Realm Connections for EU and US Regions

Here’s this weeks (16th & 17th September) confirmed realm connections for the E.U and U.S regions. Extra dates for maintenance have been scheduled. Check the Breaking News screen upon logging in-game or Blizzards Support channels on Twitter (E.U & U.S) for updates.

For a comprehensive list of all the European realm connections (to date) in 2020, click here.

E.U Region

17th September:

  • EnglishAerie Peak/Bronzebeard connected to Blade’s Edge/Eonar/Vek’nilash
  • GermanAmbossar/Kargath connected to Thrall
  • FrenchConseil des Ombres/Culte de la Rive noire/La Croisade écarlate connected to Confrérie du Thorium/Les Clairvoyants/Les Sentinelles
  • RussianThe Lich King/Greymane connected to Goldrinn
  • RussianBooty Bay/Deathweaver connected to Blackscar

Source – Realm details.
Source – Confirmation of locked realms.

U.S Region

16th September:

  • Aman’thul connected to Dath’Remar/Khaz’goroth.

17th September:

  • Hydraxis/Terenas connected to Drak’thul/Mok’Nathal/Silvermoon/Skywall/Shadowsong/Borean Tundra.
  • Darrowmere/Windrunner connected to Draka/Suramar.
  • Ghostlands/Kael’thas connected to Grizzly Hills/Lothar/Malfurion/Trollbane/Gnomeregan.
  • Black Dragonflight/Gul’dan/Skullcrusher connected to Andorhal/ Eonar/Velen/Scilla/Ursin/ Zuluhed.
  • Exodar/Medivh connected to Alleria/Khadgar.


Comprehensive list of all European realm connections in 2020

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