Lovely Dresses and Dinner Suites

Lovely Dresses & Dinner Suites

Lovely Dresses & Dinner Suits:

If you’ve not noticed, the value of Lovely Dresses and Dinner Suits has significantly increased this year. Continue reading to discover what you can do to get involved in this market and why!

The Changes Explained:

Thanks to Patch 10.0.5, white (Common) armor pieces have a cosmetic appearance. These changes mean there’s value in common armor pieces, especially if you’re a gold-maker or Transmog collector.

Furthermore, players that have missed the World Event: Love is in the Air can now obtain all the Lovely Dresses and Dinner Suits throughout the year and equip them at any time via the Auction House.

Remember, check inactive characters to see if you have stored any of these pieces in your bank; you could have a nice haul of gold sitting there!

Lovely Dresses:

There are four different Lovely Dresses available.

Dinner Suits:

These are the three Dinner Suits available.


So far, I’ve recorded one sale, but this was on my main character (last night); I have not gone through all my characters, which won’t be for another fortnight. So I’ll update this section when I have more sales data.

96k gold for a dress that set me back approximately 2k gold!

A Lovely Black Dress Sale

Other Items for Consideration:

I’ve also added four other items that may be of interest from other World Events. Items with (*) denote this piece has an Uncommon bind on equip alternative via Tailoring!


Patch 10.0.5 is still a new feature as it was only released at the end of last month, and as you can see, we’re still coming to terms with many new changes, especially to Transmog.

Plenty of common items from World Events can be found on the Auction House that you can flip for profit. However, the real benefit is checking out those inactive characters you might have hidden away. I had a couple of pieces hidden away myself!

I sold one piece for 96k gold within one evening of posting it, so there’s definitely value in the market, and the freedom to equip and obtain these pieces throughout the year makes them an ideal investment.

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