I have created GrahransWoWGold to help others generate gold within World of Warcraft. My intentions have always been to create content to share to my readers for free. I have one small advert on my sidebar but this will not be sufficient to help with the upkeep of the site.

If you’re in a financial position, appreciate my work, and would like to help contribute to the upkeep of the websites costs; which will in-turn help me to continue to share my content to you and other readers, then please feel free to donate via PayPal below.

All donations are greatly appreciated, please only donate what you can afford. When entering your donation amount, please take extra care inserting your amount as all donations are non-refundable.

I believe in full transparency, so I’ve outlined my yearly costs below. Any donations that exceed the yearly goal, will simply rollover to the next years costs. As of the 02.10.2020 these are the costs to upkeep my WordPress Plan and Wix Domain Name per year.

WordPress Premium Plan: £84 p/a
Domain Name: £7.21 p/a (inc. VAT)
Total: £91.21

Upkeep of WordPress Plan and Wix Domain Name

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