The Winds of Wisdom

The Winds of Wisdom

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The Winds of Wisdom:

Blizzard has just released news that they’ve reintroduced the leveling buff, Winds of Wisdom. If you recall a blog post I created in March 2020, you’d know how significant this buff was, as it applied a 100% increase to experience gains. Sadly, this time around, the buff isn’t as significant.

On this occasion, the Winds of Wisdom will give a player between the level 10 to 59 bracket a 50% increase in experience gains! This buff is an excellent opportunity for players looking to hit level 60 (59) or level a new character promptly.

Returning Players:

As we all know, Shadowlands was a huge disappointment, especially for those excited during the Alpha Build and let down by the developers not making the changes the community desired.

If you fall into this category and want to opt back into the game again, this buff will quickly get you to level 60! The recent patches have improved the game immensely with many quality of life changes.

Significantly, this buff will also help if you want to level a new character in time for Shadowlands: Season 4!

When Does the Buff Start?

The buff will be available today (20/07/22) from 9 am; when the dailies reset, the buff Winds of Wisdom should automatically be applied to your character. If this is not the case, relog.

How Long Will The Buff Be Available?

This buff will last for two weeks until the release of Shadowlands: Season 4. The new season will be on the 2nd of August for U.S players and the 3rd of August for E.U players.

Any Restrictions:

There are no restrictions; add War Mode, and ride the Carousel (for the Whee! buff) when the Darkmoon Faire returns to increase your leveling gains further. Remember to equip Heirloom items, there is no increase to experience, but it does delay the resting experience you may have built up while inactive.


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