Blizzard’s Christmas Sale

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Blizzard’s Christmas Sale:

Blizzard has begun their Christmas Sale with savings of up to 67% on many items within the Blizzard Shop, including, Pets, Mountsand Character Services for World of Warcraft.

Also, don’t be duped into purchasing four items that will leave the Blizzard Store but will become available in-game via the incoming feature: Trading Post in patch 10.0.5. Continue reading to find out what items to ignore!

Character Services:

Blizzard has reintroduced the 30% discount to Character Services, importantly, the Character Transfer and Faction Change bundles.

If you are interested in transferring a character or changing Factions, now is the time to purchase the service(s). 

The best value is the Eight (usually six) Character Transfer/Faction change. Instead of £60 for six characters, we now have the option of eight characters; this equates to £7.50 per Character Transfer/Faction Change, compared to £13.50* for a single Character Transfer/Faction Change.

(*) The price for a single Character Transfer/Faction Change during the sale, or £19 outside the deal.

This offer is a no-brainer if you have the funds and intend to move eight or more characters in the future. Remember, purchasing the bundles stays on the character select screen so that you can use these at any time in the future.

Blizzard's Christmas Sale (Character Services)

Pet, Mounts, and Transmog:

Also available from the shop at a discount are PetsMounts, and Transmog. I urge you to check out the Heartwarming Pack Bundle before you consider purchasing anything, as the bundle has many PetsMounts, and Transmog in the sale.

Don’t worry if you already have some items within the pack, as Blizzard will automatically increase the discount based on what items you already own.

Blizzard's Christmas Sale (The Heartwarming Bundle).

Celestial Steed (Mount):

One of the mounts available during Blizzard’s Christmas sale is the Celestial Steed; this mount was part of a previous promotion and became unobtainable once the promotion finished.

I’d urge caution buying this mount, as it’s shown to be available via the new feature: Trading Post coming in Patch 10.0.5. I’m writing a blog post regarding the incoming Trading Post; keep your eyes peeled for it!

Also, being removed from the Blizzard Shop and making their way to the Trading Post in the future are;

Blizzard's Christmas Sale (Tyrael's Charger)

E.U. WoWToken:

Upon the news that Blizzard began their Christmas sale, the EU WoWToken skyrocketed from 256k each to a staggering 297k. At 2 am this morning, the WoWToken had slowly fallen to 294k.

Thankfully, I purchased twenty WoWTokens two weeks ago when the price was around 250k each.

WoWTokens are easier to acquire when there’s no competition. To check the current value of gold for a WoWToken, check out the website: WoW Token Prices.

E.U WoWToken (Current Value).

When Does the Sale End?

Blizzard’s Christmas sale will end on the 2nd of January. I’m guessing this is regarding the U.S. region, as it’s reset day for them, meaning the sale may finish on the 3rd of January for the E.U region.

The Summer sale previously had the event finish a day later for players within the E.U region!


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