As The Dust settles on the Legion Pre Patch

Well, were finally approaching the end of another week of the new Legion Pre-Patch and things are finally starting to settle down and think it’s fair to say we’re slowly getting accustomed to our new class changes, the loss of stats and the very sad changes to Serverhop or Cross Realm Assist. Well… if you were an avid open world farmer, it’s not all lost, as you’ll find out later on…

My Pre-Legion Hoarding Update:
When an expansion comes to an end, it’s a great time to get yourself prepared for the new expansion and as a gold goblin, attempt to profit from those, that weren’t fortunate enough to follow suit. I’ve been extremely busy the last couple of weeks and can happily say I’m ready for Legion. At the end of May, my liquid gold was at approximately 3.2 million. I think I’ve invested all my gold wisely, but the full results wont be clear until I sell my stock. According to TradeSkillMaster my approximate value of my inventory currently stands at – 25.7m.

TSM total inventory

Now, I’m fully aware that this total can be manipulated by the ‘value price source’ that’s input. So let me reassure you all by clarifying my custom price source below.

avg(DBRegionMarketAvg, DBGlobalMarketAvg, TUJGlobalMedian, DBRegionHistorical, DBGlobalHistorical)

You’ll clearly see that I haven’t got DBMarket as this can be heavily manipulated from clever goblins on your server, so I don’t use this! My price string is influenced by average Region and Global prices, to give me a very good average price source. This custom price source was slightly edited from that of Mankind’s, if you haven’t seen his TSM video’s, click HERE. They are exceptional videos, that help you understand everything to do with TSM so check them out!

A great deal of my gold is also tied up with level 25 Battle Pets (mostly very rare TCG or holiday pets) which is where we get into the unknown, as no one at this point really knows how the Squirt daily will be affected in Legion. If the Squirt daily is affected by legion we will likely see a rise in demand of level 25 pets. This is a calculated assumption that level 25 pets will be in high demand, so I’ve carefully stocked up on those that I feel will net me the most profit! I have an image below of my most sought after battle pets, this is just a little taste of what I have on my Battle Pet collector.

Battle Pets for Legion

I will be looking to sell the MoP rare Battle Pets asap, as MoP raids will become easier, thanks to Legion. Although these pets are currently hard to obtain due to their low drop rates, the supply will rise as more people clear that content.

If you want to see updates on what I’m selling or stocking up for Legion, be sure to get updates as they happen, via my Twitter and Facebook. I’m also happy to answer any questions you may have. If I don’t have the answer, I’m sure I may know someone who will.

ServerHop or CrossrealmAssist nerf:
Sadly there were adjustments, or nerfs to the much loved ServerHop or CrossRealmAssist, which to some extent, brought new beginnings. Whether these were intended or not are another matter, but thankfully if you use these addons to farm in open world, you’ll be relieved to know it’s still beneficial to use them. The devs changed it, so that if you were joining a group, that you had to be within the vicinity of the leader, to successfully join a player on a different realm. With this change, bought the ability to ‘hyper spawn’ mobs. If you were in a 5 man group and carefully positioned, this meant that the mobs were instantly spawning as soon as you killed and looted them.

The materials on the Auction House, for example  Volatile Water,  Primal Fire have crashed, due to the amount that people are successfully farming up. The biggest success so far is the frog farm on the Timeless Isle. With  Sha Crystal so hard to come by, there’s an absolute mint to be made here… and don’t ignore the whelpling farms.

Supreme Lord Kazzak:
For quite a bit of time now, I stopped doing the Kazzak weekly kill, but it’s came to my attention, that it’s worthwhile again. Not only do you have the chance to loot double the  Felblight  than what you got before pre patch, but you can also loot ilvl 720 gear now, with the chance to get upgraded to Warforged or even Titanforged. I have a number of alts and this has given me the incentive to get them geared before Legion.

** It’s important to know, that Blizzard have prevent players below level 100 to get loot from a Kazzak kill. **

Squirt Menagerie Daily Nerfed:
As Peelyon expected, the Squirt daily got nerfed and our beloved Weebomination is no longer of any use to us, well in the circumstances that we want to cleave the mobs and thus complete the battle as quick as possible. So this means we need a workaround. Thankfully Peelyon and a user on Wowhead (Robotusch) have a solution. To view this new strategy, please follow this link.

If you’re not aware of Peelyon (still) be sure to check him out at Twitch. Has a wealth of knowledge on Battle pets and gold making and also writes on behalf of IcyVeins for their new gold making forum.You can also catch me in his chat AKA Grarand. Although I’m a poor Moderator, I’ll do my best to answer any questions you have in a bid to assist Peelyon.

Anyway, that’s enough of me rambling on for now… don’t forget guys, 18th (US) or 19th (EU) for release of Demon Hunter’s, I shan’t be jumping on straight away, I’m expecting issues and will happily watch on and continue to post auctions…lol.

Good luck and thanks for reading!

AQ20 – (Ruins of AhnQ’iraj)

Today I’ll be creating a guide on farming AQ20(Ruins of AhnQ’iraj) for transmog. This is an awesome place to farm, as you can travel throughout the raid instance on a mount and group up and AoE all the trash mobs. AQ20 can be found South of Silithus in Kalimdor.

The loot you’ll be concentrating on here, is mostly green uncommon items. Glorious Plate set, Lofty Plate set and Vanguard Plate set. Be warned, the drop rate for all these items are extremely low, hence why they demand a lot of gold on the Auction House. So be prepared to do a lot of instance runs, before you start seeing results.

It’s important to remember, we’re specifically concentrating on trash mobs in AQ20 and ignoring all the bosses. With this tactic, we can simply clear our way through the whole instance and once all the mobs are dead, simply leave the instance and reset it – rinse and repeat. This will aid us in completing as many runs as we want and improving our chances of gaining some desired loot.

How to get to AQ20

Ask a Mage (nicely) to port you to Dalaran.

If you can’t find a nice Mage, there’s two options I use. You can use the Uldum portal from either Orgrimmar (Horde) or Stormwind (Alliance). This was the portal you may have useAQ20 entranced back in Cataclysm, when doing the quests in Uldum. The portal maybe locked to you, if you didn’t complete the starting quests in Uldum. use the portal and you’ll port into Uldum. Simply open your map and fly the short distance Northwest to Silithus.

If the portal is locked for you, you can simply teleport to Dalaran, Northrend via the Signet of the Kirin Tor. This can be purchased in Dalaran by Harold Winston for 8.500g if you don’t have it. Alternatively, you could use the Ardent Crusader’s Tabard, to teleport to The Ardent Tournament Grounds and fly to Dalaran. The aim here is to use the portal at the Violet Citadel that ports you to The Caverns of Time, Tanaris. Once you’ve arrived at The Caverns of Time, you’ll need to fly the short distance to Silithus west from Tanaris.

When you’ve arrived, make sure you have plenty of bag space, if not, The Traveler’s Tundra Mammoth or Grand Expedition Yak can be used to clean bags, when you get full.

AQ20 transmog farming

Above you can see a detailed map of the route and where the bosses are situated within the instance. Extra attention should be given where the blue circle is, this will be made clear why later in the guide.

Zone 1 – Enter the instance and group up as many mobs as you can. Be aware that the mobs do use push backs, stunning you. You may wish to limit the amount of mobs you pull, but this is entirely up to you and the class you’re playing. Once this area is clear, you’ll approach the first boss Kurinnaxx. You can clear the mobs around him, when they come to you, when they’re dead, simply manoeuvre around the boss at a safe range.

Zone 2 – This is where we have to be very careful and why I highlighted it in blue. You can kill the 2 guards at all three entrances, but do not kill anyone inside that room. Once one mob is pulled, they will all come, including the boss General Rajaxx. Simply weave in and out of the packs and head into zone 3.

Zone 3 – Alot more mobs here, don’t pull too many. The push backs from these mobs are far worse than the ones from zone 1 and they’re multiple push backs too. Simply pull a couple of packs, get into a corner and AoE them down. Rinse and repeat. The boss Moam is up in the far right corner, so easily missed. Heads up the long set of stairs to Zone 4.

Zone 4Ossirian the Unscarred is the boss in this zone, he is situated up the stairs on the right hand side. Just concentrate on the Anubisath Guardians. Round them up and AoE down. You will get a de-buff, but nothing to worry about. Once this room is clear, head down the stairs towards zone 5.

Zone 5 – In this zone, you must make sure you kill the Silicate Feeders. These are the mobs I have greater success of looting the plate set items from. Carefully pull them not to aggro the boss Ayamiss the Hunter above the altar at the back. Head towards the corridor on the left hand side once this room is cleared and the clear that passage too.

Zone 6 – There isn’t a lot to do here, kill anything you see at the top, go to your right first, kill the pack, then make yourself back around to the left hand side as shown in the map above. You’ll find yourself back at the other entrance to zone 2 if you’ve followed the directions carefully.

Simply, enter zone 2 again, weave in and out of the mobs and make your way to the exit making sure you don’t pull any bosses. Once you’ve exited the instance, simply right-click your portrait or unit frame and select reset instance. Normally, you can only do this 10 times in an hour, but as these runs take approximately 10-15 minutes per run, we’ll not affect the maximum limit per hour.

Clear out your bags of any unwanted trash items and once you’re ready re-enter the instance and repeat the guide above.

Be sure to comment below of your results. Thanks for reading!