Farming Zskera Vault Keys

Farming: Zskera Vault Keys

Farming Zskera Vault Keys:

Today I wanted to share an efficient method for farming Zskera Vault Keys. These keys are Bind on Account, so if you manage to farm more than you need, you can mail them to your alts.

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The Zskera Vault Key:

The Zskera Vault Key is required to open the vault doors within the Zskera VaultsThe Forbidden Reach. You must acquire 30 Zskera Vault Keys to unlock all the doors within the Zskera Vaults.

As mentioned above, if you collect more than 30 Zskera Vault Keys, you can mail them to your alts, as they’re Bind on Account.

Where Do Zskera Vault Keys Drop?

The Zskera Vault Keys can drop from Rare MobsTreasure ChestsWeekly Quests, and Surplus from Envoys. After you defeated most of the Rares and completed the Weekly Quests, you’ll find that you’re short of the required 30 Zskera Vault Keys

Thankfully, we can acquire Zskera Vault Keys from the following Treasure Chests.

To get Treasure Chests to appear on the map, you must obtain a Reliquary Scroll of Perception.

Reliquary Scroll of Perception:

For 2000 Elemental Overflow, you can purchase the Reliquary Scroll of PerceptionCataloger Daela (the Dragonscale Envoy) sells this Scroll. Once used, any available Treasure Chests will show up on the map as you travel around The Forbidden Reach.

You can find Cataloger Daela at coordinates [34.59] within Morqut Village, The Forbidden Reach.

Be aware that the Scroll lasts for one hour. Chests you open will respawn again. I’m unsure what the respawn timer is. In 30 minutes of farming, I collected 15 Zskera Vault Keys.

Tip: If you have the Addon: Handy Notes, be sure to enable the Treasure Chests within The Forbidden Reach. This will highlight the location of all the Treasure Chests in the zone!

Envoy Tokens:

Keep your eyes peeled for Envoy Tokens. You can then trade the Envoy Token for Surplus and loot a Zskera Vault Key within these. Here’s a list of the Envoy Tokens available.

Here’s a list of Envoys to which you can trade your Envoy Tokens

Clear your Bags!

Lastly, make I take this opportunity to remind you to clear your bag before you enter the Zskera Vaults; you will loot a lot of items, mostly Primordial Stones and trash. If you don’t clear your bags before entering, you must leave the instance and visit a vendor.

You don’t get locked out or lose any progress, but you will lose time that you could’ve spent elsewhere; after all, this blog post is for efficiency!


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