BoE Vendor Recipes

Buying and selling recipes for gold-making

BoE Vendor Recipes:

You probably think there isn’t much value in flipping BoE Vendor Recipes, and you’d be wrong! Flipping recipes from a vendor can be a nice casual addition to your gold-making routines. Many players within World of Warcraft don’t like the thought of traveling around looking for vendors/recipes, especially those of limited availability, and that’s where we as gold makers come in.

BoE Vendor Recipe List:

Unlike my previous recipe posts, I won’t be creating a comprehensive list of all the recipes available; this is because there are 247 recipes available, and the list would be too long. However, please consider checking out my Pastebin for the TSM Group – BoE Vendor Recipes.

Vendor Recipes:

I’ve sorted the Vendor recipes you can purchase with a currency into two groups, Limited and Unlimited. There are also four recipes you can purchase with a commodity; these can prove very profitable, especially the Klaxxi recipes. The recipes are behind an Honored reputation requirement.

Limited Recipes (Currency):

These recipes have a limited amount available from a vendor. Once the vendor has sold out, you will need to wait until the vendor restocks that recipe. Limited recipes from vendors that are not easily accessible can prove to be very profitable. You’re offering a service, be sure to adequately price these recipes!

Unlimited Recipes (Currency):

These recipes have an infinite amount available. However, players will still purchase these from the Auction House if the price is right. After all, players don’t want to travel far if they can get a decent deal on the Auction House – time is money, friend!

Vendor Recipes (Commodity)

As mentioned above, there are four recipes available that you can purchase with a commodity. These commodities are readily available from the Auction House; you’ll need 40x Kyperite and 20x Darkmoon Daggermaw.

Ambersmith Zikk – Klaxxi Quartermaster: (Standing = Honored):

[Plans: Ghost Iron Shield Spike] (20x Kyperite)
[Plans: Living Steel Weapon Chain] (20x Kyperite)

Galissa Sundew (Darkmoon Faire):

[Recipe: Extra Lemony Herb Filet] (10x Darkmoon Daggermaw)
[Recipe: Lemon Herb Filet] (10x Darkmoon Daggermaw)

Buying and Selling Your Recipes:

When valuing your BoE Vendor recipe(s), I advise you to use The Undermine Journal (TUJ) and check the prices based on your realm. If you’d prefer an average price based on the region, I’d recommend using the EU or NA Median Price.


I have taken the liberty of adding a Pastebin, which holds a TSM Group with the BoE Vendor Recipes. I’ve separated the subgroups as outlined above, and where possible, categorized them by their drop chance. Please remember that I do not add operations to my TSM groups to prevent any potential issues; default operations will automatically be assigned once imported successfully.

Feel free to make any adjustments you wish, but please make sure you backup your profile before importing and making any changes.


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A huge thank you to Wowhead, for use of their item IDs and their excellent filter system. This post would not have been achievable without their hard work!


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