The Importance of Particle Density!

The Importance of Particle Density

Graphic Settings:

In World of Warcraft (or in most games), we have a magnitude of different graphics settings that improve the game’s visual effects. However, most settings will come at a cost to your PC’s performance, depending on the quality of your graphics card.

If your graphics card cannot support the workload you’re asking from it; you will experience FPS issues. Thankfully, with World of Warcraft, we have recommendations. Make sure you follow these closely, which will, in turn, assist you in optimizing your PC’s performance during gameplay.

What is Particle Density?

According to the graphic settings menu, Particle Density controls the number of particles used in effects caused by spells, fires, etc. So you may see a drop in performance if your setting is set too high, especially with a lot of players casting spells, for example, in Battlegrounds, Dungeons, and Raid environments.

How Does Particle Density Benefit Me?

I suffer from colorblindness, so I need a lot of assistance when playing the game, especially in environments where there are many green and red colors. It used to be a pain in the backside when gathering herbs, as herbs were difficult to see, especially Mageroyal or Liferoot.

Thankfully, we have Particle Density, which emphasizes items we can interact with.

Here’s my YouTube video outlining the importance of Particle Density. In this small clip, I show you the difficulties of seeing a herb, Mageroyal, and how Particle Density improves its visibility.

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Visual Examples:

I’ve added screenshots to show the difference with each setting active. As mentioned above, the herb example is the best, as the Mageroyal is difficult to see. I’ve added examples of corpses and a Copper Ore node too!


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Copper Ore:

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Particle Density is an important setting to have active and is often overlooked, especially when your graphic settings are set to 1. If you have your settings on 1, your Particle Density setting is likely disabled.

If you suffer from colorblindness, this option will significantly improve your ability to see items you can interact with! To reiterate, I have in-game colorblind filters active.

The setting improved the visibility of hard-to-see herbs and corpses available to loot. The Copper Ore node wasn’t as promising, but imagine these three scenarios while flying or moving very fast; having these options available assists us in gathering, looting efficiently.


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  1. This is a great article! I never realized how important particle density was. I am going into the game to look into what is reccomended and check my particle density now.

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