European Connected Realms (Revisited)

European Connected Realms

European Connected Realms:

You might remember previous to the launch of World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, that I covered many of the new U.S and E.U region realm connections, most importantly, the European Connected Realms.

Thanks to the Summer Sale that just ended, I’ve managed to invest in 20 character transfers from the character bundle promotion. With these transfers, I plan to consolidate the realms with multiple characters and significantly reduce the realms I cover.

What are Connected Realms?

Blizzard periodically connects realms that have a low population in a bid to help players that play on low-populated realms play with other players. These changes can negatively affect gold-making as the Auction House will be shared across the newly connected realms.

Connecting realms also means Blizzard can consolidate many of its realms. Today, the E.U region (not including Russian realms) consists of 247 realms, as shown below.

  • English: 110
  • German: 87
  • French: 37
  • Spanish: 11
  • Italian: 2

With the ability to connect realms, Blizzard can consolidate the 247 realms down to 81 connected realms, as outlined below.

  • English: 37
  • German: 25
  • French: 13
  • Spanish: 4
  • Italian: 2

I’m Unsure if I’m in a Connected Realm:

By logging in to the game, enter a realm you have a character on, and post this script in the chat box.

/dump GetAutoCompleteRealms()

If no realm details come up, you’ve logged into a realm with no connections. However, if you log into a realm with a connection, you’ll see a list of realms you’re connected to.

The realm designated with the number 1 is the primary realm

Outdated Realm Connection Data:

Sadly, wow realm population, a site I frequently used to garner information about connected realms, is out of date. I understand that you may look on their site and notice that they had updated player/guild statistics today. However, they’ve not updated the connected realms.

The fact that they’ve not yet incorporated the new realm connections means that the player count for each realm connection hasn’t been calculated correctly.


The German realm Perenolde (already connected with Teldrassil) recently joined Garrosh, Nozdormu, and Shattrath! However, this isn’t reflected on the website. This issue is the case in all realm connections that took place before the release of Shadowlands

Realm Data Not Updated

Why is Correct Population Data Important?

Players, including myself, base their choice on a new realm/realm transfer on the characters currently playing in that realm. If the calculations are incorrect, you could be moving to a vastly populated, underpopulated realm than you were anticipating.

Maybe you’re looking for a well-populated realm for Raiding, Rated PvP, a Roleplaying server, or perhaps a low-populated realm for gold-making. Making sure you get the correct population before you move is imperative!

Gaining Better Realm Population Statistics:

Using the example I gave above, visit the wow realm population for Perenolde and Garrosh! Under Combined active characters from connected realms, add the figures from Perenolde’s connected realm to Garrosh’s connected realms, as shown below!

Remember, the statistics added below were correct at the time of this blog post.

  • Alliance: 5,198
  • Horde: 2,321
  • Overall: 7,519
  • Alliance: 6,800
  • Horde: 3,362
  • Overall: 10,162
Garrosh/Nozdormu/Shattrath/Perenolde/Teldrassil (Correct)
  • Alliance: 11,998
  • Horde: 5,683
  • Overall: 17,681

When you correctly calculate all the realms, you quickly realize how significant the player statistics are. Imagine going to Perenolde, thinking there are only 7,516 players; instead, you find out there are 17,681!

The Benefit:

I had a Horde character on Teldrassil and an Alliance character on Garrosh. With the ability to send gold and items to players on an alternative Faction, I send all the gold and items to one character, then either delete the unwanted character or transfer it to a new realm.

By doing some homework and correctly checking out the correct populations with the new realm connections, I can transfer the unwanted character to a low-populated realm I don’t already occupy.

By knowing all the connected realms, I can cross-reference all the characters/realms I play on and use this method to consolidate every realm I play on. Maybe this is of interest to you too?!

List of all European Connected Realms:

Below, I’ve added a fresh update outlining all the European Connected Realms for the E.U region. Sadly, this list won’t include Russian and alternative regions, as I don’t play in these realms.

However, check out my previous post if you’d like information regarding the realms connected before Shadowlands.

This list is in no particular order, only separated by Country. The highlighted realm in bold text is the new primary realm for that realm connection.

  • Burning Blade / Drak’thul
  • Bronze Dragonflight / Nordrasil
  • Auchindoun / Dunemaul / Sylvanas / Jaedenar
  • Moonglade / Steamwheedle Cartel / The Sha’tar
  • Genjuros / Zenedar / Bladefist / Neptulon / Frostwhisper / Darksorrow
  • Spinebreaker / Dragonmaw / Vashj / Stormreaver / Haomrush
  • Emeriss / Twilight’s Hammer / Bloodscalp / Crushridge / Agamaggan / Hakkar
  • Dentarg / Tarren Mill
  • Turalyon / Doomhammer
  • Khadgar / Bloodhoof
  • Quel’Thalas / Azjol Nerub
  • Aggramar / Hellscream
  • Blade’s Edge / Eonar / Vek’nilash / Aerie Peak / Bronzebeard
  • Al’Akir / Skullcrusher / Xavius / Burning Legion
  • Karazhan / Dragonblight / The Maelstrom / Ghostlands / Lightning’s Blade / Deathwing
  • Shadowsong / Aszune
  • Grim Batol / Aggra / Frostmane
  • Hellfire / Runetotem / Arathor / Kilrogg / Nagrand
  • Scarshield Legion / Sporeggar / Earthern Ring / Defias Brotherhood / Ravenholdt / Darkmoon Faire / The Venture Co
  • Azuremyst / Stormrage
  • Terenas / Emerald Dream
  • Lightbringer / Mazrigos
  • Kor’gall / Executus / Shattered Hand / Bloodfeather / Terokkar / Saurfang / Darkspear / Burning Steppes
  • Wildhammer / Thunderhorn
  • Shattered Halls / Chromaggus / Sunstrider / Balnazzar / Talnivarr / Ahn’Qiraj / Daggerspine / Laughing Skull / Trollbane / Boulderfist
  • Kul’tiras / Alonsus/Anachronos
  • Die Arguswacht / Die ewige Wacht / Die Todeskrallen / Das Syndikat / Der Abyssische Rat / Kult der Verdammten / Das Konsortium / Die Silberne Hand
  • Dethecus / Theradras / Onyxia / Mug’thol / Terrordar
  • Lothar / Baelgun / Azshara / Krag’jin
  • Echsenkessel / Blackhand / Mal’ganis / Taerar
  • Thrall / Kargath / Ambossar
  • Ysera / Malorne
  • Arthas / Blutkessel / Wrathbringer / Durotan / Kel’Thuzad / Vek’lor / Tirion
  • Nazjatar / Zuluhed / Dalvengyr / Aman’thul / Frostmourne / Anub’arak
  • Todeswache / Zirkel des Cenarius / Der Mithrilorden / Forscherliga / Der Rat von Dalaran / Die Nachtwache
  • Malygos / Malfurion
  • Nefarian / Gilneas / Destromath / Ulduar / Mannoroth / Gorgonnash / Nera’thor
  • Arygos / Khaz’goroth
  • Anetheron / Kil’Jaeden / Rajaxx / Festung der Sturme / Gul’dan / Nathrezim
  • Blackmoore / Tichondrius / Lordaeron
  • Un’goro / Sen’jin / Area 52
  • Rexxar / Alleria
  • Netherstrum / Alexstasza / Madmortem / Proudmore
  • Garrosh / Shattrath / Nordormu / Perenolde / Teldrassil
  • Norgannon / Dun Morogh
  • Confrerie du Thorium / La Croisade ecarlate / Culte de la Rive noire / Les Sentinelles / Kirin Tor / Les Clairvoyants / Counseil des Ombres
  • Garona / Sargeras / Ner’zhul
  • Uldaman / Drek’thar / Krasus / Eitrigg
  • Vol’jin / Chants eternals
  • Naxxramas / Arathi / Illidan / Temple noir
  • Suramar / Medivh
  • Arak-arahm / Rashgorroth / Kael’thas / Throk’Feroth
  • Elune / Varimathras
  • Marecage de Zangar / Cho’gall / Eldre’Thalas / Sinstralis / Dalaran
  • Tyrande / Los Errantes / Colinas Pardas
  • Dun Modr / C’Thun
  • Zul’jin / Uldum / Sanguino / Shen’drala
  • Exodar / Minhonda


I understand this post won’t be helpful to most, but there’s importance in this if you consider moving to a new realm for Raiding, Rated PvP, Roleplaying, or maybe you want a low-populated realm for gold-making.

Knowing which realms are connected and obtaining the correct player statistics, you can fulfill your needs and transfer or start a new player in your desired realm. Not forgetting, if you have multiple characters on one realm, selling the same stuff, you can consolidate all your gold and items to one character instead.

If you have any questions, are unsure of anything, or have some advice I’ve overlooked, be sure to share it below, and I’ll add it to the blog, with credit to you!


Again, this was another long-winded blog post, but I tried to be as concise as possible. Any feedback is greatly received; please use the comment section below. If you need to contact me, use the contact me method. If you found this post helpful and believe it could be of use to someone else, please consider liking and sharing.


Thanks for reading!

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