Battle Pets

Battle Pets:

The Battle Pet market is probably the most profitable market I participate in purely because of the astronomical profit margins that I can make. The freedom of purchasing pets from one realm (ideally a high populated realm) and selling on another (low-medium populated realm) brings vast amounts of profit due to the differences in supply and demand and the difference in competition and customers available to me.

Ideally, for me the best results and for ease of use, I use the exact pricing for all realms; this means I can carefully buy pets at a set price and know if I sell it for 50% more than I purchased it for, I stand to make 50% profit. However, if I have different price strings dependant on the size of the realm, things become tougher to monitor and the need for spreadsheets to keep tabs on purchase and sale data.

Feel free to opt for this if you use spreadsheets. I prefer to keep things simple and prioritize my time where possible. Time is money, after all.


While every care and attention was made creating these TSM Strings, If you happen to find any issues, don’t hesitate to contact me; I will immediately look into the matter! Also, remember that these strings do not have any operations to prevent any potential pricing issues.

Please follow the directions below precisely, to minimize any potential issues.

  1. Back up your current TSM Profile, in case of any potential issues, then you have your old Profile as a backup. 
  2. ​When importing a TSM Profile, import one string at a time and use the chat command /reloadui to force TSM to save your import. Importing too many strings at any one time can cause your data not to save correctly. 
  3. If you encounter a lockup whilst importing a string, please be patient! Do not use the End Task feature with Windows Task Manager to close the program. Wait for the game to respond, this is just the game importing the data (The larger the string, the longer the delay). If you do get disconnected, don’t fear, your data should have imported successfully.

Battle Pet TSM Import String:

Here’s my Battle Pet TSM Import String

Once you’ve successfully imported the Battle Pet group, be sure to head on over to wow-pets or The Undermine Journal (whatever your preference) and price your pets. Be sure to price vendor pets at the vendor price, to prevent buying overpriced vendor pets on the Auction House. I know you may find this daunting but bear in mind that once imported and operations are created, the return on Battle Pet sales will make it all worthwhile.

Below is an image of how the group looks. There are a lot of subgroups, but it keeps everything clean. If you use tooltips, the information within makes purchasing effortless. As long as you have your TSM tooltips set up correctly when you hover over a Battle Pet, it will show the origin of it (e.g. prevents buying overpriced vendor pets).

Shoutout by WTBGold (via YouTube)

It’s only recently come to my attention, but WTBGold was great enough in giving me a shoutout in one of his Battle Pet videos. If you’ve not checked out WTBGold already, I suggest checking him out. He has a great YouTube channel offering a wide range of gold-making advice!

He rightly mentioned my ‘oddly sorted groups‘ within his video description. I must clarify that the reason for my groups’ design is purely to keep all individual Battle Pets together; in alphabetical order. Using the ability to sub-group by the pet’s level (i.e., level 1 & level 25) means if I amend the price of a level 25, I can quickly amend the level 1 too. 

Alternatively, if you built your groups and organized them by price instead of alphabetical order, you’d struggle to find the different level pets when amending prices in the future!

If you need every Battle Pet in-game but don’t like how I format my groups, add my Import String into TSM, and in the Battle Pet group, select all the Battle Pets; while holding Shift, click the move button, and this will move all the Battle Pets out, into the parent group. 

This method means you can now delete all the sub-groups and set up the Battle Pets in whatever way you wish while keeping intact all the Battle Pets.


Any feedback is greatly received; please use the comment section below. If you need to contact me, use the contact me method. If you found this post helpful and believe it could be of use to someone else, please consider liking and sharing.