Hallows End

Hallow's End

World Event: Hallows End

Hallows End is a World Event within World of Warcraft that celebrates  Halloween; during the festivities, you will experience a Halloween-style celebration with plenty of fun and mischief. Notable activities include Candy Buckets, Daily Quests, and a revamped version of the Dungeon encounter: The Headless Horseman.

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World Event: Children’s Week

World Event: Children's Week

Image courtesy of World of Warcraft

World Event: Children’s Week:

Starting on May 1st, 2023, for one week is the World Event: Children’s Week. There are a lot of gold-making opportunities during this event, from Companion Pets (Battle Pets) to Flawless Battle-Stones.

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Noblegarden (World Event)

World Event: Noblegarden


Noblegarden is a World Event in World of Warcraft that coincides with the holiday: Easter. The event sees players collect Brightly Colored Eggs for Noblegarden Chocolate to purchase items from the event vendor.

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World Event: Love is in the Air

World Event: Love is in the Air

Love is in the Air:

Today, Monday 6th of February sees the start of the World Event: Love is in the Air. There are plenty of Gold-Making opportunities available during the next two weeks! If you haven’t got your Big Love Rocket yet… now is your time to shine!

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Farming Candy Buckets

Hallow's End - Farming Candy Buckets

Farming Candy Buckets:

With Hallow’s End with us until the 1st of November, there’s still time for farming Candy Buckets; this is an ideal opportunity to gain experience and get involved in the Companion Pet/Battle Pet Market.

This Farm also benefits low-level characters; with the Winds of Wisdom buff, the experience isn’t too bad. I earned two and a half levels and 90 Tricky Treats just farming the Candy Buckets within Kalimdor!

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World Event – Brewfest


World Event: Brewfest

Brewfest is an excellent World Event full of fun and games. However, this is a fantastic opportunity to make gold if you enjoy gold-making; after all, that’s what you’re here for, right?! Tankards and Companion Pets are available, selling for a pretty penny.

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World Event: Midsummer Fire Festival

World Event: Midsummer Fire festival

Midsummer Fire Festival:

In World of Warcraft, we celebrate a World Event called Midsummer Fire Festival. This event coincides with the first day of Summer, alternatively known as the longest day. The Summer Solstice occurs between the 20th and 22nd of June in the Northern Hemisphere.

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