Garrison Followers

Garrison Followers

Garrison Followers:

To assist you with the day-to-day running of your Garrison, you can find and enlist Followers to do many things within your Garrison. Mainly, you will want your Garrison Followers to complete Missions from the Garrison Mission Table or assign them to your buildings if they have the required trait.

If you’re struggling with content within Draenor while questing/leveling, consider checking your Followers for the Bodyguard trait. One of these followers can be assigned to your Barracks and will accompany you within Draenor and fight alongside you!

Reminder: You will need a level 2 Barracks to assign a Bodyguard!

Follower Abilities & Traits:

Each Follower will have different Abilities & Traits. Their abilities are mainly for completing Garrison Missions. However, if your Follower is a Bodyguard, those traits will be usable during combat when fighting alongside you within Draenor.

Follower traits, however, give a vast range of benefits. The best trait to have is Extreme Scavenger, followed by Scavenger. These traits increase Garrison Resources upon completion of a Garrison Resource Mission.

If you send off three Followers on a Garrison Resource Mission, and all three have the Extreme Scavenger trait, they will return 600% more Garrison Resources if successful!

Follower Retraining:

Having a varied range of abilities for your Followers will increase success chances when assigned to missions, and having the Extreme Scavenger trait will increase Garrison Resource returns. To reroll abilities & traits, purchase the Follower Retraining Certificate or Follower Trait Retraining Guide.

Although you can obtain both items via missions, you can also purchase them. You must have a level 3 Garrison to purchase these items from the Garrison Quartermaster. They will set you back 1000 Garrison Resources each. Although 1000 Garrison Resources looks like a lot, you will find yourself with many Garrison Resources, so don’t worry!

Be careful when retraining Followers, as you may lose good secondary abilities and traits. Be warned; It may take a lot of rerolls to get the preferred abilities and traits you demand.

A Follower’s Quality:

Four qualities will dictate how many abilities and traits your Follower will have. You can increase a Follower’s quality; however, Legendary is only achievable by one Follower.

  • Uncommon – one ability & one trait.
  • Rare – one ability & two traits.
  • Epic – two abilities & three traits.
  • Legendary – two abilities & three traits.

To increase your Follower’s quality, level them by earning experience from completing missions. The higher the quality, level, and ilvl, the greater the chance of them successfully completing missions. Once they hit max level, you can use the Frozen Arms of a Hero to increase the Follower’s item level (ilvl).

Upgrading Item Level (ilvl):

You can obtain enhancements for increasing your Follower’s ilvl; these are acquired from completing missions, work orders from the Dwarven Bunker/War Mill for Garrison Resources, or within Salvage (if you have the Salvage Yard).

However, I recommend purchasing the Frozen Arms of a Hero, which can be earned via missions or purchased from the Auction House. You can expect to pay between 200-500g each. I’ve highlighted this within my post: Garrison Items of Interest

Due to the Auction House changes, the Frozen Arms of a Hero is in greater supply as they benefit from the new region-wide commodity improvements that came in Shadowlands, patch: 9.2.7.

Searching for New Followers:

Hopefully, you’ve already read my Garrison Addons post, which informs you about Mission Table addons and HandyNotes. If you opted for the Master Plan addon, head towards the Garrison Mission Table and select the Followers tab.

The Follower tab will show you all the Followers you have and the ones you’re currently missing, which are highlighted in grey!

If you’ve installed HandyNotes and the extension: Warlords of Draenor (Treasure Hunter & Rares), open your map, and you will find any Follower you haven’t acquired throughout Draenor with a cross.

Hover your cursor over the cross to see if there are any prerequisites you need to complete before you obtain that Follower. For example, Dagg needs you to release him from two separate locations in a specific order – once completed, he will be found standing outside your Garrison!

Followers via Other Sources:

Several Followers are obtainable from Achievements and quests via your Garrison; check out this post from Wowhead! Be aware that some Followers require you to complete a Dungeon, or boss fight, for example, Croman, who is obtainable from completing an Achievement within Heroic Bloodmaul Slag Mines: Come With Me If You Want To Live.

Follower Restrictions:

At any one time, you can only have 20 followers active. To increase this to 25, you will need to build a level 3 Barracks. You can also activate and deactivate Followers, ensuring you have the best 20 (25) Followers at your disposal.

To activate or deactivate a Follower, go to the Garrison Mission Table and click on the Follower tab. Right-click on the Follower and select activate or deactivate.

Building an Inn:

If you build a level 2 Lunarfall Inn or Frostwall Inn, you can acquire a Follower once per week. Be sure to find a Follower with the Extreme Scavenger trait!

For more information on the buildings I suggest you build for your Garrison, check out my post: Garrison Buildings. It also details the benefits of each building for FollowersGarrison Missions, Garrison Resources, and Gold-Making purposes.


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Thanks for reading!

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