Timewalking: Warlords of Draenor

Timewalking: Warlords of Draenor

Timewalking Warlords of Draenor:

The World Event – Timewalking: Warlords of Draenor is an excellent opportunity to earn reputation for Factions within Draenor and obtain Timewarped Badges. Furthermore, if you have a Garrison (or are considering building one), you can increase your reputation gains further! Thanks to the Garrisons, we can make a lot of gold during this period.

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On the release of Warlords of Draenor, the Garrison was the newest feature of World of Warcraft. Sadly, the Garrison had many teething problems on the expansion’s release. Thankfully over the years, the Garrison has proved to be an excellent addition, considering the gold-making benefits.

Please consider checking out my blog post: Garrisons in 2022, which offers insightful information on the best setup, why you should be using one even in 2022 (2023), and the passive gold you can make towards a WoWtoken, etc.

Garrisons and Gold-Making:

You can acquire several items before the Timewalking: Warlords of Draenor event begins that considerably increase in value. Purchase these items in preparation. The Medallion of the Legion offers reputation to all Draenor Factions (except Vol’jin’s Spear and Wrynn’s Vanguard); it’s why it holds a lot of value!

Draenor Bonus Reputation:

While the event is in progress, you will receive a reputation bonus via the buff: Sign of Iron. This bonus entitles all players to 50% increased reputation gains from combat and quests within Draenor.

Reminder, when handing in reputation tokens (Reputation Commendations), you will benefit from the 50% bonus above! Furthermore, if you have a Garrison with a level 3 Trading Post, you can use a reputation token ‘within Draenor‘ and receive an extra 20% reputation!

Draenor Factions:

Here’s a comprehensive list of all the Factions available within Draenor. Be aware some are specific to Horde (H) or Alliance (A); I’ve highlighted them for you.

Be sure to visit the vendors for each Faction, as they offer many items of interest to you, especially items locked behind a specific reputation level; for example, Revered or Exalted

A Shattered Path Through Time:

Firstly, if you’re level 70, pick up the Quest: A Shattered Path Through Time. The quest is available from Kazra (the Dragonkin in front of the fountain in Valdrakkan). Coordinates are [49.59].

The quest asks you to defeat five Timewalking Raid Bosses or Dungeons. Upon completing this quest, you’ll receive a piece of Gear at ilvl 415!

Timewalking Raid:

At this time, there is no Timewalking Raid for this specific event. However, this could change at a later date. Check back for future updates!

WoD Timewalking Dungeons:

Six Timewalking Dungeons are available during the event, which you can queue up for via the Looking for Group tool. Your character’s item level will scale down to ensure the mobs within those Dungeons pose a challenge!

Thanks to the changes within Patch 10.1.7, the level requirement to enter WoD Timewalking Dungeons has been reduced to level 40! Characters above this level, will have their ilvl scaled down to ensure the content is challenging.

Once this event becomes available, I’ll update any incorrect/outdated information!

Timewalking Twinks:

Thanks to a fantastic community of like-minded players/theory crafters, it’s possible to obtain/craft gear that scales incredibly well in Timewalking content. Equipping the best equipment will make you very powerful, so much so you’re similar to a Twink. For those unsure, a Twink was a player that would turn off experience gains to equip best in slot gear at a level range that would be more power to regular players in that bracket.

Today, Blizzard halted Twinks thanks to giving them their bracket in Battlegrounds and affecting experience gains for other players within a party farming experience – alternatively known as level boosting. However, thanks to how Timewalking scaling works and how every player is scaled down to a level/item level appropriate to the content, the Twink is back!

Timewalking Resources:

If you’re interested in a powerful character to farm best in slot gear and unsure where to start, check out the Resources I’ve added below to help get you started!

Twinks and Gold-Making:

If you read the Timewalking Spreadsheet I shared above, you’ll notice a lot of crafted gear. I used this method to earn 10m gold in one week following the initial release of the Mage Tower. Understandably, some of the value has gone, thanks to the region-wide Auction House for consumables. Thankfully, depending on your realm, specific crafts may still have value.

Carefully read the additional Information panel within the Timewalking Spreadsheet; you may need to add Crafter’s MarkRelic of the Past, or specific Essences.

Here’s a list of some of the items I craft and sell. There’s also potential in flipping the Queen’s Garnets, as these are difficult to farm!

Timewalking Vendor:

During the Timewalking Event, there are two Timewalking vendors, one for each FactionHorde and Alliance. They sell many items of interest, from Gear (scaled to your level) to Reputation CommendationsHeirloom Tokens, and more.

  • Horde: Kronnus within Warspear at the coordinates [42.54]
  • Alliance: Tempra within Stormshield at the coordinates [37.72]


The Timewalking vendors have an assortment of Gear if you’re looking to increase your item level. Remember, your item level isn’t essential when queueing for Timewalking Dungeons, as your equipment will scale down.

However, this is an excellent option for filling slots due to leveling in Heirloom gear! Most pieces cost 25 Timewarped Badges; a one-handed weapon will set you back 50 Timewarped Badges, but a two-Hander will cost 100 Timewarped Badges.

Reputation Tokens:

Check your inventory for Draenor Reputation Tokens. The Medallion of the Legion can be bought and sold at the Auction House. Here’s a comprehensive list of the Tokens available, including Reputation Commendations.

Draenor Reputation Tokens:

Draenor Reputation Commendations:

Remember, if you have a Garrison with a level 3 Trading Post, use any of the tokens above ‘within Draenor‘ to receive a further 20% increase in reputation gains!

Heirloom Tokens:

You can also purchase Heirloom Tokens to upgrade your Heirlooms. I’d urge you to consider using gold instead. The gold is easier to earn, whereas the Timewarped Badges are much harder to acquire!

You will need a lot of Timewarped Badges if you want to upgrade your Heirlooms with this method. Below is a list of the Tokens available. The level in brackets denotes the maximum level the Token will upgrade an Heirloom to.


Two Toys are available; they are both Bind on Pickup, so they have no gold value. These are pretty expensive, so purchase anything else you need first!


The Timewalking Vendors sell two Mounts; these Mounts will cost a lot of Timewarped Badges! As mentioned previously, consider purchasing other items first!


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[UPDATE] Added the new minimum level requirements to enter WoD Timewalking Dungeons, following the update from Patch 10.1.7! (24.09.23)

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