Garrison Buildings

Garrison Buildings

Garrison Buildings:

Assuming you’ve unlocked your level 3 Garrison and completed the Achievement: More Work Orders, these are the Garrison buildings you want. The number in brackets is the level required for your building. The only exception is the Mines; If you want to farm ore and the Mine Carts, I suggest getting level 3. Alternatively, I ignore this.

Concerning the Large Buildings, depending on whether you need Armor/Weapon upgrades for your Followers, get the War Mill. If you don’t need these upgrades, I suggest the Stables or Spirit Lodge.

Small Buildings:
  • Storehouse [3]
  • Scribe Quarters [3]
  • Salvage Yard [3]
Medium Buildings:
Large Buildings:
  • Barracks [3]
  • War Mill/Stables/Spirit Lodge [3]
Other Buildings:

The Building Benefits:


The Storehouse is a great building to have. Not only do you get access to your personal bank and Guild bank from your Garrison, but opening level 3 allows you to increase work orders by 15, a potential 36 work orders for your buildings!

Scribe Quarters:

Accessing this building allows us to mill the herbs from the Herb Garden; in the process, we obtain Cerulean Pigment. We turn these pigments into War Paints via work orders. Once we have a substantial amount of War Paints, we can craft Cards of Omen.

Keep your eye’s peeled for the missions: Spy Games & The Quill is Mighty. These missions reward 2x Rush Orders for your Scribe Quarters. By using the Rush Order, it will instantly complete five work orders.

Either turn these over yourself, and try your luck, or post them to the Auction House!

If you can’t log in daily to gather the herbs from the Herb Garden, wait for the vendor in the Trading Post to purchase herbs with your Garrison Resources.

Salvage Yard:

To obtain the level 1 blueprint for this building, you must complete the quest chain, including the quest: Flame On.

This building had a massive nerf post Warlords of Draenor and no longer offers most of the excellent Transmog pieces, hence why I originally got rid of it. However, this building is still a great option for obtaining Draenor trade goodsGarrison Resources, and Armor/Weapon Upgrades.

You will need to complete missions from the Garrison Mission table to obtain a Sack of Salvaged Goods or a Large Crate of Salvage.

Remember, when opening the salvage, don’t spam open them; loot can bug.

Trading Post:

You only need to acquire the level 1 building to benefit from the Trading Post vendor. The vendor of interest is Pyxni Pennypocket. She has herbs for sale at 16 Garrison Resources each; this is the best value.

Be warned; these traders no longer sell items in stacks of 5; you will only get 1 commodity for your Garrison Resources.

Purchase herbs here if you don’t want to gather herbs from your Herb Garden. If you’ve reached your 10,000 Garrison Resources cap, you can consider purchasing your herbs at 20 Garrison Resources instead.

It’s worth mentioning that if you’re considering earning Exalted with the Denizens of Draenor, consider upgrading your Trading Post to level 3. You get a 20% increase in reputation gains.

Important: You must be within Draenor when consuming the Medallion of the Legion to gain the 20% bonus!


We only need a level 2 Tavern to be able to hire a Follower.

Hiring a follower with the trait Extreme Scavenger or Scavenger is beneficial. This trait means we can increase our Garrison Resource rewards from successful missions.


By leveling this building to level 3, we can increase our followers by five. By default, we have a limit of 20 followers; with a level 3 Barracks, we increase this to 25.

War Mill/Stables/Spirit Lodge:

The War Mill is a good option if you need to level your followers with Armor and Weapon upgrades. However, for 200-1000g each (depending on your realm), you can purchase Frozen Arms of a Hero from the Auction House to speed this process up.

The cap for your Followers is ilvl 675. If all your Followers are ilvl 675, you’ll have a greater chance of your missions completing successfully!

Consider opting for the Stables or Spirit Lodge if you do not need the War Mill.

Herb Garden:

By leveling this building to level 3, we open up more plots of herbs to gather. Ideally, we want to collect these herbs daily for the best return. Remember, this is a passive income, so don’t feel pressured to do this, as we can also obtain herbs from the Trading Post vendor instead.


I don’t use the Mines, but if you want to improve your passive gold income, you could farm the ore and Mine Carts and sell the ore at the Auction House.

Alternatively, send the ore to an alt with Engineering to craft Goblin Glider Kits. These sell exceptionally well upon releasing a new continent or expansion where flying isn’t accessible yet.


Any feedback is greatly received; please use the comment section below. If you need to contact me, use the contact me method. Please consider liking and sharing if you found this post helpful and believe it could be useful to someone else.


Thanks for reading!

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