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Replica Transmog Market

Replica Transmog:

So, you’ve acquired your Darkmoon Prize Tickets and are unsure what to do with them. In this article, I’ll be highlighting the Replica Transmog market. This market is, without a doubt, the most profitable associated with the Darkmoon Faire! So, without further ado, let’s get into it!

What is Replica Transmog?

Replica Transmog are Cosmetic items from two vendors, Barum and Baruma, for Darkmoon Prize Tickets. As these are Bind on Equip, you can post them to the Auction House. These pieces have a minimum level requirement (level 23 or 25) to purchase, so please consider these limitations before acquiring Darkmoon Prize Tickets for a specific character.

Here’s a table outlining the cost of Darkmoon Prize Tickets for each item slot.

55 Darkmoon Prize Tickets 75 Darkmoon Prize Tickets
Belt Helm
Bracer Shoulder
Gloves Chest
Boots Legs

Purchasing Replica Transmog:

I opted to purchase the Replica Transmog from Baruma, as these pieces have an excellent sale rate. For those of you who’d like to see what every set looks like, check out the sets I’ve shared below.

Replica Cloth Sets:

Dreadmist Raiment
Deathmist Raiment
Magister’s Regalia
Sorcerer’s Regalia
Vestments of the Devout
Vestments of the Virtuous

Replica Leather Sets:

Shadowcraft Armor
Darkmantle Armor
Wildheart Raiment
Feralheart Raiment

Replica Mail Sets:

Beaststalker Armor
Beastmaster Armor
The Elements
The Five Thunders

Replica Plate Sets:

Battlegear of Heroism
Battlegear of Valor
Lightforge Armor
Soulforge Armor

Replica Transmog Bracers:

Due to how Bracers work for Transmog purposes, it’s worth ignoring these pieces. Due to the arms on chest pieces and how high gloves can appear, it can conceal the appearance of your Bracers. I recommend you concentrate on other pieces.

While I recommend you ignore these, it’s worth noting that I have made a small amount of Bracer sales. Ultimately, the decision is yours whether to invest in these!

Pricing your Replica Transmog:

When using TradeSkillMaster, we have three price points when pricing our Replica Transmog: Minimum, Normal, and Maximum. We can calculate our investment for the Minimum and refer to the Oribos Exchange for the Region’s Median Value for the Normal and Maximum.

The Region Median is approximately 60-70k per piece, according to the Oribos Exchange.

I’ll add some brief explanations below for each.


If you purchased your Darkmoon Artifacts from the Auction House, you can calculate the total cost for those Artifacts. If I invested 5k gold purchasing all nine Artifacts, then It’s worth valuing your Minimum asking price at 7.5k gold.

Ultimately, the Minimum should always be the lowest price you’re willing to sell an item without losing value or your initial investment. I set mine at 35k, but I advise you to use your own.


The Normal price point is the value of your Replica Transmog, which you’d be happy to sell for if there were no competition. Using the Oribos Exchange, you can either set your Normal price point at the Median Price (the value across the Region) or the value of your Realm.

The value on the Oribos Exchange should only be used as a guide!


Setting your Maximum price point should be done carefully. While it would be great to put it at 1m gold, it’s worth appreciating the chance of someone meeting that valuation is incredibly rare. Consider your Normal valuation, and think the most you’d ever pay on top of that.

The aim is to have realistic values that, in turn, promote successful sales!

My Values:

Here’s a look at my values per price point.

  • Minimum: 40k
  • Normal: 75k
  • Maximum: 100k

Barking in Trade:

If you’re an avid user of Trade Chat, there’s a lot of value in Barking in Trade that you’re selling Replica Transmog. While this can be quicker and more profitable than posting to the Auction House, trading with players you don’t know is risky!

Document any trade using screenshots; if you get scammed, inform Support immediately.

Selling Complete Sets:

There is a lot of value in selling complete sets of Replica Transmog. Using this method can save the customer a lot of work. Here are a couple of screenshots below from previous sales.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Replica Transmog Sales:

I have had many Replica Transmog sales over the last ten years, mostly shared on X (formerly Twitter). Using the platform’s search feature, enter the hashtag #ReplicaTransmog.


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Thanks for reading!

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