Garrison Items of Interest

Garrison Items of Interest:

Here’s a detailed explanation of the Garrison items of interest available to assist your progress through content throughout Draenor and the development of your Garrison!

Garrison Resources:

We need Garrison Resources to upgrade our Garrison and the buildings; this is also necessary currency to send Followers on missions. We can obtain Garrison Resources by completing successful missions or purchasing a Huge Ogre Cache.

You can also earn Garrison Resources via work orders from the Trading Post with Draenor Trade Goods.

Huge Ogre Cache:

You can obtain a Huge Ogre Cache from a specific mission: Ogrecoming Adversity, from the mission table within your Garrison. Once opened, it awards you with 1000 Garrison Resources.

You can buy and sell these at the Auction House. Depending on your realm, these are available for between 500-5000 gold. These are ideal for players wanting to power-level their Garrison and buildings.

Frozen Arms of a Hero:

These items are great for power-leveling the ilvl of your Followers. Once your Follower reaches ilvl 600, it can be arduous to increase to their cap of ilvl 675; with two Frozen Arms of a Hero (per Follower), this is straightforward.

Expect these to value at around 200-1,000 gold each at the Auction House, depending on your realm.

Medallion of the Legion:

If you intend on using a Medallion of the Legion to increase your reputation with the Denizens of Draenor, make sure you have the Trading Post at level 3; you’ll gain a 20% bonus to reputation gains.

Important: You must be within Draenor when consuming the Medallion of the Legion to gain the 20% bonus!


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