World Event: Hallow’s End

Gold-Making During Hallows End

Hallow’s End:

Today 18th October sees the start of the World Event: Hallow’s End, an event where fun and mischief reign as the Innkeepers of Azeroth give treats, and tricks, to whoever asks. Hallow’s End in my eyes, is a great event with a lot of gold-making potential, some of which may be well known to most; but not to all. Halloween is an awesome public holiday, and as if players needed another excuse to dress up in World of Warcraft.

Apart from the Darkmoon Faire (which is more frequent), Hallow’s End is by far the most profitable event on the calendar for me. This is partly due to the number of Companion Pets, Battle Pets on offer. Some of these pets can demand upwards of 90k each depending on your realm.

What to DO!

Our aim during the event is to collect a currency called Tricky Treat, which can be collected via a number of methods. I recommend this complete and comprehensive guide, Wowheads: Hallow’s End guide!

When you’ve collected 150 Tricky Treats, you need to check out the vendors appropriate to your faction. These have been added below.

Horde – Undercity:
Woim (Companion Pets)

Alliance – Stormwind City:
Pippi (Companion Pets)

Here’s a list of Companion Pets to purchase from the vendors mentioned above. These will become very profitable, once the event has finished. As ever, purchase these from the Auction House during the event, if they’re cheap enough – to resell at a later date! I’ve added Region Market Average (RMA) prices from The Undermine Journal. These prices are averages and will inflate and deflate during the World Event, find the (RMA) which reflects your Region.

Companion PetTricky TreatsU.S (RMA)E.U (RMA)
Feline Familiar150 Tricky Treats49,154g39,999g
Cursed Birman150 Tricky Treats44.795g40,000g
Widget the Departed150 Tricky Treats70,000g62.017g
Naxxy150 Tricky Treats55,000g65,000g

Not to DO!

Do not purchase the Sinister Squashling. This costs the same amount of Tricky Treats as the rest and can be looted from Loot-Filled Pumpkins (Level 35), Loot-Filled Pumpkins (level 40), and from Handful of Treats, these do not hold a lot of value, due to the vast amount available.


Be sure to install the addon, Handynotes- Candy Buckets. This addon will show all the locations on your map, that have an Inn with a Candy Bucket. I’d also include TomCat’s Tours: Hallow’s End. This addon, will automatically open the Handful of Treats when looted, this will save you a lot of time overall. Due to the Shadowlands pre-patch and the squish to levelling and experience gains, it’s difficult to assess at this early stage, how lucrative these are for levelling. I suppose it doesn’t harm to complete whilst you’re on your travels.

Don’t forget to queue for the dungeon, to fight the Headless Horseman to get that opportunity to loot The Headless Horseman. If you’re unlucky to get the mount, you could get second-prize with the Magic Broom, and mount and dismount like a Druid.

As a final reminder, to get a comprehensive guide to what to do during the Hallow’s End World Event, check out the guide from Wowhead.

I will update this post if there’s any new additions to the vendors, loot tables for the event that have gold-making potential.

Thanks for reading!

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Level 91 to 100 in 3 Hours

If like myself, you have been fortunate enough to earn your Draenor Pathfinder achievement on your main and have many alts sitting at level 90, you maybe interested in power leveling them to level 100. I don’t boast to have the best or the quickest method, but below I have some ideas or more so tips on how to level them efficiently as possible.

If you don’t have the achievement, you could ask a fellow Guildie to fly you around, alternatively, you may wish to finish the achievement, here’s an extremely good guide from Wowhead.

What you’ll need to assist you.


Achievements and Items;
Draenor Pathfinder
Heirlooms – most heirlooms will be better than most quest rewards.
Elixir of the Rapid Mind (works up to level 99)
Excess Potion of Accelerated Learning (Purchased from your Garrison for 100 Garrison resources)
Darkmoon Top Hat
obtained via the Darkmoon Faire.

Once you have the addons downloaded and installed, load up WoW and log into the character that you wish to power level. Be sure to obtain as many of the items above as possible. Be aware that as of 14/09/15 all the experience buffs stack, leading to a potential +340% experience boost. You might be lucky to be fully rested too, which will grant you a further boost. Be aware, that when killing rares, if someone joins in on your kill, you will lose a little experience. Try to kill all rares alone when possible.

Open your map to your starting zone this will depend on what Faction you’re representing, Frostfire Ridge (Horde) or Shadowmoon Valley (Alliance). You’ll see many treasure icons, rare spawn locations and bonus objective locations, these are the 3 things we’re concentrating on. Here’s an image of what you’ll likely see upon opening your map. Ignore the fact that I’ve shown Nagrand, this is purely for an example.

handy notes map image

Equip your items, heirlooms, hat and use potions and start aiming for those locations on the map. Dont worry about anything else, just concentrate on the rares, treasures and bonus objectives! Once you’ve leveled and earn level 92, move to the next zone! Below is a guide when to move and where.

Ding 92! move to Gorgrond!
Ding 94! move to Talador!
Ding 96! move to Spires of Arak!
Ding 98! move to Nagrand!

This method, maximises the experience gained from mobs. I’ve heard people go from level 91 to 100 within 6 hours, but this depends solely on what you have above available to you, your motivation to level and how efficient you use the information to you in this guide.

I hope you found this guide helpful, be sure to share your times below, or maybe you have some tips yourself which you’d like to share. Thanks for reading and hit that follow icon if you’ve not done so already.