Multiboxing is a very contentious subject within the World of Warcraft community, but it’s completely legal and doesn’t break Blizzards ToS. However, some of the community dislike the software as it gives the user an unfair advantage over someone that plays solo. I have enjoyed multiboxing, as it brings another dimension to the game, especially when used correctly. Incorrectly using the software, i.e., botting is against Blizzards ToS and seen frowned upon within the multiboxing community. 

I don’t go out of my way to harass other players (even with war mode activated), but merely use it for running my 5-man teams through Dungeons, promptly completing World Quests, or gathering Ore & herbs. The gathering alone is worthwhile; it’s incredible to control five players and gain five times the number of materials at the same time! There are greater rewards, by doing 2x4man farming, I don’t do this myself, so it would be unfair to comment further, but there’s plenty of guides online regarding this.

I have only ever used one piece of software, Isboxer (Lavish Software), and it’s excellent! They have loads of guides to help you set up (if you get stuck), and the wizard that guides you through the setup is extremely straightforward and helpful, it practically does all the hard work for you. The prices available are very reasonable too. Always check out their social media platforms as they have loads of promotions throughout the year. I’m in no shape or form sponsored by them, so this is purely my unbiased opinion. If you’re interested in trying out Isboxer, be sure to use their trial and of course, my friend code. The details of this offer are below.

  • If your friend purchases a subscription, you get at least 30 days for free, and your friend gets at least 15 days for free!
  • If your friend purchases at least one year of subscription, you get a total of 45 days for free, and your friend gets a total of 30 days for free!

As you can see, this benefits both of us, so worthwhile applying when you create your account via this friend code.

Something I haven’t touched on yet. Have you leveled characters, i.e. through dungeons and found the queue times extremely tedious? The added benefit of multiboxing is that you don’t need to wait, instead build your team, as I have on many occasions and queue and level through dungeons. The current [winds of Wisdom] buff for 100% increased experience means leveling via dungeons is exceptionally efficient. My team are currently level 75 and plan to have them at level 120 by the end of the week.

Here are some helpful sites and guides to help you with multiboxing if you decide to take the plunge.

WoWLazyMacros – One Button Macros for every class!
Dual-Boxing – Multiboxing Forums

Multiboxology – Youtube Channel full of guides.

I’m no expert with multiboxing, but if you need some advice or a point in the right direction, then drop me a line, and I will reply to you at the earliest convenience. Now before I go, here’s a picture of my 5-man group hitting it up at Thunder Bluff!

multiboxing team