Selling Battle Pets on Alternative Servers for Huge Profits!

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Trading Battle Pets from one server to another, is working out very well for me at the moment and I’ve already managed to make 2 million gold on 4 servers and it’s constantly increasing. There are a lot gold makers I keep in contact with on Twitter that are using these methods too, and are showing extremely good profits. If you’re not familiar with this method, It’s simply buying up cheap pet’s, power leveling them to 25 if needed and then creating 2 characters on a low or medium populated server and placing these pets on the Auction House. The benefit of this is, your’re taking these pet from a server that is heavily saturated (very cheap to buy) and placing them on a server that is in high demand for them (selling them at a very high price) thus making us a lot of profit!

You maybe asking yourself , what are the benefits of taking gold from your main server and putting it onto a server you don’t plan to play on. Well… to put it bluntly, there’s many things we can do with our new found fortune. We could buy further cheap pets that come on to the market or mounts, and we can flip them for profit or learn them if we don’t have them yet. Another alternative, is buying WoW Tokens. This means your gold you have on your main realms can be used for alternative purposes.

Something to bear in mind:
At the moment Trading card Game (TCG) pets are saturated on the Auction House, due to dupes. If you intend on buying any TCG pets at this time, please do so via the Auction House. Trading via trade chat is extremely unsafe and GM’s have a very harsh stance on exploited items. If you’re not aware, any trades that have included dupes, will incur the pets being removed from your inventory and returned to the correct owner and any gold you spent, will likely be lost.

Getting Started:
The best place to check for Battle Pets and whether they’re profitable to flip on another realm, is by checking this website called, wow-pets. This outlines every Battle Pet in World of Warcraft that you can trade. It also shows you an average price for each pet on each realm for level 1’s and level 25’s. A new feature recently released, is a graph, that shows the current rise and fall in price for any given Battle Pet. This is an excellent addition to the site. With this graph, it’s easy to work out the demand and how much the prices are fluctuating at any given time.

The Plan:
Option 1 – You’ll need to create 2 new characters on your destination realm. 1 character will need to be an Orc (Horde) or a Human (Alliance). I pick these, as their starting zones are closer to Orgrimmar and Stormwind respectively. If you’re an Orc, run to Sen’jin Village, Durotar and take the flight path to Orgrimmar. If you’re a Human, take the short run from Northshire Valley, Elwynn Forest to Stormwind. Both of these treks can be made easier if you have the Chauffeured Chopper, which is a mount, accessible at level 1.

Once at your major city, log out and create your second character. This time a Death Knight (DK)! Obviously, this has to be on the same realm and faction. The reason we create a DK, is that it’s quick to get a little bit of capitol together so we can post our pets on the Auction House. Remember, to post one pet, it will cost us 1 silver, so this part of the plan can last as long as you want it to, the longer you do it, the more gold you get to transfer to your level 1.

If you’ve not leveled a DK before, you’ll need to know that you cant leave the starting zone until you complete all the quests, but thankfully, there’s a mail box that you can travel to to mail over your gold. Once you’re happy with the amount of gold you’ve made, go to the the mail box, the co-ords are (55 , 46) an image below shows the building you’re looking for. Simply mail over your gold and log out and re-log your level 1!

DK leveling zone mail box

Option 2 – This option is extremely quick, but solely depends on whether you’re fortunate enough to have somebody drop a Blingtron for you. Follow the instructions to create a level 1 character outlined above and instead of creating a DK, ignore that and instead just travel to the appropriate major city and bark in trade for a Blingtron. In most cases you’ll likely get ignored. This is the reason why I don’t use this method myself, but I’m adding it, in the case that someone wants an option that could be quicker than option 1, we all know someone out there that’s not patient… right?!

What to cage:
If you’ve done your homework properly from earlier, you’ll have a very good idea what Battle Pets are going to be profitable for you. Now you just need to cage them and get them on the Auction House. Thanks to Peelyon I have a macro, that will speed up the process of caging your pets. Once the macro is created, add it to your action bar. Hover your mouse over the pet you wish to cage and use the macro and boom, it’s instantly caged your pet without the added fuss!

The Macro:
/run C_PetJournal.CagePetByID(GetMouseFocus().petID)

The Results:
If you’re following me on Twitter, you will have seen the results I’m having with this method. As mentioned earlier in this post, I’ve got pets on 4 servers and have quickly made over 2 million gold and rising. You can easily achieve this too, by good planning and following the simple directions above.

I hope you enjoyed this post. If you have anything to ask, feel free to post below or contact me on Twitter or Facebook, I’ll always reply and offer any help where I can. If you enjoy making gold with pets, I suggest giving @Pee_lyon a follow on Twitter if you haven’t already. This guy is an absolute genius when it comes to Battle Pets. He’s always on hand to offer advice too.

Thanks for reading guys and take care!

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