Dragonflight TSM Import String

Dragonflight TSM Import String

Dragonflight TSM Import String.

Welcome to the first iteration of my Dragonflight TSM Import String. As I’m sure you’re aware, Blizzard experienced many teething problems with the launch last night, and many players (including myself) probably didn’t hang around long enough to get back online.

However, it’s been a busy and prosperous morning/afternoon, and I’ve done my best to create a Dragonflight Import String for all you busy gold-makers.

Update: Please check out my new blog post for my updated Dragonflight TSM Import String (10.0.2 – Version 2)

Before Getting Started:

If you don’t have TradeSkillMaster (TSM), follow this link.

Before you import mine or anyone else’s profile, always back up your current profile so if you experience any issues, you have something to fall back on.

Otherwise, check the TSM Desktop App for a backup!


I’ve created this as quickly as possible, so items may be missing or incorrect. You can add and remove these as you progress or check back later for updates. The version I’ve added today is 10.0.02 (version 2).

Due to some glitches in Wowhead’s filters, some items returned as BoP, even though I requested BoE. I’ve done my best to limit any issues.

As ever, no operations are included to limit any issues; these can be added by yourself, with some knowledge of the pricing operations available to you. If you need assistance, check TSM’s helpful guide here.

Battle Pets:

I’ve not added Battle Pets; if you check out this post from Bilisonyxia, he has all the Battle Pets you need. Remember, If you’re a player that posts both level 1 and level 25 at the same price point, import his base battle pets.

However, if you price your level 1 and 25’s separately (like most sane gold-makers), ignore the base group Battle Pets, import both level 1 and level 25, and add them to your groups.

If you have Battle Pets already grouped, ensure you ignore already grouped items when you import; this will prevent moving items you have already grouped.

Sharing is Caring:

The development of this profile took me most of the morning/afternoon to create, with many issues within Wowhead’s filters, etc. So instead of playing Dragonflight, I created this to try and help you all. Please show your appreciation below by liking and sharing if you found the profile helpful.

If you want to use this profile, amend details, and share it with others, please do remember to credit me for the original work.

The Structure of the Groups:

Last but not least, the structure of the groups. The group/subgroup structure is minimal; once you import the string into TSM, you can design your groups and subgroups to your desire.

This profile is merely a collection of all the items I could collect at short notice due to a lack of BETA access and access to the game at launch.

The Dragonflight TSM Import String:

To find my Dragonflight TSM Profile, head to my Pastebin here. Copy and paste the code into TSM (ensure you’ve followed the advice above first) and do a /reload ui to save your settings. Once saved, you can freely adjust the profile as you see fit and assign shopping and auctioning operations.


If there is any constructive feedback, please comment below, and I’ll do my best to help where I can. However, if you’re experiencing difficulties with TSM, always contact the TSM Discord.


Update: (09.12.22) Edited the blog to reflect the updated Dragonflight TSM String (10.0.2 version 2). Updated blog post here.

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  1. If you’re struggling to access the Pastebin, it’s currently pending moderation. I have no idea how long this will take, but keep checking for updates!

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  3. Just an update to assure you that after a support ticket to Pastebin, they’ve completed the ‘pending moderation’ and the paste is now visible to all.

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