The Dracthyr Are Almost Here!

Dracthyr are almost Here!

The Dracthyr Are Almost Here!

For those not aware, starting on the 15th of November (16th of November for E.U), you can create your Dracthyr Evoker. The new Hero Class: Dracthyr Evoker, will begin at level 58 and have its own Starting Zone: The Forbidden Reach.

You’ll then have two weeks to reach level 60 and gear it out in time for the World of Warcraft: Dragonflight launch on the 28th of November. Below I’ve added some tips and bypasses that may interest you and your new Dracthyr(s)!

Reminder: The ability to play Dracthyr on the 15th of November is only available to players with a pre-purchase of World of Warcraft: Dragonflight.

When will Dracthyr be Available?

Be warned; scheduled maintenance for the E.U region will begin at 3 am CEST (2 am GMT). The game will be unavailable until 11 am CEST (10 am GMT) on the 16th of November.

For U.S players, your scheduled maintenance began at 7 am PDT, and the game will be available at approximately 3 pm PDT on the 15th of November!

During this maintenance, content for Phase Two of the Dragonflight Pre-Patch will be added to the game. This will bring the ability to play a Dracthyr Evoker (including The Forbidden Reach), participate in the Primal Storms event, and the new Dungeon, Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr!

Dracthyr Restrictions:

Here’s a quick recap on the restrictions and limitations that the developers have set for the new Hero Class: Dracthyr Evoker.

Please remember that these restrictions are similar to those set for previous Hero Classes, the Death Knight, and the Demon Hunter from previous expansions.

  • Only one Dracthyr per realm.
  • Subsequent Dracthyr requires a non-Dracthyr level 50 character.*

(*) Your first Dracthyr Evoker is free from any level restriction. All subsequent Dracthyr created must have a non-Dracthyr level 50 character on that realm! I added extra clarity as it appears many are confused (i.e. The Radio Times).

How to Bypass the Realm Restrictions?

For anyone interested in bypassing these restrictions/limitations, check out a few methods below that I’ve used successfully in the past.

Connected Realms:

If you play on a connected realm, you can have multiple Dracthyr Evokers on a single connected realm.

For example, the Shattered Halls, an E.U realm, connects with nine other realms, meaning you could have one Dracthyr Evoker in each realm, meaning all ten would be in the same connected realm.

  • Shattered Halls / Chromaggus / Sunstrider / Balnazzar / Talnivarr / Ahn’Qiraj / Daggerspine / Laughing Skull / Trollbane / Boulderfist
Do I play on a Connected Realm?!

If you’d like to check if you’re part of a connected realm, enter this script in-game. 

/dump GetAutoCompleteRealms()

If no further realm information appears, you’re on a single realm. However, it will list the connected realms if you’re in a connected realm. The realm at number 1 is the primary realm.

Multiple Accounts:

Also, players with multiple accounts (i.e. WoW1, WoW2, etc) can bypass the limitation by having a Dracthyr Evoker on each account but in the same realm.

Realm Population Data:

I want to take this opportunity to remind you that the website WoW Realm Population hasn’t updated its data correctly and is insufficiently recording population data without including the new connected realms.

I’ve highlighted this in my blog post: European Connected Realms (Revisited). If you’re considering joining a new connected realm, please take note of the information in that blog post.

The Benefit of Multiple Drakthyr Evokers in One Realm?!

Professions will be a massive staple of Dragonflight, especially the ability to have different specializations. Having as many professions with varied specializations means you can cover as many bases as possible.

Not only will you be able to garner most, if not all, the materials yourself, but you’ll also corner the market on profitability due to crafting your intermediate crafts.

Having multiple Dracthyr Evokers on one connected realm, on multiple accounts, will give you a massive edge over your competition, especially if you don’t have an army of alts already.

Reserving a Name for your Dracthyr:

If you haven’t done so, I recommend reserving the desired name for your Dracthyr Evoker. I have my two names saved. To do this, create a dud character with the name you want for your Dracthyr, and delete it upon making your Dracthyr.

Twitch Drops:

Remember, Twitch Drops begin on the 15th of November too. These will start at 3 pm PST (11 pm GMT) and end on the 18th of November. Tuning in for four hours (during this time) will reward you with the TCG Companion Pet: Dragon Kite.

Check out my recent blog post: The Demise of the Dragon Kite. Where I look at the dramatic effect on the value of the Dragon Kite on the Auction House following the announcement of the Twitch Drop reward.

At this time, there’s no list of eligible streamers. I’d suggest logging in to Twitch at 3 pm PST (11 pm GMT), and within the World of Warcraft category, look for the streamers that have ‘Twitch Drops Enabled‘ in their title!

Gearing Options for your Dracthyr!

The obvious avenues are Mythic+ Dungeons and Fated Raids; if you don’t usually play these, you can purchase a boost from trade chat or a respected boosting community. Check the community tab for adverts.

Remember: All boosts must be in gold, no other currency; otherwise, you break Blizzard’s Terms of Service and risk having your account banned!

With the World of Warcraft Anniversary still ongoing, you can obtain ilvl 272 gear from defeating the World Bosses littered around Azeroth. Alternatively, ilvl 252 gear is available from the Phase Two Pre-Patch event: Primal Storms.

Alternatively, you can acquire gear from your main and alts activities before the Dracthyr’s release. Collect the following items and hand them over!

Best Covenant for Dracthyr:

So you’ve hit Level 60 and completed The Forbidden Reach, and now you’re unsure of the best Covenant. At this early stage, the best Covenant for both Dracthyr specs is Night Fae and the Soulbind: Dreamweaver.

For a detailed explanation, check out this Wowhead guide.

Before you join them, read the following section: Powerleveling your Covenant

Power-leveling your Covenant:

Once you’ve chosen your Covenant, head towards the vendor: Au’Dara she is beside the Flight Master on the upper floor (Ring of Transference) of Oribos. You will need 2500g to complete this method!

She sells the Account-Bound tokens: Broker Mark of Distinction. Purchase four of them. While you’re there, pick up the Incense of Infinity, this will unlock and increase all Conduits to level 200

Now head back to the ground floor (Ring of Fates), where all the Covenants are (The Enclave). Starting at Venthyr, join and use one of the Broker Mark of Distinction; you’ll experience some lag, then receive all the rewards for hitting level 60 Renown for the Covenant.

Now do the same process with the Necrolord, then the Kyrian, and last but not least, the Night Fae. Use your final Broker Mark of Distinction; you should have four Wisp of Memory and 4000 Anima within your inventory!

Accept the quest that asks you to go to the Heart of the Forest. Once you’ve completed the introduction quests, you’ll have the option to link with a Soulbind, ONLY activate the NIYA Soulbind at this timedon’t activate any more Soulbinds YET!

Now head over to Zayhad, the Builder, and choose the Command Table (Mission Table) from the Sanctum Upgrades.

Boosting your Mission Table Troops:

So you’ve activated the Mission Table, and after your hour-long wait, it’s finally available. Accept the first quest to start the first mission. 

Reminder: If you have Leatrix Plus active for auto-completing quests (for quest turn-ins), I suggest turning it off! We don’t want to auto-accept the quests that give us more Companions.

The trick is to have the least amount of Companions available, then use the Wisp of Memory to upgrade the Companion. Because the Troops will get a level based on the average level of your Companions, if we use a Wisp of Memory and hit level 38, our Troops will too.

However, activating more Soulbinds or accepting more Companions will significantly reduce the average level of your Troops. That’s why it’s imperative to have only one Companion active now!

The benefit here is your level 38 Troops will boost your low-level Companions through missions. I have my Troops at level 55, as shown below. 

Once you’re happy with the level you want, you can accept the quests for more Companions and activate the two remaining Soulbinds (especially Dreamweaver).

Boosting Mission Table Troops

Mission Table Addons:

There are two Addons I use for the Mission Table. Check the links below to get more information.

Check your Alts:

If you have sufficient gold, check your level 50 to 60 alts and see if they can use the power-leveling Covenant method above. If you don’t plan on using the Mission Table on them, you can transfer the Anima to your main character or Dracthyr via Traveler’s Anima Cache


Although this blog post was long-winded, it does have some excellent tips, especially for newly leveled 60 Dracthyrs. The quicker and the better you gear your Dracthyr, the easier the leveling process will be when Dragonflight releases.

If you’re in a position to have multiple Dracthyrs in one realm and want to profit from the new profession system, ensure you have all the professions available with different specializations.

It’s worth creating a Spreadsheet or creating a Notepad tracking all the different characters you have and the different professions and specializations. Anything you’re missing, it’s well worth adding – there’s still enough time!


Any feedback is greatly received; please use the comment section below. If you need to contact me, use the contact me method. Please consider liking and sharing if you found this post helpful and believe it could be useful to someone else.


Thanks for reading!

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