Darkmoon Companion Pets

Darkmoon Companion Pets

Darkmoon Companion Pets:

The Darkmoon Faire offers 15 Darkmoon Companion Pets, some of which can be very profitable, none more so than the Darkmoon Rabbit and Moon Moon. These two Companion Pets come from the two rares, Darkmoon Rabbit and Moonfang.

Be aware there are Companion Pets from vendors if you have gold, Darkmoon Daggermaw, and Darkmoon Prize Tickets to spare. However, I’d urge you to consider purchasing Replica Transmog if you are above level 23 with Darkmoon Prize Tickets. Are you interested in Replica Transmog? Check out this article!

Please continue reading for a brief explanation of each Companion Pet, how you can get yours, and ensure you price them correctly for the Auction House!

Oribos Exchange:

Thanks to the introduction of Cross-Realm Trading, it’s never been a better time to transfer items from one realm to another for increased profit. Using the Oribos Exchange, we can easily compare values of (in this instance) Companion Pets and find the best realm to trade on.

While the pricing data I’ve shared below uses Region Median (the average value across the Region), I recommend getting a precise valuation for your Companion Pet/Battle Pet by checking the value for your realm (target realm) instead!

BoE vs BoP:

If you loot/purchase a Bind on Equip (BoE) Companion Pet, rest assured you can post it straight to the Auction House. However, buying a Bind on Pickup (BoP) Companion Pet will require you to learn it and cage it into a Battle Pet before you can successfully trade it.

Darkmoon Rabbit:

The Darkmoon Rabbit is a Companion Pet that is obtainable to one player within the group that defeated the Rare: Darkmoon Rabbit. The respawn timer is approximately 36 hours long, and having one Companion Pet looted per kill dictates its high value on the Auction House.

The Darkmoon Rabbit is Bind on Equip, which means you can sell it straight to the Auction House as a Companion Pet. Alternatively, learn the Companion Pet and cage it into a Battle Pet. Ideally, you’d want your Battle Pet to be level 25!

Companion Pet (Unlearned) EU Median US Median
Darkmoon Rabbit 80,000g 75,000g
Battle Pet (Learned & Caged) EU Median US Median
Darkmoon Rabbit 35,000g 49,990g

Moon Moon:

Moon Moon is a Companion Pet rewarded for defeating the Rare: Moonfang. Wowhead states there is a 5% chance to loot this after defeating Moonfang! The low drop rate dictates its incredibly high value.

Companion Pet (Unlearned) EU Median US Median
Moon Moon 83,000g 124,999g
Battle Pet (Learned & Caged) EU Median US Median
Moon Moon 45,000g 68,130g

Galissa Sundew:

Galissa Sundew sells two Companion Pets; you must acquire Darkmoon Daggermaw to purchase them. You can fish the Darkmoon Daggermaw from the shore of Darkmoon Island or buy them from the Auction House.

The average price for Darkmoon Daggermaw on the Auction House is approximately 7g 50s each. Before posting your Companion Pets to the Auction House, calculate the total gold invested to ensure the Companion Pets are profitable.

Remember, the Companion Pet Blorps Bubble is a non-combat pet and cannot be caged once learned! I’d advise just purchasing the Translucent Shell instead for 100 Darkmoon Daggermaw!

Companion Pet (Unlearned) EU Median US Median
Translucent Shell 7,100g 6,411g
Translucent Shell (Learned & Caged) EU Median US Median
Ghostshell Crab 5,360g 3,890g


Flik is a vendor chasing a frog throughout the wooded area of Darkmoon Island toward the quest giver, Chronos (Herb/Skinning daily quest). He sells two Companion Pets, a Wood Frog Box (limited availability), and a Tree Frog Box. Each Companion Pet will cost you one gold each.

As the Wood Frog Box is limited, it holds more value than the Tree Frog Box in the Auction House.

Companion Pet (Unlearned) Vendor Price EU Median US Median
Wood Frog Box (Limited Supply) 1g 375g 307g
Tree Frog Box 1g 160g 284g
Battle Pet (Learned & Caged) EU Median US Median
Wood Frog 799g 480g
Tree Frog 550g 195g

Pet Battles:

There are two Pet Battles available within the Darkmoon Faire. Defeating each Pet Battle will reward you with a bag with a slight chance of a Companion Pet. If you’d like guides on defeating these Pet Battles, check out my article here.

Christoph VonFeasel:

Defeating Christoph VonFeasel will reward you with a quest reward, Greater Darkmoon Pet Supplies. This bag can contain a Bind on Equip Syd the Squid.

Companion Pet (Unlearned) EU Median US Median
Syd the Squid 10,000g 8,500g
Battle Pet (Learned & Caged) EU Median US Median
Syd the Squid 4,999g 4,400g

Jeremy Feasel:

Upon defeating Jeremy Feasel, you’ll earn a Darkmoon Pet Supplies, which has a slight chance to contain a Darkmoon Eye. This Companion Pet is Bind on Equip.

Companion Pet (Unlearned) EU Median US Median
Darkmoon Eye 48,790g 141,250g
Battle Pet (Learned & Caged) EU Median US Median
Darkmoon Eye 12,800g 17,998g


Lhara sells Companion Pets for Darkmoon Prize Tickets. If you’ve read my article, Replica Transmog, you’ll know that purchasing Replica Transmog has level requirements. If your character is below level 23 and cannot purchase Replica Transmog, this is your alternative to spend your Darkmoon Prize Tickets.

Lhara has six Companion Pets for 90 Darkmoon Prize Tickets each. Remember that only one Companion Pet is Bind on Equip, the Darkmoon Hatchling. The remaining five Companion Pets are Bind on Pickup and must be learned and caged into Battle Pets to sell. Due to these restrictions, I’ve added information for the Battle Pet version instead!

Companion Pet (Unlearned) EU Median US Median
Darkmoon Hatchling 16,590g 25000g
Battle Pet (Learned & Caged) EU Median US Median
Darkmoon Cub 14,890g 10,994g
Darkmoon Hatchling 10,897g 9,998g
Darkmoon Monkey 9,200g 8,999g
Darkmoon Tonk 9,880g 9,999g
Darkmoon Turtle 9,890g 9,010g
Darkmoon Zeppelin 9,594g 9,000g


As with Transmog, the Companion Pet/Battle Pet markets are slow. But if you’re capable of building an inventory spread across multiple realms, it can increase the chances of sales. There are opportunities for flipping the Darkmoon Rabbit and Moon Moon as these Companion Pets/Battle Pets are challenging to acquire!

Ideally, if you meet the level 23 requirement, your Darkmoon Prize Tickets have more value when purchasing Replica Tranmog. The Companion Pets cost 90 Darkmoon Prize Tickets, whereas the Replica Transmog pieces cost 55/75 Darkmoon Prize Tickets.

Both Pet Battles can only be completed once per day across your account; with the Darkmoon Faire accessible for seven days, complete it each day to increase your chances of looting a Companion Pet. You’ll also get Darkmoon Prize Tickets from the bag!

Lastly, check out the Oribos Exchange; this gives excellent pricing data for your Companion Pet/Battle Pet across the Region or a specific realm


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