The Trading Post

The Trading Post

The Trading Post:

Over the last few days, Blizzard has announced details of a new feature coming to World Warcraft: Dragonflight called the Trading Post. With testing already started on the Public Test Realm (PTR), it’s hoped that this new feature will appear in Patch: 10.0.5.

Blizzard is excited by this new system, allowing players to further personalize their characters with fun-orientated tasks on a monthly cycle.


Blizzard appears to be looking to release Patch 10.0.5 in February, thanks to what could be a mishap. Upon accessing the Traveler’s Log, you’ll notice the current campaign is called – February: Caring is Sharing.

If this is the case, this falls in line with Blizzard’s approach to having new content more frequently than Shadowlands.

What is the Trading Post?

The Trading Post will allow players to earn various items, ranging from Mounts, Companion Pets, and Cosmetic Transmog. However, you’ll need to earn Trader’s Tender (a new currency) by completing tasks monthly to purchase these items.

Trader’s Tender:

According to the PTR, you’ll acquire 500 Trader’s Tender by logging in each month and looting the Collector’s Cache. Players with an active subscription or game time on the first day of each month will automatically earn this reward.

For players that renew after the first day of the month, you’ll receive your amount the following month. I’d suggest having your account(s) in order before the release of the Trading Post to avoid disappointment.

You’ll earn a further 500 by completing fun tasks via the Traveler’s Log. The amount of Trader’s Tender acquired throughout the month is subject to change during testing.

While I tested this new feature, it appeared that it was not account-locked; this suggests that if you have a lot of alts at your disposal, you could quickly obtain every item available for any given reset.

But this could easily change!

The Traveler’s Log:

The Traveler’s Log is accessible via the Adventure Guide. Open your Traveler’s Log to see your total Trader’s Tender and the varied tasks available for that month.

The tasks available are varied; some ask you to complete Old World content, while some are fun and straightforward. The Trading Post would be an excellent feature if it were to make Old World areas populated again, full of content.

Here’s an image of what to expect with the Traveler’s log.

The Traveler's Log (Trading Post)


The loot will cycle periodically. For those looking at purchasing the big-ticket items, don’t worry; there is an excellent option where you can Freeze an item; this will prevent it from expiring and give you extra time to obtain the required Trader’s Tender.

Be vigilant; the item you place here cannot be changed once selected; this item is also locked account-wide – Make your selection carefully!

Rest assured, the loot that does expire won’t disappear for good, as the loot cycle will cycle through expired loot again later, giving players another chance to obtain items they missed.

Loot from the Trading Post.

Location of the Trading Post:

Each Faction has its very own Trading Post, which can be found within their major City of Orgrimmar (Horde), Stormwind (Alliance).


Players of the Horde can find their Trading Post beside Grommash Hold, where the Guild Vendors used to be situated!


Alliance players can find their Trading Post within The Mage Quarter of Stormwind or near The Stockades‘ entrance.

Items from Blizzard Store are Coming!

Blizzard has confirmed four items will leave after Blizzard’s Christmas Sale ends. These will no longer be available via the Blizzard Shop but will become available from the Trading Post.

Currently, on the PTR, the Trading Post has the Celestial Steed, which Blizzard hopes many players purchase during their sale. Don’t do this! The remaining items will come at a later date.

Confirmation of the four items coming to the Trading Post!


I’ve looked at this on the PTR, and I must admit it’s an excellent addition to World of Warcraft. It has a lot of incentives, and more importantly, the tasks seem very enjoyable. There’s a good chance this could open a lot of old content!

As highlighted within much of the content in Dragonflight, there is no need to participate or complete everything in one sitting. So there’s no pressure to finish everything straight away, as expired loot will sooner or later make a return.

I’m interested to see how far Blizzard takes this. I have joked on Twitter that maybe some items that are no longer obtainable (i.e. the Guardian Cub) will make an appearance; who knows?! The sky is really the limit with the Trading Post!


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