Addons Required!
Shadow & Light

You may have noticed some similarities between my UI and Kelani’s UI, and you’d be correct! I have moved my mini-map and squeezed the Details bars within the right chat window, as shown in one of his recent Youtube videos, and moved the Objective tracker to the top right-hand corner.

Check out Kelani’s Youtube channel; he provides some great content. He streams on Twitch too!

Everything else I already had in position, but I’m sure you’d agree, this is a much cleaner look, so thank you to Kelani, for the inspiration. I’d also suggest the addon Minimap Button Frame, as this cleans up the mini-map from cluttered buttons. Also visible in my UI is Isboxer consumable window (above chat window) and Objectives (Top right-hand corner) this replaces the default objectives window. Without Isboxer loaded, the default objectives will be in the same position. 

I have also added an image outlining the anchor points, as it’s challenging to show the full UI in action. Please be aware that specific anchor points are situated in the same place as others, as they’re likely not to conflict with each other – well, they don’t conflict in my situation. But you can always adjust the anchor points to your preference.

You may need Elvui’s plug-in (Shadow & Light). The addon has extra settings that you can change in the setup of your UI.

Here is a link to my pastebin. I want to remind you to backup your current profile (if you wish to revert to yours), then copy the string and import it into your Elvui.