Q. How much Gold do you have?

A. Check out my current gold balance, here!

Q. Who designed your Blog Header image?

A. My daughter Isabella, her work can be seen on her Instagram _Wingdex_ She’s currently starting her 2nd year in college studying Art.

Q. Why do you decline to participate in podcasts, streams, etc?

A. I struggle with social anxiety which makes being in certain situations extremely difficult. I have been asked to participate on a couple of podcasts and have declined the offer. All future offers will also be declined. I use my blog as my way to express myself and help others. This is also the reason I don’t stream or upload to Youtube. However, if you see something you’d like to share, please feel free to use my content, but correctly credit me as I do others.

Q. What Realm Do you Play On?

A. Probably the most asked question, when a viewer/reader notices a creator sharing their success. I don’t share the realms I play on. There is only one reason someone wishes to know your realm, and that’s to jump on the gravy train. I’ve had an experience with this in the past, and it didn’t end well. Try not to purposely step on the toes of those trying to help you; you can easily replicate my routines (or any other content creator’s advice) to your realm and be successful.

Q. What is your RealID (aka BattleTag)?

A. I do not share my RealID. Only close friends have it. This is to protect my identity in-game and the realms I play on. As mentioned previously, I suffer from social anxiety (the reason I no longer Raid) so limit any difficult interaction in-game.

Q. What is Gold-making?

A. Gold-making or Gold-maker in World of Warcraft is a term for someone that spends their time in-game, either by generating gold from selling their services as a level/Raid/PvP booster or someone that flips items purchased from the Auction House, then look to flip the item(s) at a more significant margin for profit.

Q. What is the first rule of Gold-making?

A. Just like gambling, only risk what you can afford! As a rule of thumb, I only risk 20% of my gold balance. If I purchase an item, that I’m unsure about after doing research, I’ll always make sure I can use it myself if I can’t sell it on.

Q. What is Flipping?

A. The term flipping is purchasing something you regard as cheap (below its value) from trade chat or the Auction House, to resell for a higher price. Once you’ve sold the item, you’ve successfully flipped that item. This method is where we make a great deal of our gold.

Q. What is Resetting the Market?

A. You’ve purchased or gathered your items and plan to post them to the Auction House, but someone has posted an auction you deem too cheap or lower than your value. Our aim here is to reset that market, by purchasing that auction, so you can post at your desired price instead. Consider using TheUndermineJournal to see if this is a valid option for you. Look at the heat maps to see how regular items get posted. 

Q. How Do I Value Items?

A. I use The Undermine Journal (TUJ) to show the valuation of an item. Due to the vast differences in valuations on different realms, I’ve opted to use EU Median instead, this is the average price for an item for the region, not a specific realm. 

Q. What is Level Boosting?

A. I’m sure you’ve seen in trade chat, of players barking “Selling Freehold boosts 110-120“? These players are willing to offer their time and skill to power-level you through the dungeon Freehold! If you have the gear, skill, and time, this can be very lucrative. Guilds and Communities also do this with current Raids for curve achievements, loot, and mounts.

Q. What is Barking?

A. Barking is a term for a player advertising something in trade chat that may be of interest to another player. This can prove lucrative to gold-makers as you can buy cheap items (mostly in bulk) as they’re looking to offload their item(s) quickly and less expensive than through the Auction House.

Q. What is Gathering (Farming)?

A. Gathering (Farming) is gathering Raw Materials to use or sell on the Auction House. A Farmer can be someone that farms dungeons/raids, etc. for Transmog, etc. I’d only recommend Gathering (Farming) if you enjoy doing so. It can quickly become tedious after a while. I always urge others to do something they enjoy; then they’ll not lose interest. The benefit of Gathering (Farming) is you gather raw materials/Transmog and don’t need to purchase them off the Auction House – meaning your profit margins will be more significant on whatever you decide to craft.

Q. What is the best Realm for making gold?

A. This question gets asked a lot within the community. The bottom line is, start where you’ll enjoy playing! You may prefer other aspects of the game (PvP, Raiding, etc), and not every realm will cater to all those aspects of the game. I’d recommend checking out wowrealmpopulation and check what realm interests you. Below is what I consider when choosing a new realm.

  • Locked or High Pop Realm – You will have a lot of customers, but a lot of competition with other sellers. If you have the time to cancel and repost, then it’s worth trying. Be warned; you’ll be busy! You’ll find items a lot cheaper here too!
  • Medium Pop Realm – This is where I prefer to choose. You get a moderate amount of customers, and competition from other sellers is a lot less than a high pop. Please bear in mind; realm pops change, so be mindful of increases and decreases to the player count, especially during a lull of an expansion.
  • Low Pop Realm – Although not impossible, Low pop realms can be challenging to make gold. You’ll have barely any competition, but you will also have a low number of customers. I’ve made a lot of gold on low-pop servers, so don’t give up, you just have to be more patient. Items will be valued a lot higher, due to a lack of competition.

Q. When will Shadowlands be released?

A. Soon™ (Edit: October 27, 2020)

Q. Have you ever made any mistakes in Gold-making?

A. Of course! I’ve made many mistakes during the ten years I’ve been gold-making. The Wondrous Wisdomball hotfix was very costly. I invested a lot of gold prior to its hotfix but made the effort to warn others on Wowhead before they got stung like myself. The hotfix meant, that Wisdomball’s that was posted on the Auction House prior to the hotfix, could still be purchased and only once you collected it from the mail, was it deemed BoP.

Q. My Transmog, Battle Pets, Recipes aren’t selling, why?

A. Transmog and many other markets can take a while to see any return. With Transmog, Recipes, and Battle Pets, the bigger the inventory, the more sales you’ll see. This is because of the broader range of items available to your customer. When I say ‘bigger inventory’ I don’t mean 10x of any one item, I mean a wider variety of items available to your customers.

If you’re still struggling for sales, consider your realm population, as outlined above, or maybe look at canceling and reposting your auctions. Be aware of the Auction House changes and the throttle to posting times, when canceling and reposting.

Q. What Addons do I use?

A. The list of my Addons is here.

Q. Do you have any TSM Import Strings?

A. I do have TSM Import Strings, but only the groups. I do not add any operations within the strings. The decision was made to prevent any issues from developing, which could easily affect everyone using them. They are easy to set up, though. Feel free to edit the groups to your satisfaction, but please do not share them, instead feel free to promote my site to anyone interested. I’d be extremely grateful.

Q. Do you have Patreon, Paypal, or any other donation options?

A. At this time (01.09.2020), I only have a PayPal donation option. If you like my content and wish to donate, the link is here. There are no extra features or privileges at this time for those that donate. I prefer to share my content free of charge, so it’s accessible to everyone. However, if you’d like to show your appreciation for my content, then feel free to donate. Please only donate if you can afford to. All donations are non-refundable!

Remember, just accessing my website, sharing my content with friends, family, and social media is just as important.

All donations will help towards the upkeep of this website, domain and importantly help me continue to create new content.

 Q. Do you recommend any other content creators?

A. Of course, there’s an abundance of content creators at your disposal. Check out my list here.

Q. Do you play other games outside of World of Warcraft?

A. Yes! Here’s a list of games I occasionally play or intend on playing again in the near future.

  • Escape From Tarkov (EFT) (BETA) – Escape from Tarkov is a hardcore and realistic online first-person action RPG/Simulator with MMO features and a story-driven walkthrough. Be aware that this game is still in development and is quite expensive.
  • Cities Skylines – Think of SimCity, but so much better! A city builder with tons of potential. With some awesome MODS, you can make some great-looking cities. Plenty of DLC’s to keep the game fresh too!
  • Football Manager – I haven’t played for several years, but purely because of the amount of time needed to play it, but it’s an excellent game. I even used to blog about my progress too. I’ve played the game since Championship Manager 01-02, Arguably, their best edition.
  • Online Poker – I used to play online poker. I would like to play again in the future. I used to be a forum moderator at Pokerspace and a host at Rio Poker Palace (no links to the one in Las Vegas), both of which no longer operate. I had a blog for that too!
  • GTAv – One of my favorite games over the last couple of years. The game had a sticky start on PC but soon became an absolute hit. I never quite got into Red Dead Redemption 1 & 2, but I’m looking forward to the potential of a new GTAVI Soon™

If you don’t see any answer to your query, please consider contacting me and I’ll reply at the earliest convenience.