Multiboxing is a very contentious subject within the World of Warcraft community, and as long as you don’t use third-party software to broadcast keystrokes, you won’t break Blizzard’s ToS. However, most of the WoW community dislike multiboxing software, as it gives the user an unfair advantage over someone who plays solo.

I enjoyed multiboxing, as it brought another dimension to the game, especially when used correctly. Incorrectly using the software (i.e. botting) is against Blizzard’s ToS and is frowned upon within the multiboxing community.

Thanks to the changes, I only use multiboxing software to help post auctions efficiently. I use multiple WoW clients at once, meaning I need a window management feature, and both of the programs I’m sharing today offer this feature and more.

Blizzard’s Policy Changes:

Thanks to Blizzard’s policy change in 2020 regarding multiboxing, it is now illegal to use third-party software to input broadcast keystrokes. The changes forced Isboxer (Lavish Software) to release a new program called Joe Multiboxer. Hot on their heels was a newly created open-source project called WoW Open Box. Both programs were released in time for World of Warcraft: Shadowlands.

Joe Multiboxer (Subscription):

Following Blizzard’s policy change on multiboxingIsboxer became illegal to use within World of Warcraft. To assist the World of Warcraft multiboxing communityIsBoxer developed a new program called Joe Multiboxer, which had similar functions to Isboxer but had the main ‘input broadcasting feature‘ removed to abide by Blizzard’s ToS.

Be aware that Joe Multiboxer is still a paid program, and you will need to have a subscription with Lavish Software in place to use this program.

For more information regarding Joe Mulitboxer, click here.

WoW Open Box (Free):

With the announcement of Blizzard’s policy changes, it came as no surprise that many became unhappy with the news. Some even went to the lengths to create a new project called WoW Open Box. This program is a free, open-source project that also complies with Blizzard’s new ToS regarding multiboxing.

If you do not wish to pay for a multiboxing program, WoW Open Box is well worth your consideration.

For more information regarding WoW Open Box, click here.

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