Noblegarden (World Event)

World Event: Noblegarden


Noblegarden is a World Event in World of Warcraft that coincides with the holiday: Easter. The event sees players collect Brightly Colored Eggs for Noblegarden Chocolate to purchase items from the event vendor.

Continue reading today’s blog post to see what egg-cellent gold-making opportunities lie in store for you!

Brightly Colored Eggs:

This year (2023), Blizzard has introduced a change to how players can farm Brightly Colored Eggs. Previously, players would farm for the eggs on a first-come, first-serve basis. Whoever interacted with the egg first looted the Brightly Colored Egg.

However, Blizzard’s changes mean as soon as an egg spawns, all players that loot it will earn a Brightly Colored Egg. This change will undoubtedly affect the number of eggs you can farm, which means a potential increase to bind on equipped items from the event going on to the Auction House.

According to Wowhead, Mulgore has more spawn points for Brightly Colored Eggs to spawn. Here’s a list of where you can farm the eggs!

  • Azuremyst Isle
  • Dalaran
  • Durotar
  • Dun Morogh
  • Elwynn Forest
  • Eversong Woods
  • Mulgore
  • Silvermoon City
  • Stormwind City
  • Teldrassil
  • Tirisfal Glades
  • Un’Goro Crater

Importantly, the Brightly Colored Eggs do not stack, so if you don’t have a lot of space in your inventory, you will need to open them frequently. To open the eggs as efficiently as possible, create a macro.


#showtooltip Brightly Colored Egg
/use Brightly Colored Egg

Noblegarden Chocolate:

Once you loot your Brightly Colored Eggs, you can open them. You will have a 94% chance to loot a Noblegarden Chocolate inside. It’s the chocolate you can spend at a vendor to obtain many Bind on Pickup and Bind on Equip items.

The items of interest, if you’re a gold-maker, are the Swift Springstrider, Spring Rabbit’s Foot, and the Noblegarden Bunny.

Swift Springstrider:

The Swift Springstrider is a mount and will set you back 500 Noblegarden Chocolate. The mount is Bind on Equip, meaning you can purchase this and sell it at the Auction House. I’d advise posting these once the event has finished.

During the event, the valuation of the mount will continue to fall due to the supply outnumbering the demand. Once the event has finished and players can’t obtain the mount any longer, the demand will slowly outnumber the supply, increasing the valuation!

Please remember the mount is a unique item. You cannot have more than one Swift Sprinstrider within your inventory (including Personal Bank) at any time. If you have a Guild Bank, I will urge you to store them here. Alternatively, mail them to an alt.

Here’s a look at the current value for the mount.

E.U Region:

The average value is approximately 30k gold within the E.U region. Expect this value to continue decreasing as the event continues.

Swift Springstrider (E.U)

N.A Region:

However, in the N.A Region, the Swift Springstrider averages approximately 45k gold.

Swift Springstrider (N.A)

Spring Rabbit’s Foot:

The Spring Rabbit’s Foot is a Companion Pet. It will cost you 100 Noblegarden Chocolate. Given its Auction House valuation, I urge you to spend your chocolate elsewhere.

I believe the poor valuation is because you can obtain the Companion Pet via drops. For clarity, the Spring Rabbit’s Foot is approximately 35 gold. I’m sure you’d agree this value doesn’t justify the 100 Noblegarden Chocolate.

Noblegarden Bunny:

Unlike the Spring Rabbit’s Foot, the Noblegarden Bunny is of value! The Companion Pet will cost you 200 Noblegarden Chocolate. Here are some screenshots outlining its value uncaged  (Companion Pet) and caged (Battle Pet).

Uncaged (Companion Pet):
E.U Region:

Noblegarden Bunny (Comapnion Pet - E.U)

N.A Region:

Noblegarden Bunny (Comapnion Pet - N.A)

Caged (Battle Pet):
E.U Region:

Noblegarden Bunny (Battle Pet - E.U)

N.A Region:

Noblegarden Bunny (Battle Pet - N.A)


The images above are courtesy of the Oribos Exchange. There is no significance to the realms I selected; I opted for Aegwynn as it was the first two realms in the drop-down menu. Ensure you choose your realm for a precise valuation!

When viewing Battle Pets on the Oribos Exchange, hover over the available pets on the right-hand side; this will show the Battle Pets level. Consider purchasing a Level 25 Battle Pet, as this saves you from leveling it! 

 Other Items of Interest:

Although these items cannot be posted to the Auction House, they may interest you; this is merely for collection purposes.

For a complete list of items (including Transmog pieces) available, check out this list.

The Trading Post:

If you still need to complete tasks to earn Trader’s Tender, consider checking your Adventure Guide (Shift-J) and check out the tasks associated with the Trading Post and Noblegarden.

Holidays and Events:
  • Collect (30) Brightly Colored Eggs.
  • Complete (6) Noblegarden Daily Quests.
  • Eat Chocolates in Iskaara
  • Complete a Dragonflight Dungeon in a Spring Circlet.
  • Place (Painted) Eggs
  • Use Spring Flowers in an Arena or Battleground
  • Obtain a Spring-Themed Toy.

Unsure what the Trading Post is? check out my blog post: The Trading Post.


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