WoW Open Box (Free)

WoW Open Box (WOB):

I wasn’t aware of this software until one of my readers, Moorea WoW was kind enough to share it within the comment section to one of my multiboxing articles. Moorea informed me that WoW Open Box is a “safer and free alternative to Joe Multiboxer (JMB) with a better UI and opensource options.” 

For an explanation of how WoW Open Box is safer, click here.

WoW Open Box is an open-source multiboxing software released on November 22nd, 2020, available to players in time for World of Warcraft’s Shadowlands release.

Main Features:

Window Layout Wizard

  • Get your game windows exactly how you want them.

Instant window swapping

  • Hotkeys designed to help switch between any specific window

Additional Options

  • Focus follow mouse
  • Focus specific windows with hotkeys
  • Optional Round Robin 

For a comprehensive list of all Features and installation explained

Introduction Video:

Helpful Resources:

WoWOpenBox Website







When my JMB subscription ends, I will be using WoW Open Box. What’s appealing it’s free, and it offers the same features that I use from JMB – meaning I lose nothing when I make that transition. If you’re looking for a free alternative option to JMB, consider using WoW Open Box for your multiboxing needs.

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