My AH Posting Routine

Fortnightly Gold-Making Sales

My Private Life:

I’ve always been honest with the workloads I have away from World of Warcraft and the demands of being a full-time carer to my daughter, who suffers from Type 1 diabetes.

I’m also a househusband/full-time father meaning that I have little time to make full use of my know-how on the Auction House. However, if you take on board some of the advice I post on my blog and incorporate it within your realm, I’m sure you’ll make a significant difference on the Auction House than me!

Check out my ‘About Me’ page for more information.

Posting Routine:

I repost my expired auctions once every two weeks. this is referred to as post and forget‘, which means I don’t cancel and repost undercut auctions; I purely post and wait until the auctions sell or expire. This method has its setbacks. If I post an auction and I’m immediately undercut, I potentially miss a sale. If you have followed any information from my blog and have more time to monitor, cancel, and repost auctions, you can do significantly better than me.

Inability to Deal in Shadowlands Markets:

I can’t dictate when I can log in to reset, this means operating in markets that need reposting a lot are worthless to me. Some realms operate well during the weekend, and others throughout the whole week. I can’t guarantee to be online before raid nights, meaning I can’t sell consumables – this is a massive factor in why I gave up on the raw material flipping, Darkmoon Decks/Trinkets, and crafted gear during the release of Shadowlands.

The markets are incredibly fierce; if you don’t babysit your auctions and repost as soon as they’re undercut, you will miss out on sales, so I decided to cut my losses immediately. Hikons has shown how incredible these markets can be. He’s earned 100+ million gold profit since the release of Shadowlands!

What Markets I Operate in:

Instead, I’ve opted to concentrate on markets that have always done me well over the years. Transmog and Battle Pets are a long-winded market. One fortnightly reset, you’ll get sales, and the next, zero! Old World profession crafts can be hit and miss, but Uncanny Gear from BFA and the Crafted Gladiators Gear from MoP is very profitable. Island Expedition Transmog, Medallion of the Legion, Replica Transmog, and Legion BoEs have been very good since Shadowlands was released; these are all steady markets that serve me well for my Auction House Posting Routine…


So when you check out my recent sales or my activity on the Auction House, please consider that these sales spanned over two weeks. Check out my Fortnightly Sales Reports for my previous and future sales reports.


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