Garrisons in 2022

Garrisons in 2022

Garrisons in 2022:

If you thought Garrisons in 2022 were of no interest, or more importantly, too much work to maintain to make worthwhile, you’d be wrong! You can make some excellent passive gold income with a specific Garrison setup (which I’ll explain later in the post).

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Power leveling Battle Pets with your Garrison Menagerie…


Ever since the powers that be, nerfed power leveling Battle pets from your Garrison’s Menagerie, it’s been a very slow and painful process to level them. Thankfully Blizzard were nice enough to leave one daily for us, to boost our pets. Sadly, it’s only available once every 15 days, so make very good use of it. The daily NPC we’re looking for is Squirt.

Today 17/09/15 Squirt is here, so don’t hang around, go get as many pet battles in with this NPC before 3am strikes and it resets. The reason this NPC is so desired, is that it’s a 2 pet battle, meaning you can power level a third pet. Below is Peelyon’s setup and tactic.

2 pet setup to use to make this easier: Fjord Worg Pup (25) abilities Bite, Howl and Dazzling Dance. Blighthawk (25) Infected Claw and Ghostly Bite. 3rd pet is any pet you wish to boost.

Start with Fjord Worg Pup
Move 1 – Dazzling Dance
Move 2 – Howl
Move 3 – Bite
Move 4 – Bite
Move 5 – Bite
(Their pet will die)
Move 6 – Howl
Move 7 – Dazzling Dance
(Fjord pet will die) Select Blighthawk
Move 8 – Ghostly Bite
(They’re pet will die)
Move 9 – SWAP! to boost pet
Move 10 – SWAP! back to Bighthawk
Move 11 – Infected Claw
Move 12 – Ghostly Bite
His pet should die here!

If your pet, or Squirts pet uses an ability, which results in a miss, then we suggest forfeiting the match and restarting. The only time to ignore this, is from moves 10 and onwards or if your pet is level 9 and above. A video from Peelyon showing this tactic in full swing can be seen HERE.

I’ve always purchased battle pets cheap and flip them for huge profits, way before WoD came out, but with this daily, I can now buy pets at level 1 extremely cheap, boost them and sell them for large profit margins. I urge anyone, looking to make a low risk – high reward investment, to try this out. To sweeten this further, once battle pets are caged, you can send these to alts on low population servers for even more profit, as there will be higher demand for them. 1 silver deposit cost to post on the Auction House, again proves this to be a very low risk option with a profitable reward.

I found out about this fantastic tip by watching a stream from a fellow Brit, Peelyon on his Twitch channel. He also has a Youtube channel too! He has level a pet from level 1 to level 25 in 10 minutes, which is an amazing feat.

I don’t boast to have the largest pet collection, but with this amazing tip above, I’m working my way there. Stay tuned for further tips and as ever, share your experiences below.

Thanks for reading!