lordlight, but due to API changes during Shadowlands, that script no longer works. However, within lordlight’s post, there’s a response from Dakhran which has updated the script. I’ve edited the old one, and replaced it with Dakhran’s! Please drop by the comment and add some feedback.

The Importance of Particle Density:

Before starting to find these clues, I urge you to check your in-game Graphics Settings. Make sure Particle Density is on and set to Good or above. Having this option on will make items you can interact with, sparkle!

Here are three images, that show you how important the particle density setting is. By clicking on each individual image, you can see how hard it is to see the herb in the first image; but in the next two, the herb’s visibility increases the greater the setting used. 

Remember, particle density will have an effect on your game’s performance, so use the settings best for your device.

The Clues:

The clues can be found scattered around Darkmoon Isle. Below are the coordinates for all four clues and the hidden stash. Alternatively, check out my YouTube tutorial below.

  • Clue one: [42.91]
  • Clue Two: [52.60]
  • Clue Three: [52.85]
  • Clue Four: [52.30]
  • Hidden Stash: [22.29]

Youtube Tutorial for Silas’ Secret Stash:

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If you have any comments, please do provide them in the videos comment section, and I’ll happily respond as soon as possible.

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