Timewalking: Warlords of Draenor

Timewalking: Warlords of Draenor

Timewalking Warlords of Draenor:

The World Event – Timewalking: Warlords of Draenor is an excellent opportunity to earn reputation for Factions within Draenor and obtain Timewarped Badges. Furthermore, if you have a Garrison (or are considering building one), you can increase your reputation gains further! Thanks to the Garrisons, we can make a lot of gold during this period.

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Garrison Buildings

Garrison Buildings

Garrison Buildings:

Assuming you’ve unlocked your level 3 Garrison and completed the Achievement: More Work Orders, these are the Garrison buildings you want. The number in brackets is the level required for your building. The only exception is the Mines; If you want to farm ore and the Mine Carts, I suggest getting level 3. Alternatively, I ignore this.

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Garrison Items of Interest

Garrison Items of Interest:

Here’s a detailed explanation of the Garrison items of interest available to assist your progress through content throughout Draenor and the development of your Garrison!

Garrison Resources:

We need Garrison Resources to upgrade our Garrison and the buildings; this is also necessary currency to send Followers on missions. We can obtain Garrison Resources by completing successful missions or purchasing a Huge Ogre Cache.

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Huge Ogre Cache

Flipping Huge Ogre Cache

Huge Ogre Cache:

An excellent little niche market is the flipping cheap Huge Ogre Caches. These items are a reward from a mission called Ogrecoming Adversity via the Mission table within your Garrison (Warlords of Draenor). Using this item will give the player 1000 Garrison Resources. Players that no longer require Garrison Resources or are already at their maximum quantity (10,000) will often mail these to an alt or post on the Auction House.

If you’re fortunate, you can find players posting these very cheap on the Auction House. But, be warned, there are two different level requirements, Level 10 and Level 40. TSM4 cannot differentiate between the item’s minimum level requirements and will display all at Level 10. So, if you’re Level 10, be aware of this oversight before purchasing.

First Image: TSM4 incorrectly showing Huge Ogre Cach at Level 10
TSM4 Incorrectly Showing Huge Ogre Cache as Level 10

Second Image: World of Warcraft Default UI correctly showing the same item as Level 40

WoW Default AH UI Showing the Correct Level Requirement

Shopping for Huge Ogre Caches:

If you’re Level 10, and you accidentally purchase a minimum required Level 40 Huge Ogre Cache, you will find yourself unable to use this item until you meet the level requirement. Therefore, please take extra care when below Level 40, purchasing these items.

To get around this scenario, open the Auction House and scan for a Huge Ogre Cache; once you’ve found some change from the TSM4 UI to World of Warcraft’s default Auction House UI. Hovering your cursor over one of these items will correctly show (if any) the different level requirements for the Huge Ogre Cache.

Posting Huge Ogre Caches to the Auction House:

It’s important to remind you that this issue persists when posting these Huge Ogre Caches on the Auction House. Where possible, post these items carefully by sorting these items within your bags correctly. The Auction House will post the items in the order within your bag, ignoring the different level requirements.

For example, if you had 10 Huge Ogre Caches in your bag (6x Level 10 and 4x Level 40) group them separately by level (make sure Level 10’s are at the top of your bags), open the Auction House via World of Warcraft’s default UI, shift-click the Level 10 items you wish to post, and where it asks the amount to post, input 6. This will post the 6 Level 10 Huge Ogre Caches from the top of your bag.

Please ignore this section if you have no interest in profiting from the different level requirements.

Why Flip level 10 Huge Ogre Caches:

As mentioned previously, I post my level 10 Huge Ogre Caches higher than level 40 purely because of the number of new players currently playing; this might be of interest to you too! For example, new players at Level 10 that opt for ‘The Iron Horde‘ (Warlords of Draenor) campaign from Chromie will want to boost their Garrison Resources to build their buildings or participate in early missions promptly.


As mentioned previously, I flip many Huge Ogre Caches, mainly the Level 10 items, as these are very desirable to new level 10 players with a new Garrison. Additionally, new players will be looking at boosting their Garrison Resources, which will efficiently speed up the development of their Garrison.

I can successfully flip these between 2,500 gold to 4,500 gold as illustrated below. Always consider the size of your realm and the competition before participating in this market.

Successfully Flipping Huge Ogre Caches

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Medallion of the Legion

I’m sure many of you remember the awful start we experienced on the release of Warlords of Draenor (WoD) and the inability to access the Dark Portal, and, later on in the night, the inability to access the starter quest to build our Garrisons. Once the developers ironed out the issues, it quickly became apparent how essential Garrisons would be in WoD and the wealth of things it would offer, most notably, the Medallion of the Legion!

As the expansion progressed, it wasn’t too long before players were aware of the mission table’s potential, and before you knew it, they were min-maxing their followers and traits, taking full advantage of the encounters available to them. The gold missions were insane, and the mission table gave us an alternative method to obtain raid loot. Still, an excellent addition was a mission that gave us another option to acquire the Medallion of Legion.

What is a Medallion of the Legion:

The Medallion of the Legion is an item that can be purchased from other players, looted via rares or acquired by completing a specific mission at the mission table. Upon consuming this Medallion, you will receive 1000 reputation with the denizens of Draenor.

Important: If you own a level 3 Trading Post and you’re situated within Draenor, once you consume the Medallion, you will receive a 20% bonus (if the Darkmoon Faire is in town, get the Whee! buff for an additional 10% bonus). The Sign of Iron buff from WoD Timewalking which rewards 50% reputation gains does not affect the Medallion of the Legion.

The Denizens of Draenor:

Once you consume your Medallion of the Legion, you will receive 1000 reputation to all these factions also known as the Denizens of Draenor. [A] Alliance Faction – [H] Horde Faction.

Due to the removal of the battleground Ashran in 8.0, it is no longer possible to gain 1000 rep for Wrynn’s Vanguard and Vol’jin’s Spear when consuming a Medallion of the Legion. Source: WowheadSklixe

Ashran has since been reworked and released, but I’m unsure whether the limitations mentioned above are still an issue!

Why Should I Max My Denizens Reputations?

Locked behind the Denizens of Draenor are Companion Pets/Battle Pets, Followers, and Mounts. You will need Revered and Exalted to meet these requirements. An image below, outlining the reputation requirements to purchase items from the Council of Exarchs.

How to Obtain a Medallion of the Legion:

The Medallion of the Legion is a reward for killing and looting four rares within Tanaan Jungle; these rares had between an 18-19% chance to drop a Medallion. These rares were hugely popular due to players also farming Fel-Corrupted Apexis Fragment – you should only kill these rares once per day, per character; any more than once, and you’ll not receive any loot.

The Rares:

Here is a handy script that will inform you if you’ve already defeated the rare for today. Please enter it in the chatbox; it will inform you if you’ve conquered that rare for today. Source: Wowheadslybootz

/run for k,v in pairs({deathtalon=39287, terrorfist=39288, doomroller=39289, vengeance=39290}) do print(format("%s: %s", k, IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(v) and "\124cFFFF0000Completed\124r" or "\124cFF00FF00Not completed yet\124r")) end

Eldritch Horrors:

As WoD progressed, the developers added a mission table encounter called Eldritch Horrors in patch 6.2. Upon completing this encounter, it rewarded players with a Medallion of the Legion.

Buying and Selling Medallion of the Legion:

If you’ve maxed out your reputations with the denizens of Draenor and have no use for them, you can post them on the Auction House. During WoD, the average price was 15k per Medallion; as WoD came to an end and the release of Legion, the price skyrocketed to 30k. Sadly, as the expansions have come and gone, so has a lot of its value. But don’t let that put you off. You can still find Medallions for approximately 1-2k gold each and can flip these between 4-7k each (Region/Realm dependant)

The Undermine Journal (TUJ) Region Median Prices.

Recent Sale:

From my Tweet dated: 12/03/2021


Although we’re in Shadowlands now, and WoD was almost seven years ago, don’t be fooled into thinking the Medallion of the Legion are of no interest anymore. I sell these regularly on the Auction House between 4-7k gold each. Players who have recently started/restarted playing World of Warcraft may try to catch up with their reputations or collect missing pets and mounts locked behind reputation requirements. The Medallions are a cheap and efficient method for players to catch up, and it’s this that gives them their current value.

If you find any errors in this post, or wish to add anything I’ve missed, please post within the comment section below and I’ll update my post where necessary. I’ve credited where information was shared by other authors. As ever, thank you to Wowhead for use of their Medallion of the Legion image, data, links, etc.

Fishing up the Sea Turtle via the Naval Missions

Yes… you read the title of this blog correctly, it’s possible to fish up the Sea Turtle via your Naval Missions. Simply attach a  Tuskarr Fishing Net to your ships and if you’re lucky, you may fish it up without the need to literally fish it up yourself.

sea turtle via naval missions

I’d suggest placing the Tuskarr Fishing Net on your Transport Ship, one that you’d send out on Oil Missions. You can purchase the nets for 500 Garrison Resources and they’re available from Kronk Rustspark, Frostfire Ridge or Salty Jorren, Shadowmoon Valley.

If you dont have the Tuskarr fishing net unlocked yet, then you must complete the reputation requirement, to buy this recipe from the vendor. If you’re Alliance, you must earn Honored reputation with the Hand of the Prophet. For Horde players, you must earn Honored reputation with the Vol’jin’s Headhunters. The recipe will cost you 500g.

Let me know if you’ve been successful to fish this up via the above method.