Farming: Dark Rune

Farming: Dark Rune.

Farming: Dark Rune:

Dark Rune is an essential material needed to craft seven Transmog pieces. The benefit of farming Dark Rune’s yourself is you’ll have significant profit margins when you complete a Transmog sale. However, if you don’t plan on crafting Transmog, these can be excellent materials to sell on the Auction House for other goblins due to their low deposit fees and their vast valuation.

Transmog Crafts:

There are seven Transmog crafts of interest. There is also the Felcloth Bag, but I’ve never managed to sell one, so I’d recommend not bothering with it! Of the seven crafts, four are from Blacksmithing, and three from Tailoring.

Farming: Corin’s Crossing

I’ve been farming Dark Rune since the end of Wrath of the Lich King (WotLK), mainly for crafting Transmog. The best place to farm these materials is within the tiny village in Eastern Plaguelands, called Corin’s Crossing coordinates [55.62].

Corin's Crossing

There are eight different kinds of mobs here,

All these mobs have a slight chance to drop Dark Rune’s and have a low chance to drop other items, including Essence of Undeath. Click the mobs above to view their loot tables.

Farming: An Alternative Option:

Staying within the Eastern Kingdoms, there’s a single cauldron, which you can find at the coordinates [62.76]. There are fewer mobs at the cauldron than Corin’s Crossing, but these mobs are easily grouped up and killed.

The Cauldron

You can see 11 mobs patrolling around the cauldron. These are Dark Summoners and Vile Tutors. According to Wowhead’s data, they have an 11% and a 9% drop rate, respectively. Collect the mobs up and AOE them down. Once they’ve all died, it will take between 2 minutes, 45 seconds, and 3 minutes before they respawn.

During this time, return to Corin’s Crossing.

Valuing Your Dark Rune’s:

If you’d prefer to sell the materials, here are some Regional Median Prices (RMP) from TheUndermineJounal (TUJ). Please consider posting a small amount to the Auction House at any one time. Posting high amounts of Dark Rune’s will reduce its value considerably – ideally, we want our customers to believe these items are rare and will continue to hold their value!

Material E.U Median U.S Median
Dark Rune 1052g 00s 1200g 00s

The prices suggested above by TUJ are simply a guide and are based on regional data. Be sure to enter your specific realm to obtain precise data for your realm. 

The Rares:

When traveling between the cauldron and Corin’s Crossing, keep your eyes peeled for the raresSnort [57.79] (pictured below)Foreman Marcrid [53.68], and Foreman Jerris [55.68]. As these are close by, you may want to kill these for some decent loot.

The Rare, Snort!

The Results:

Here’s the result of farming the cauldronCorin’s Crossing, and the rare, Snot for one hour. It’s important to remind you, that results will vary from player to player, thanks to RNG. I also decided to value my items based on Region Median Price (RMP), so this was an average value for a fairer assessment.

I have decided not to highlight the results at the top of this blog post to prevent any possibility of clickbait; I hope you appreciate this decision.

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